Week 16, 2018

CALENDAR WEEK 16 begins on April 16, on the 106th day of the year – which brings a triple streak of karmic 16/7 energy into the world.  16/7 represents secrets, lies, conspiracy, exposure, indignity, the classic ‘fall from grace’, and the lengths to which people will go to avoid that fall. Sometimes ...
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11 WEEK – 11 YEAR – continued – (March 18)

The last day of this 11 Week in this 11 Year happens to be the 77th day of the year. (7 multiplied by 11). While 77 can generate much wisdom when it comes to making the changes we need to make, we must first deal with its karmic compound which is 14/5 – affecting matters
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11 WEEK – 11 YEAR – continued – (March 17)

March 17 2018 is a 22/4 day in the world. (3+8+11=22/4). There are also three prominent 11s: March 17 = 3+8=11 Week = 11 Year = 11 A strong focus on the 8 energy comes from the 17th.  8 is the number of POWER IN THE MATERIAL WORLD. And as the power-plays going on at
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11 WEEK – 11 YEAR – continued – (March 16)

March 16, 2018 Whitewash and openness continue to collide, seeing is believing, but you can’t believe your eyes. Secrets and lies, scandals and spies, the world is awash in mysterious vibes… Not only are we dealing with the 16/7 karmic energy that comes from the 16th, but also the 19/1 karmic energy that comes ...
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11 WEEK – 11 YEAR – continued – (March 15)

March 15, 2018 brings even more 11/2 energy into this 11 Week/11 Year because the date itself adds up to 2 (3+6+11=2+0=2) . It is also the 74th day of the year, which adds up to 11. March 15 is also what I call a ‘double dose’ day which occurs whenever the month and day
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