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2017 ~ THE POWER OF 10

2017 is a 10/1 Year in a 10/1 Decade. There are only 9 basic numbers. Every number beyond 9 is a variation of the original 9. Therefore, the natural function of 10 is to bring us to the ‘NEXT LEVEL’, where we start again, but with the advantage of what we learned along the way. (2+0+1+7=10=1).

1 is the starting point. 1 is the ‘seed’, the individual, the SELF. It teaches that we must love ourselves in order to know the depth at which we can love others. Self love is self respect. This year, we are learning about the power of our own uniqueness, individuality, and honest feelings. This is true of any 1 Year, but the DOUBLE-10 energy of 2017 cannot help but have profound evolutionary effects. Self acceptance is the inner peace that brings peace to the outer world.

Learning from previous experience is a central part of the 10 vibration. Now, in 2017, 10 is strengthening humanity’s resolve to resist the grip of fascism that is trying to take root throughout the world. This is not change. This is resistance to change. And so, there are two very different types of resistance going on at the same time, creating an inevitable tug-of-war between the past and present – to determine the future.


10 brings us to the ‘NEXT STEP’ in a tired old system that allows a few power-hungry individuals to decide the fate of all life. 1 is the number of SELF and COMPETITION. 2017 will bring all this into the clear light of day.

The election of Donald Trump reflects the extreme aspects of the 1 energy which pertain to EGO. He is unaccustomed to being challenged and does not know how to handle the emotions that arise when he is confronted or disappointed. His ego is overinflated one minute and extremely fragile the next. His tendency to fight off his feelings is reflected in his inability to let go of perceived ‘slights’ and just move on. His misogynistic, racist, and revengeful behavior has been well documented over the decades. As president, his first executive orders included attacks on science (knowledge), human rights, women’s rights, and multi-pronged attacks on the ultimate feminine source – Mother Earth. In 2017, we realize that this is not ‘politics as usual’. It is a matter of survival.

However, it is important to understand that what is happening now had to happen! Life in the OUTER world is a reflection of our INNER reality, as individuals (1), and collectively (2). The ‘awakening’ of humanity has been a slow process because the system controls the Will of the people by controlling our emotions. In the sensitive vibrations of the 2000s, the Will is rising anyway, and controlling the Will of the people is not as easy as it used to be.

goodbye-2016And then, along came 2016 – a very unpopular year. And yet, for many it was the best year ever in terms of growing, expanding one’s awareness, and becoming whole. Its spiraling 9 energy certainly ravaged our feelings. But those strong emotional vibrations forced open our reluctant minds and revealed a more accurate picture – and we see things more clearly now.

2 is the number of unity, but this can work both ways. We can unify as individuals and work together to accelerate the healing of the human Will – or we can allow guilt and fear to justify unity with those who oppress us. When active and resourceful 1 combines with sensitive and transparent 2, we become more aware of tactics, methods, and choices. The 1/2 combination provides the ability to trust your own senses, connect dots, let the denial go, and see the bigger picture.

Self expression is our primary resource. Our ability (and need) to communicate propels us forward in life. If we are made to “shut up”, we would have no incentive to create, invent, explore, enjoy, or love – and our lives would become shallow and meaningless. Words MATTER. Communication in all its forms is the realm of the magical number 3 – which is the result of 1 and 2 combined.

The presentation of lies to erase the truth is brain-washing – or tactical denial. We are all holding various realities in denial. We don’t know we’re doing it because denial takes our memory. Denial denies it is denial. And because we learn from history and from past mistakes (and successes), obscuring our memory and normalizing an abnormal situation ensures that we do not evolve. The transparency of 2 is breaking down the WALLS of denial. Knowledge is power.

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 21: Protesters walk during the Women's March on Washington, with the U.S. Capitol in the background, on January 21, 2017 in Washington, DC. Large crowds are attending the anti-Trump rally a day after U.S. President Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th U.S. president. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

On January 21st, 2017, the uprising of women in pink hats, all across the world, and men who supported them, was a massive reflection of what is happening WITHIN the human species. That was a 5 day in the world – the number of freedom, sex, conception, the physical body, spontaneity, excitement, adventure, variety, the unusual, and living life to the full. Feminine energy IS the Will – and the surge of PINK that occurred on that stunning 5 day was the WILL of the people – rising to free itself.

We are in the 2000s, and feminine 2 is the number of unity, equality, justice, cooperation, patience, detail, diplomacy, caring, teamwork, BALANCE, and peace. These are the only conditions in which stability and peace have a chance to form.

Feminine 2, by nature, does not want to control life. Feminine energy is the bringer of life and, above all, wants life to SURVIVE. Right now, the survival instinct that exists in both women and men (the 1st chakra) is very much alive as we FEEL and SENSE the gravity of the situation.

We are having to hold ourselves together in a level of vibrational turbulence that we have never experienced before. 1 reflects our precious individuality, and 2 reflects the need for cooperation among individuals. 1 is the number of electricity and the mind. 2 is the number of magnetism and the emotions. So we can expect quite a few electric shocks and magnetic tugs as 2017 unfolds.

As we move from the old greed-driven masculine 1000s to the uncharted feminine territory of the 2000s, we are evolving into openness, honesty, and free will. But the determination of the old system to hold on to power and privilege has never been more fierce and heartless. We cannot evolve from 1 to 2 without severely damaging ourselves, or perhaps even destroying ourselves, unless we learn what 1 has to teach. Its lessons are profound, and here we are – learning them – in this 10/1 Year within this 10/1 decade. This 10/10 energy is preparing us for ongoing change and rapid evolution – as we get closer to the year 2020. (10+10=20).

1 and 0 represent the binary code and the basis of computerization. While matters of the internet and Net Neutrality have been major issues for many years, we will reach new levels of concern in 2017. After all, today’s technology has been most instrumental in exposing the greed and cold-heartedness that is causing the great imbalance that is toppling the system.

Free Will depends on free expression. But the twisting of language, the falsifying of facts (lying), and the manipulation of feelings, create the confusion and mental exhaustion that enable dictators to take control. Our emotions are under constant attack, which is why we MUST learn more about their true power and purpose. Don’t go numb. Stay awake and aware.

1 is the first number – the nucleus of all the other numbers. Therefore, matters of nuclear power, nuclear weapons, and nuclear waste, are cause for great concern in the current global atmosphere, especially when 1 is doubled and the number 11 comes into play. Just as 10+10=20, 1+1=2.

1 is the number of independence and leadership. But the patriarchal system makes us dependent on others to lead us, instead of learning how to lead our own lives. This leaves us vulnerable to authoritarians who have a knack for convincing people that only “they” know what is best for us and that we are simply incapable of leading ourselves. This old dogma cannot hold in the openness of 2.

These are very karmic times, which is to say that outer reality, and the way you are viewing it, offers specific experiences and lessons which can bring you to your next step. Karma is the wheel of unlearned lessons. Experience is our teacher.

One of the gifts that came from the emotional chaos of 2016 was COURAGE. As a result, here in 2017, what is waking in this “1 Year of the Individual” – is HUMANITY’S HEART – 1 heart at a time. It’s going to take a while..


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January 20 2017


January 20, 2017 = 1 2 1. This is a very significant date in the human journey. These numbers reflect our position in the volatile space between one millennium and the next. We are experiencing the vibrational differences between the electrical masculine 1000s and the magnetic feminine 2000s. And the shocks will continue until we finally wake up to the enormity of what is happening.

While 1 signifies speed, action, and the start of something new, 2 slows everything down by drawing attention to important details which must be recognized and dealt with before real progress can be made.


4 is the number of order, foundation, method, system, facts and figures, and effective organization. 4 is the number of effectiveness. However, until we feel its powers of determination and purpose, 4 can create limitation, delay, and the feeling of being boxed-in. 4 teaches us that every problem has its answers and solutions if we are patient enough to find them – and then find the most effective way to put them into practice. 4 represents results through hard work. This confirms that although the journey of 2017 will not be easy, 4 gives us the power of perseverance.

We cannot solve a problem until we understand its true nature, and we are dealing with complex and dangerous matters now. The first step to stabilizing our position is acceptance of reality. Eyes wide open! Denial is easy to spot in this age of transparency – but the old guard cannot operate in openness and is trying desperately to push everything back into secrecy.

It’s OK to be afraid. Fear is a natural part of the emotional range, with its own power and purpose. It is fear that is waking people up right now! Fear is not the problem. Denial of fear is the problem. Indifference is the problem. Being paralyzed by fear is the problem, too. Constant distraction is the problem. As evolving beings, we must learn to accept what must be feared, and discard the petty or false fears which keep us tied to this floundering way of life.

January 20, 2017, marks the beginning of a serious segment of the journey in which humanity is starting to recognize the power of its own Will (feminine energy), which is rising up against the old ways of oppression, and the ridiculous notions of white supremacy and patriarchy. The war on women is real and terrifying, and women are fighting back.

Yin_and_Yang.svgThe Will is our ability to feel and sense. The Will is also MOTHER’S LOVE and the natural tendency to nurture and protect, and we all possess this energy, male and female alike. The Will (emotion) is YIN and the Spirit (consciousness) is YANG, both of which are different but equal – and interdependent. But this male-driven system must keep the feminine down in order to maintain its dominance. This cannot continue as the feminine 2000s unfold.

45 is also prominent today because it marks the inauguration of the 45th POTUS, which is the result of an election that occurred in Week 45 of 2016. Both 45 and 2016 add up to 9 – the number of endings, conclusions, awareness, and emotional healing. 4 = restriction, 5 = freedom. 9 is the most emotional number of all (from the heights of happiness to the depths of despair), and there is no doubt that people are experiencing extraordinary depths right now.

This numeric combination tells us that this is NOT the beginning of a new system, but the end of the old one – this unfair, out of balance, and utterly cruel way of life.

Donald Trump will bring the system down because that is what greed is bound to do in the end – consume itself. Racial matters are coming to a head because that is what the old class system IS – the race to be number 1 – “winner” take all. But that is not the true nature of life. We cannot discover our true potential while a person’s “value” is based on how much money they have, the color of their skin, the nature of their culture, their religion, or who they love. Life is not about winning. It is about living.

The 20th day of January 2017 connects us directly to the millennial energy of the 2000s, and reminds us that the NEW system will not be based on competition (1), but on cooperation (2). Peace will come through peaceful desire and diplomacy, not more war.

No matter what happens on the long and difficult road ahead, just remember that the human RACE is not a species. The human RACE is the system itself. The human RACE must end, so that a free humanity can begin…


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