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Week 18, 2018

Week 18WEEK 18 is a 9 Week (1+8=9). It runs from Monday, April 30 to Sunday, May 6.

1 = THE INDIVIDUAL, ego, self, beginnings.

8 = POWER, position, money.

9 = ENDINGS, drama, karma, deep emotions.

When 18/9 is out of balance, there is a tendency to go to extremes in pursuit of a goal. People stop caring about anything that does not pertain to what they are aiming for, and get caught up in selfishness, greed, contest, and irrational behavior. Here in Week 18 of this 11/2 Year (2+0+1+8=11=2), the EMPOWERMENT and DISEMPOWERMENT of INDIVIDUALS is strongly emphasized.

Imbalanced 18/9 denies the relevance of anything that stands in its way. Even the most obvious truths are denied. Imbalanced 18/9 narrows its focus to materiality, money, status, and power, to shield itself from guilt. It is important to remember that guilt is not an emotion. Guilt is a judgment we make against ourselves. And there is nothing more dangerous than denied guilt.

Guilt is inevitable in 18/9’s vibration because 9 represents compassion, caring, giving, healing, sympathy, empathy, and awareness. But it is difficult to live up to 9’s potential when 1 and 8’s denials prevent them from CARING about outcomes. Unbalanced 18/9 cuts off its nose to spite its face.


BALANCED 18/9 incorporates vision, personal power, potential, and resources – and works diligently with an idea until it comes to life. It sees this system of greed and hate for what it is  – one big RACE to be #1. Balanced 18/9 dismantles our racist programming and helps us see what is possible when we work together. Every individual is 1. We are all 1.

9 takes us backwards – to learn from the past.

1 brings us forward and 8 gives us the power of correct understanding.

Balanced 18/9 enables us to feel satisfied… (the opposite of greed). New ideas and ideals can then create the beginnings of a new system where balance is maintained through fairness, equality, justice, and truth. Yes, we are a long way from such a reality, but this vibration within 2018’s 11/2 energy of CONNECTION, can deepen our desire for it.  And desire brings movement…


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Week 17, 2018

week 17Week 17 runs from Monday, April 23, to Sunday the 29th.

1 (action) + 7 (intelligence) = 8 (power). It sounds simple, but at this stage of the human journey, there is a great complexity involved. 8 focuses on POWER in all its forms, including the power of DESIRE.

8 represents the Material Plane, which we often confuse with ‘materiality’ and greed. The Material Plane is Mother Nature herself, our main source of feminine energy, which greed is constantly attacking and throwing out of balance.

Everything on Earth originates in nature. Whatever we DESIRE, Mother Nature provides.

DESIRE is one of the strongest vibrations we have. We cannot exist without it because desire is the initial movement of life. The desire to BE. The Will to LIVE.  However, the  fact that human beings can desire horrific and despicable things doesn’t alter the fact that desire is an essential part of life. It all depends on whether our overall intent is loving – or not.

We are evolving from an antiquated system of male supremacy, white supremacy, and wealth supremacy, which relies on DENIAL OF REALITY for its existence. This system of competition and contest is where the horrors and atrocities of racism originate – and all forms of prejudice. We are not the ‘human RACE’. We are human beings.

In Week 17 of this illuminating 11/2 year, denial is much harder to maintain. No one is immune here. Our personal and collective awareness is expanding. And the more conscious we become, the more we recognize the predicament we are in!

In a system that is driven by contest and war, it is only a matter of time before the system goes to war with itself. And it’s only a matter of time before a system driven by destruction destroys itself.

The road out of denial is fraught with danger and brutality. But here in the feminine 2000s, our position is also filled with opportunity, potential, creativity, and the wonders we can achieve when we express ourselves from the heart – openly and freely. Peaceful intent takes us onto a path of realism and honesty, and the DESIRE to transform what we already have into something more caring, imaginative, intelligent, fair, balanced, loving, and joyful.

Greed is desire that is so out-of-control that it desires to control the desires of others. What craziness we live in! We are programmed to believe that desire is the problem, while being bombarded with advertising and enticements which increase our desire – for material things. It is our desire for freedom, justice, peace, and harmony that this system cannot tolerate.

1 is the INDIVIDUAL. 

7 is the MIND. 

1 is outgoing.

7 takes you inward.

1 exudes confidence and fearlessness.  

7 needs to know exactly what it’s dealing with.

1 is doing.  

7 is learning.

In Week 17, we experience both the chaos caused by lack of awareness – and the bigger picture that attention to detail creates. 17/8 highlights efficient planning, true understanding of existing information, and an intuitive ability to correct its own imbalances. But when the imbalance goes unchecked, 17/8 exposes extreme self-interest, arrogance, greed, jealousy, impatience with detail, and denial of the facts.


The events of Week 17 are connected in various ways to the decade of the 1980s. The decade of money and power, bullying, hostile takeovers, insider trading, and the  belief that money rules, might is right, and greed is good.

The main reward of 8 is the feeling of SATISFACTION that comes when you truly and thoroughly appreciate what you already have; and when you know you have enough. Greed is the inability to feel satisfied and therefore never happy. Greed is the belief that there is no such thing as enough, thus a constant feeling of lack.

As we evolve into our true selves, we see the shallowness of those outdated tactics. 17/8 shows us that we are so much more than the old system allows us to be. Fascism exists to prevent us from realizing our true worth, our true power, and our free Will. It must not be given a chance to take hold!

As we gain the power of self-acceptance, the controlling forces are scrambling to extinguish the rising WILL of humanity. As we move further into the transparency of the 2000s, the denials, lies, deflections and maneuvers are utterly astonishing. Therefore, on the road to 2020, we really must BE “the change we want to see in the world”.


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Week 16, 2018

week 16CALENDAR WEEK 16 begins on April 16, on the 106th day of the year – which brings a triple streak of karmic 16/7 energy into the world.  16/7 represents secrets, lies, conspiracy, exposure, indignity, the classic ‘fall from grace’, and the lengths to which people will go to avoid that fall. Sometimes there is an actual physical fall or ‘trip’. And since scandal is already a major part of everyday life these days, we can expect it to increase considerably in Week 16.

The situation on Earth is real and dangerous, and because April 2018 is a 15/6 month (the number of both balance and extremes, and ‘taking sides’), we are always on the edge of one tipping point or another. As we inch our way forward towards the pivotal year of 2020, the only ‘side’ that will take us through this precarious journey is the side of fairness, justice, peace, and LOVE. But this is not a passive ‘side’. It requires knowing what we are up against, organization, action, and determination.

Karmic 16/7 involves partnerships that formed for the purpose of outdoing or controlling others. This is the ultimate ‘smoke and mirrors’ energy in which arrogance, denial, and abuse of power, is clearly seen in the transparency of our times. What the system was once able to hide under a cloak of secrecy, is being drawn further into the light of this 11/2 Year (the number of illumination and openness).

Of course, 7 is not all plotting, exposure, and outrage. 7 is also the deeply spiritual number of GRACIOUSNESS, CONSCIOUSNESS, INTROSPECTION, LEARNING, ANALYSIS,  INSIGHT, INFORMATION, PLANNING, COORDINATION, and INTUITION. What happens this week can permanently change the way we look at and understand what’s happening in our world

Week 16 and Emotional Healing

Anger, blame, shame, and grief are inevitable as the truth comes to light. The honest expression of our feelings is producing the light in the first place. But we must also learn to channel this magnetic energy in a way that actually creates the necessary changes, instead of merely feeling helpless and hopeless. Without love in our hearts, and a strong INTENT to resist this descent into authoritarianism, impulsive action can be destructive. Revenge is a tactic of the past. Practical action is needed.

Time is the framework of evolution. Time moves forever forward, and although these attempts to drag us back to the past are futile, they are devastating and deadly. Without time, nothing can change. Evolution is gradual change in the course of time. Sound and rhythm cannot exist without time. So without time, there would be no music. No synchronization. No coordination. And there is much truth to the saying that ‘time heals all’. Life is a journey through the cycles of time… and this week we are in a powerful cyclical combination of 11/2 – 15/6 – and 16/7.

If we don’t find ways to push the old extremes back to the outer edges (where they belong), balance cannot be achieved, and we remain stuck in time. But repelling the extremes begins within each of us, personally. As we leave the old system of the 1000s behind, remember that 1 is the number of the self – the individual. And the only way to heal humanity is by healing our individual selves from the damage that this old greed/war-driven system imposes on us. We heal from the inside out…. mentally and emotionally. It’s the only way.


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