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Yearly Forecast



Each year, on January 1st, we enter a new calendar cycle which holds a distinct theme for the next 12 months. A simple calculation lets you know which yearly cycle you are in. Just add the numbers in your day and month of birth to the numbers in the current year.

Example Birthday = November 24
Month = 11     Day = 24    Year = 2017
Keep adding until you get a single digit. 1+8 = 9

In this example, someone born on November 24th will be in the 9 year cycle throughout 2017. Just click on your yearly number… and discover the nature of your year ahead…

Click on your yearly number:

1 Yearly Cycle 1 Yearly Cycle 3 Yearly Cycle
4 Yearly Cycle 5 Yearly Cycle 6 Yearly Cycle
7 Yearly Cycle 8 Yearly Cycle 9 Yearly Cycle


Why do you say that the yearly cycle starts on January 1st, when some numerologists say it starts on your birthday? 

Which method you follow is your choice, but this is what I have found to be the most accurate, and why.
To calculate the personal year, we add the numbers of the day and month of birth to the specific numbers of the current calendar year. Numerological cycles are based on the calendar, and a calendar year always begins on January 1st.  When you were born, the calendar cycle had already begun. You were born at a specific point within that cycle.

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WILL RISING …free will

free will

As time moves forward and humanity evolves, we are outgrowing the antiquated, corrupt, and war-driven system that has been controlling us throughout the ages. This is not something we can simply ‘rise above’ or detach from. We are ALL part of this major transition in the human journey, each with our own unique and invaluable role in creating the future.

Feeling the emotions involved is a vital part of our evolution because the system gets its power by controlling our ability to feel and sense, which affects our ability to think and function. The human WILL is the emotional feminine energy that we all possess. And as the Will of humanity rises to protect and free itself, this is the part of us that is most under attack.

The more willingly we accept reality, the more easily the WILL will be able to release itself from its old programming. The freeing of the human Will is the next vital evolutionary step. Without it, we have no control over our lives whatsoever. Therefore, knowing what the Will is, and how it works, is essential.

We have been programmed to believe that the Will is simply “positive thinking”, determination – or stubbornness. From a religious perspective, we are told that it is God’s Will that matters. At the same time, religion tells us that God gave us Free Will. This is an enormous contradiction. We are also told that we are created in God’s image, which means that God must have a feminine side, or there would be no women in his creation.


Some religions are evolving too. Last month, after the US Military dropped their most powerful non-nuclear bomb on an air base in Afghanistan, Pope Francis issued a much needed criticism which speaks to the ongoing war on the feminine. He said it is wrong to call this bomb the “Mother of all bombs” (MOAB). “I was ashamed when I heard the name”, he said, “The word MOTHER should not be used in reference to deadly weapons.” He explained that a mother GIVES life. A bomb destroys life.  I have to say that this angle was unexpected.

The WILL is comprised of our emotions, feelings, senses, urges, matters of the heart, the feminine principles of life, and a strong empathy with ‘others’. (negative energy/magnetism)

In contrast, masculine SPIRIT (consciousness), is comprised of thought, intellect, vision, ideas, competition, the mind/body connection, light, action, and a strong sense of ‘self’. (positive energy/electricity)

Because the power and purpose of feminine energy is not given proper recognition, masculine energy often takes the credit. For instance, we are programmed to believe that INTUITION is a function of the masculine mind. But we also know that it is the overactive mind that prevents our natural responsiveness from getting through TO the mind. The enormous power of intuition is a product of the emotions – our ability to FEEL and SENSE.

We are now feeling and sensing on a much deeper level than ever before. The vibrations of our feelings open our minds. In turn, our minds give consciousness to our feelings. So, the more the system triggers our emotions, (as it will continue to do for a long time to come), the more we will be able to ‘see’ what’s actually happening. The 2000s brought us into an age of transparency, and a system that runs on secrecy cannot survive. But the damage this old system can cause on its way out is terrifying, and we have to face the facts about this. Our position in the journey is a transitional one. We are in a confusing and contradictory gap between two millennial cycles.

“Positive thinking”, without acceptance of reality and the feelings it triggers, is self-deception. To think positively means facing reality head-on, no matter how it makes you feel, and trusting yourself to deal with it in the most constructive way.

Indifference to other people’s suffering is also a form of emotional denial – and is often the result of our refusal to see the role that we ourselves are playing or have played. Without acceptance of reality, we rip the most important chapter from the book of our lives – the part where it all comes together and makes sense.

On our journey into Free Will, we have encountered enormous gaps in the human fabric which represent the unresolved differences between us. It often seems that there is no way to bridge them – but for as long as we remain divided, we remain conquered.

We are experiencing an attempted ‘hostile takeover’ of the world by corporations, with the oil industry and its connections to Russia at the helm. Resistance to this cruel industrial coup is strong and growing, and it is important to understand where our power is coming from -from our entire range of feelings. It is coming from our honesty, our intent, and our understanding of the facts. RESISTANCE IS THE WILL IN ACTION – taking a determined stand to free itself.

As exhausting as it often is, the resistance against this descent into fascism has been working well – which is all the more reason to expect attacks against it as we move ahead. Remember that they, too, are resisting. They are resisting the evolution of humanity, which is already in progress, and of which they are also a part (but don’t know it yet). We are one.

This resistance, and counter-resistance, is exactly what is happening in the inner human condition as our masculine minds fight off our feminine feelings. Inner peace brings outer peace. Everything starts within, including the disastrous imbalances of the outer world.

“Get up, Stand Up, Stand up for your rights.” ~Bob Marley

The Will is so powerful that the current system could not operate at all if this power was free. OR, without greed and corruption, it could operate beautifully, fairly, lovingly, creatively instead of destructively, and open to the enormous potential that fairness and equality would bring.

The purpose of government is to act on behalf of people and planet, and constantly adjust the points of balance so that life can flow naturally and creatively, without one form of energy overpowering another. The purpose of government is to MAINTAIN BALANCE, fairness, equality, and caring. Balance means adjusting as needed. It means arranging things in a way that enables energy to flow freely.

FREE WILL instinctively understands the laws of karma – cause and effect – and that life reacts to actions taken. There are no ‘punishments’ in life, but there are consequences and end-results. Emotion adds DEPTH to our lives and enables us to notice and comprehend complexity and detail as it takes us beneath the surface and behind the scenes.

Although the attempts to deliberately confuse and manipulate are real and dangerous, most of the heavy turbulence we are experiencing right now is due to the imbalance caused by inequality and unfairness. With so many governments defunding essential services, including education, environment, healthcare, food safety, workplace safety, and animal welfare, we must ask ourselves what the end result is likely to be. A heartless “culling” of life which the system deems unuseful, oppositional, inferior, or burdensome?

What the world is experiencing now is not just ‘politics as usual’. But it is the result of politics as usual. Those in control do not seem competent at all, but while that factor helps to curtail their efforts to some extent, it also makes them more dangerous because the consequence of power depends on the intent of whose hands it is in.

Criminally insane individuals have been elevated into positions of enormous power. When people focus narrowly on money and power, that is all they think about. Anything or anyone else is just clutter, secondary, unimportant, mere collateral.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”  ~Gandhi

As the WILL of humanity continues to rise, it is pushing back hard against this attempt to kill it. By nature, the WILL must EXPRESS itself, so be aware of attempts all over the world to suppress free speech, or to muddle communication so completely that no one knows what to believe. Be aware of the act of labeling factual information as ‘fake’, and replacing it with a fake response. The art of language-manipulation has upped its game in recent years. A lie is always easier to swallow when placed between layers of truth.

Remember too that when people engage in ‘circle-talk’ and deflective denial, (accusing one’s opponents of what you yourself are doing ), eventually those false accusations come full circle and hit the denier in the head. Denial will go to extraordinary lengths to deny, even when the denial is perfectly obvious to others.

As the industries that run the system become more automated – and greedier – they have less need for human workers. To be ‘industrious’ is to be “constantly, regularly, or habitually active or occupied.” However, the industrial system views those who are not working as a liability. That’s where the cruel concept of “austerity” comes in, and makes life as miserable as possible for the masses, even those who are loyal to the system. The slave-master mentality takes over, life is devalued, and people suffer and die.

When we moved from the 1000s to the 2000s, we changed frequency and direction. This millennial shift from masculine 1 to feminine 2 switched on our sensitivity, which was a shock for our minds.

Many people are still having difficulty dealing with their feelings because the mind tells them that to feel on this level cannot be ‘normal’, and is therefore ‘crazy’. Biological form is also impacted because that is what enables us to recognize what we feel – in the form of specific sensations in the body.

We must learn to accept our various feelings, no matter what they are, and allow this natural magnetic energy to pass through and out of us. Some feelings take a long time to move, such as grief, anger, and fear. We are programmed to shut these feelings down. We are told which feelings are appropriate and how long we should be feeling them. But emotion is far too spontaneous an energy to be controlled like that. In fact, that’s what Free Will is: spontaneity and openness.

Prolonged emotional suppression causes many of our illnesses, and is the basis of stress. Emotional expression is a natural pressure valve. It protects us from  being torn apart inside by the trauma we impose on our WILL. Stress is the pressure our feminine side feels when we hold our feelings BACK – push them down – or snap them out so fast that nothing is learned – and someone gets hurt. Stress is the push and pull of held-back magnetism. The weight of feelings that are being made to wait. GRAVITY within the body.

Nothing clears the mind and keeps our feet on the ground like a strong emotional experience. When emotion is recognized as the singular scientific element that it is, and not some obscure offshoot of the brain, this world will be a different and far more peaceful place. As Nikola Tesla put it, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Most importantly, we must learn to express our emotions with the intent to HEAL, NOT HARM. There is never a need to hurt yourself or anyone else in the process of emotional healing.

The cruel authoritarian streak that is marching across the planet is already doing terrible damage to our species – and all the species of Mother Earth. Truly accepting this fact is not a mental exercise. It will trigger some very deep feelings – and we cannot afford to cut ourselves off from this.

The feeling of compassion is the healing balm that will save humanity from itself – doing what’s right simply because it’s right. We only have to look at the suffering of migrants and refugees to see where a little compassion could help stabilize the world considerably. Immigration issues are not only the result of people having to flee from the horrors of OUR present-day wars in THEIR countries, but also the colonization and occupation of these countries in the course of history. In the present atmosphere of xenophobia and hate, it takes courage to truly care and express those feelings.

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” ~Bob Marley

We must develop courage, including the courage to face our own reflections and see ourselves as we really are! And yet, courage is another thing that masculine energy seems to claim as its own. Courage is equated with testosterone, and having ‘balls’. Where courage is lacking, we are told to “man up”.  Courage comes from the HEART! (Cœur is French for heart). Courage is the result of the COMBINED power of thought and feeling. And because it is in the physical heart that all of our feelings and thoughts are processed, men and women everywhere are developing remarkable courage in all its forms. What amazingly resilient and complex beings we are!


…all of my old articles (from 2007) are available here

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2017 ~ WEEK 15

In this 1 Year, April is a 5 month.


April = 4.

1 + 4 = 5.

Week 15 runs from April 9 to 15. It has been a breathtaking week so far – because both 1 and 5 represent fast-moving action and fundamental change. The 4 energy of April corrects inaccuracy, and works hard to get to the truth. 4 operates through fact, detail, and precision. Of course, we will have to wait and see what all this is leading to. But in true 1/4/5 fashion, something significant seems to be unfolding here.

This is likely to include the American aircraft carrier, guided-missile destroyers, and other vessels, which are headed to the Korean Peninsula – at a time when the numbers 1 and 5 have tremendous significance to North Korea itself.

Not only is a large-scale military parade scheduled in Pyongyang for Saturday, April 15, to celebrate the 105th birthday of the late Kim Il Sung, the founder of the Kim Dynasty, April 15 is also the 105th day of the year. Kim Jong Un, according to American records, was born on 8 January, 1984, which places him right now in a 1 Year – 5 month.

1 + 5 = 6, and Kim Jong Un is preparing for his 6th Nuclear test.

ADDED APRIL 18: It now turns out that the aforementioned American war vessels were not headed for the Korean peninsula after all. It was either a lie – or great incompetence – bringing further question to the Trump administrations credibility. Given out by the American government as news, does this not constitute ‘fake news’?

Also, on Saturday April 15th, which is traditionally ‘Tax Day’ in the USA, protest marches are planned in Washington DC, and multiple cities and towns across the country, to demand the release of Donald Trump’s tax information, which would show where his true interests lie. Are these two events, in very different parts of the world, connected? With RUSSIA still very much in the picture – and possibly connected to the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom as well, again we will have to wait and see.

Numbers tend to cluster, visibly, around important events or potentials. And the numeric patterns forming this year are extremely complex because they occur in TRANSITIONAL energy – a gap that exists between one cycle and the next. This one is super-complicated because the 10/1 energy of 2017 is connected to the 10/1 energy of the decade – and the other cycles involved are a thousand years long.

This gap , or vacuum, forces us to confront the past – the 1000s – so we can finally learn what 1 has to teach, and then move into the 2000s without destroying ourselves – and the planet. We are seriously hampered by those who are trying to drag us BACK to a time when they felt most comfortable. FEAR OF CHANGE, and losing ‘position’ in the ‘race’, is so immense that it is dripping down on the world as terror.

The closer we get to the year 2020, the more intense life is likely to get. Therefore, because 2 is a slow and detail-filled energy, we have to slow ourselves down, individually, to the pace of 2 – the pace at which the details come into focus, instead of being just a blur because we are RACING past them. It does seem that 2020 is indeed going to be a year of vision and decision.

“everybody moving so fast – makes you feel like you’re already part of the past..” ~Ray LaMontagne, “Airwaves.”

2 is a gentle slow-moving energy, but if you try to push against it or speed it up, it pushes back hard and slows you down even more! 2 is the number of PATIENCE and TIMING.

1 is the number of THE SELF and a principle lesson of 1 is that we must BE ourselves, rather than what we are told we should be. We are human BE-ings. A principle lesson of this 1 Year is how to BE the unique beings we are in a world full of other unique beings.

2 is the number of COOPERATION and PEACE. 2 exposes hypocrisy like no other number, and reveals what’s going on under the surface and behind the scenes. Not only do we see it, we also feel and sense it. 2 is the number of sensitivity, intuition, and inner knowing.

2 represents the group – which is made up of individuals. 2 also holds the feminine desire for equality – not domination. The Black Lives Matter movement grew out of this dual focus and its impact has created a turning point in our understanding of racial matters, by exposing our systemic racism – not only in the USA, but everywhere.

It is so important to remember that the human ‘race’ is not our species. We are HUMANITY. We are DIVERSITY. The human ‘race’ is a system that is based on unfair competition, and “winning” at any cost. That was the way of the 1000s. The way of the 2000s is unity and cooperation – and the principle lesson here is that we are all in this together. WE ARE 1 .

 This one-two combination is helping us to recognize the extent of our diversity (potential), and the fact that human beings exist in SO MANY different forms. The old system keeps us boxed in to its categories (judgments) which keeps us at war with ourselves and each other. This 1-2 combination will eventually bring an end to this futile RACE to be #1, but meanwhile, the shaky balance continues to shift in all directions – and there is chaos.

What’s happening at this point in the journey goes way beyond party politics. This is survival – and NOT just survival of the ‘fittest’ (the richest). It is survival of all human beings – and all forms of life.

“If you don’t become the ocean, you’ll get seasick everyday.” ~ Leonard Cohen

We are being pushed and pulled in all directions, but in these ongoing jolts and stretches of uncertainty, humanity is evolving, emotionally and intellectually. We are feeling everything more deeply every day, and the vibrations coming from our feelings open our minds and release us from denial.

Notice that denial is highly visible now IN 2017. It is everywhere. As we recognize our own denials and stop denying, reality falls into view and the truth reveals itself. We see that many people in positions of power are demented and very sick individuals. The insanity of the old system has pushed its way to the top, and the inmates really are running the asylum. How power is used depends very much on whose hands it is in!

This week, the fiasco of White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, suggesting (during Passover) that “not even Hitler used chemical weapons”, shows the astounding ineptitude and ignorance of those in power. Spicer was reminded that over 6 million Jews and other groups, who were classified ‘subhuman’ by the nazi system, were gassed in Hitler’s concentration camps, which Spicer referred to as “Holocaust Centers”. In January, a White House Statement issued on Holocaust Remembrance day, omitted all reference to Jews. While nationalism has been a mainstay of the Trump campaign and presidency, it must be remembered that the very word ‘nationalist’ gave birth to the word “nazi”.

The heart-breaking images of Syrian children choking to death had a horrifying global impact. And yet, an estimated 274,000 Syrian civilians were killed before the images of the babies emerged. We all saw the images of Aleppo and the plight of the refugees as they were forced from their homes by the violence of our oil wars and literally made to roam the Earth – on foot – or at sea – looking for a safe place to exist. Where was the concern for Syria’s children then?

When we see people being abused, such as the airline passenger who was dragged from his paid-for seat because United Airlines wanted to dead-head some crew, most people could emphasize with what that poor man was going through, but at a time when it is imperative for us to learn about emotions in general, what about those inflicting the violence and indignity on him. What were THEY feeling? What do bullies feel when making others suffer? They feel POWERFUL … rendering the victim helpless with physical restraint, terrified of what might happen to them as every vestige of their Will, and their dignity, is taken away from them. Bullies inflict the weight of their “might” or “authority” on others because that is the only way they can FEEL powerful. The world is full of these weak, frightened, self-loathing individuals. The fear of failure involved here needs to be recognized and healed, because that is what lays the foundation for authoritarianism and dictatorship. All fascist regimes rely heavily on bullies in positions of authority.

The injustices, wars and atrocities going on in the world are the manifestation of the battles going on inside us, between our masculine minds and feminine feelings. Peace requires cooperation and forgiveness – and after a thousand years of constant conflict, it will not be an easy task. For as long as ‘winning’ is our objective rather than fairness, forgiveness, cooperation, and peace, these inner and outer wars can never end.

The chemistry of 1 and 5 acts as a catalyst, and the 10 energy of 2017 (and the 10 decade) adds SPEED, FOCUS, ORIGINALITY, and NEW POTENTIALS to the equation. This is a pivotal moment in the human journey – or at least, the beginning of a measurable evolutional movement which continues all the way through May – which is the 5th month of this 1 year.

The mind is a powerful thing, but when masculine mind and feminine emotion cooperate, we develop a balanced appreciation for who we are, what we are capable of, and why we are on Earth at this particular time. And we see this potential in others, too – without insecurity or jealousy, and with acceptance, not defensiveness. Feminine energy is our emotional energy, which exists in men and women alike. Feminine 2 does not seek to dominate. Rather, 2 supplies the balance and stability currently missing from life on Earth.

When mind and emotion work together in partnership with the physical body, we are whole. Or at least, we are more whole than we have ever been. Who knows what our potential then becomes.

The prominence of 1 and 5 is occurring within the 3 energy of the 21st century. In order to successfully transition from the 1000s to the 2000s we must learn about 3, since 3 is the product of 1 and 2.

3 is the number of EXPRESSION – and we must be aware of the effort being made to subdue all forms of expression that go against the old system. 3 is the number of the child, and the potential for some kind of rebirth, possibly of the human heart, (compassion). Meanwhile, images of suffering children are constantly showing on the world stage, to open our hearts to the plight of others.

Part of the art of brinkmanship is to keep people’s emotions jangled and frayed, so that any form of respite would be welcome. One of the main lessons of the 1000s is that war is not the answer. And more war is simply that – more war – the same old thing that we’ve always had. Peace cannot result from force.

George W. Bush famously said: “There’s an old saying in Tennessee. I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee.. (pause) fool me once, shame on… shame on you. (pause) fool me can’t get fooled again.”

Well, we must not – get fooled again. This is not real and meaningful change. Nationalism (nazi-ism) is not something that “rises”. It is something that we descend into – whenever the self-designated ‘ruling class’ feels threatened. The oil industry is the mainstay of the old system but its relevance is fading in the course of time. Clean, sustainable, renewable energy pours down on us – freely – from the sky, in the form of sun, wind, and rain, and is emerging as the obvious replacement. Bring back coal mining? Why?

Remember the days and years after 9/11 when it was deemed ‘unpatriotic’ to protest a “war president”. After the deadly debacle that the occupation of Iraq turned out to be, and still is, hopefully we have learned how easy it is to demand the allegiance of the people through deceptive words, images, and the staging of evidence.

“War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it.” George Orwell

In 2010 while he was the CEO of Exxon, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that he acknowledged the fact that humans were affecting the climate to some degree, but the extent of it was unclear. “Therefore, what can you do about it?” He also said, “The world is going to have to continue using fossil fuels, whether they like it or not.”


3 is the number of drama. 3 is also the number of people and population. People have a BIG appetite for drama. We love to be entertained. And the entertainment industry knows how to trigger particular emotions. 3 is the number of the arts – both creative and destructive. Art reflects reality. But what are now called “reality shows” are false realities.

‘Reality shows’ are staged and scripted and designed to keep the audience engaged, eager, and distracted. Entertainment is BIG business. But we are at a stage in the journey here in 2017 at which we must regain our connection to the real world because we all have a part to play in creating what we desire life to be.

We have to be aware of the manufactured chaos, melodrama, and riveting cliffhangers. We have to be ultra-careful that we are not being drawn in to false story-lines. We have reached a new level of uncertainty, and we have to find our courage, weigh-up what we learn, and believe in our ability to feel, sense, and intuit our way through this rough ride into the future.

As humanity continues to evolve as a species, we will continued to be pulled back by the fear of change. No one wants to feel fear, but until we accept fear for the natural emotion it is, we will attract fearful situations which force us to face our fears. Fear is NOT the opposite of love. Hate is the opposite of love – and hate is NOT a natural emotion. Hate is a sick emotion – an ill feeling – which desperately needs to heal. And it is here in the interim – the mean time – that we have the opportunity for enormous inner healing. Fear is rising in the world, and we have to find a way to express it honestly rather than hold it in, transfer it onto others, or deny it altogether. Fear denied is the basis of terror.

 3 is the number of EXPRESSION. This is our power. We move forward by expressing what we feel – by being honest with ourselves. Emotion is our honesty – which is why this dishonest system programs us to subdue any feelings which do not serve the system. It is vital that we better understand the 3 energy of the 21st century because its 100-year span is playing an essential role here on Earth.

It is here and now, in this 10/1 year and this 10/1 decade that we must make these observations because the 3 energy is being used to deceive – on a global scale. It always was used in this way, but along with all the creative aspects of 3, its ability to conceal and deflect also reached a new level.

3 represents the enormous power of communication: words, images, appearances, creativity, beauty and the beast, sentimentality, attraction and repulsion, gossip, hearsay, ART in all its forms, artfulness, illusion, game-playing, drama, the stage, and how things are staged and presented.

3 is all about THE SHOW. And right now, life is being presented as a “reality show”. Communication must take place in a way that informs rather than confuses. Facts must be explained in whole sentences and paragraphs.

Finally, the following people, countries, and even one currency, are all in the 3 Year in 2017. Their 3 monthly and weekly forecasts have been very interesting just lately:
















…all of my old articles (from 2007) are available here


 © copyrightChristine DeLorey 2017 – all rights reserved

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2017 ~ WEEK 10 ~ A NEW LEVEL

slide1As we move through the 10th WEEK of this 10 YEAR in this 10 DECADE, the pace of our journey will accelerate. 1 represents forward movement, altered states, change, and speed. 10 brings us back to 1 (1+0=1), with the advantage of major lessons learned – and we have all learned a lot in recent months.

Although this ‘speeding up’ will be obvious in what is taking place in the outer world, 10 10 10 also brings inner movement as our masculine minds and feminine emotions reach new levels of cooperation within the biological body. This week’s energy cannot help but change the way we think and feel – each of us in our own unique way. 1 is the number of the individual, and represents our uniqueness.

The system has always been able to control the population by manipulating our thoughts and feelings. That is the principle tactic of the “war for hearts and minds” (which is actually a war against hearts and minds). With our basic senses under control, we cannot make sense of complex matters, or empathize with others who are suffering. But this tactic no longer has the same effect because the vibrations of this chaotic shift from the 1000s to the 2000s are unblocking our consciousness and expanding our awareness.

However, coming out of denial can produce shock, anger, grief, and fear. Being awake can be quite a nightmare! The multi-layered nature of the details, and the speed at which they are coming at us, can be overwhelming – which is why so many people feel drained and exhausted right now. 2 = DEPTH, DETAIL, and CONNECTING it all together.

Denial is a self-justifying barrier that stands between consciousness and reality. As the openness of the 2000s continues to bring the walls of denial down, we see just how great the role denial has played in keeping this cruel unbalanced system in place. We are likely to see all kinds of denials of reality this week, at every level – including the denials we all hold within ourselves. Everything starts within – and the turmoil in the outer world is a reflection of our inner turmoil.

You cannot fully accept yourself and deny certain parts of yourself at the same time. For instance, how can you love yourself unconditionally without accepting, loving, and taking responsibility for your own feelings? How can you love yourself unconditionally if you hate the way you look? Or the way you behave? This energy pinpoints parts of you which you believe are imperfect so you can develop more self-acceptance, and love yourself more fully. This means loving yourself as you are. This can only be done by you. And this week is an ideal time to gain a deeper understanding of self-denial.

Our dilemma is that 1 is the energy we are evolving from, (the ways of the 1000s), and our waning resistance to change is almost as powerful as our increasing resistance to oppression. But, thankfully, as we move further into the 2000s, we are undergoing a natural transition in which the Will of humanity is rising to free itself, and move forward into present time.

1 is the first number – the number of leadership. We are experiencing the consequences of allowing ourselves to be ‘led’ by dangerous power-hungry individuals, instead of learning how to lead our own individual lives. The old political system – with its narrow range of left and right – cannot possibly represent the full spectrum of humanity in all our diversity. Bringing down a heartless, corrupt, and incompetent system is certainly desirable, but replacing it with a more extreme version of itself is not change – it is self-delusion, and the insanity of repetition.

The majority is made up of minorities… and the whole notion of racial, sexual, and genetic superiority is fading into the absurd… especially as the incompetence and ignorance of those who espouse such hatred becomes increasingly apparent. We are ALL citizens of the world.

10 is coming to life this week – showing us new steps – new possibilities – and making us aware of how ordinary people can do, and aspire to do, extraordinary things. It makes us aware of how ordinary people can live as they want to live, rather than be told how they are supposed to be living, by people who are unqualified to make such assessments. This week’s burst of triple-10 energy gives us an opportunity to move beyond previous programming and step more confidently into our lives, despite the chaos going on around us.

“We had too many people who wanted to save the world. We lost sight of the fact that our primary purpose is to create value for our shareholders.” ~Former BP CEO, Tony Hayward

With the focus so strongly on the SELF this week, nothing is more needed than the authentic confidence that comes from believing in our ability to handle whatever life brings. We cannot reach this state through mere ‘selfishness’. If we are here on this planet at this particular time in the journey, then we came here to be part of the change from 1 to 2; from imbalance to peace. Of course, it is just as likely that other souls came here to prevent such a shift.

People (and animals) are suffering beyond belief, as some continue to profit from the destruction of this abundant planet and refuse to share her resources. We often forget that the basis of feminine energy on Earth is Mother Nature herself. She IS the material world. There is nothing we have that did not come from HER.

Everything affects everything. It is all connected. 1 is the nucleus of all the other numbers, and we are in the process of a nuclear reaction that is occurring on the inside – at the emotional magnetic level. The effect this is having on the electrical outer world appears to be chaotic when in fact it is our only hope of healing our damaged planet and everything on it. We actually need to be experiencing this chaos – because it was the only thing that woke us up – so entrenched was the conditioning that the system imposed on us.

March is the 3rd month. And the 3 energy is very strong right now. 3 is the number of communication, creativity, the arts, ‘the stage’, and how things are staged. 3 is the number of illusion, magic, and the setting of moods and scenes. March is the 3rd month of this 1 year, all of which connects to the creative 3 energy of the 21st century. (2+1=3). New levels will be reached here, too: new highs and, unfortunately, new lows.

QUADRUPLE 10:  Both Monday, March 6, and Friday, March 10 are 10 10 10 10 days in the world (40), which also connects us to the 4 energy produced by March in the 1 Year (3+1=4). 4 represents matters of identity, limitation, work, how things work, logic, problems and how to solve them, order, system, determination, and breakthrough.

Tuesday, March 7 is an 11/2 day in the world which will provide more light and transparency. It is also the 66th day of the year. 66 is a master number, and is the most balanced form of creative 3 (6+6=1+2=3).

This week is the ideal time to DO what you’ve been putting off. If you are presented with an obstacle of some kind, accept what cannot be done and BEGIN something else. Only you can know what this means. For instance, someone may see this as an opportunity to change course and do something different and specific. Another person may see this as an opportunity to finally take a break from a situation that was draining his or her energy.

No matter what happens, this is a highly creative and innovative time for us all. Not just in matters of art and entertainment, but in terms of starting to create a new existence for ourselves. New life is emerging out of the chaos. And precious new lives are entering the world every moment of every day. People are discovering new solutions and ideas which nurture instead of destroy, and love instead of hate. 10 is the energy that enables us to evolve from one stage to another. 10 enables real and measurable progress. And the closer we get to 2020, the more 10 has to teach us.

10 is a fast-paced evolutionary step. Remember that 1 is the energy we are evolving from – and that we evolve at the same rate that we learn what 1 has to teach. This week, 10 puts us on the fast track as far as this learning is concerned.

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.   ~Gandhi

 As the old system fights so ruthlessly to retain power, we are moving through a level of uncertainty and danger which most of us have never faced before. This emotional pressure is forcing us to FEEL our feelings on a much deeper level. As a result, the WILL of humanity is rising up – in the form of open expression and a new level of determination to be free.

It is the fascist mindset that has imprisoned the Will to the extent that most people do not know what the Will is and how essential it is to life itself. The WILL is the part of us that the system extracts in order to keep itself running. The Will is feminine energy – magnetism – emotion.

Resistance to oppression requires us to use our full emotional range – without forcing or denying any feeling – but just responding HONESTLY to our experiences. The Will IS our honesty – our realness – and our barometer as to what is good and what is not. Week 10 brings THE FREEING OF THE WILL to a new level, too.

Some people are so afraid of being hurt or harmed that they deny this fear, and replace it with a form of ‘hardness’ which prevents the Will from moving and freeing itself. But we are at a new level now. It’s OK to soften this stance, accept what happened to you as part of the road you have traveled, let go of the pain of the past, forgive, and allow personal HEALING to occur.

The frenetic pace of events often leaves us feeling drained and hopeless. While these are indeed honest feelings, resistance can be strengthened by noticing and expressing our lighter feelings, too. If we allow the heaviness to bring us down completely, we may never be able to get up again. So remember to breathe, to eat, rest, play, laugh, and love. Resist by keeping the loving and happy aspects of life ALIVE! Resist by appreciating all that is good in life – and there is so much good out there as we continue to evolve.

Feminine 2 is Masculine 1’s natural partner – but the war against the feminine is at the root of why humanity is the only species on Earth that is at war with itself. This is where the atrocity of racism BEGINS. 1 is the number of beginnings and root cause.

1 is the seed, the start, the individual, “I AM”, self-awareness, ego, and self-acceptance. 1 is the electrical masculine energy within us all. 1 is our connection to consciousness (“I think, therefore I AM”), and we are now at a point in the journey where we must evolve beyond mere self-consciousness into the perpetually healing current of SELF ACCEPTANCE and genuine SPONTANEITY. This week’s multiple 10 vibrations provide a large-scale opportunity to reach new levels of self acceptance (and throughout this 10/1 Year in this 10/1 Decade).

We do have to remember though, that this includes new lows as well as new heights. We can expect new levels of manipulation and control. Don’t let it suck you in. Resist. The emotional/mental tug-of-war going on within us requires us to make a firm decision about the direction we desire our lives to take. 1 represents both speed and change – and the emergence of new possibilities. The old system is dying. To go back into it is to die with it. This is not how life is supposed to be, and we cannot ‘normalize’ it if we are to find our way through it.

“We are the ONES we have been waiting for”. ~Unknown

ONE is the number of SELF. The individual. As the 1 energy of the 1000s evolves further into the 2000s, we are learning about the power of unity when practiced from the ever-expanding position of love, rather than the limited and shrinking position of selfishness, greed, hate, and the inability to feel satisfaction. We have been conditioned to deny whatever we don’t want to face, but this programming is unraveling as we evolve in the course of time. We are starting to learn as we go. We are starting to BE who we really are inside. The true SELF is emerging. There is so much truth in Gandhi’s words: “We must BE the change we want to see in the world”.

There is so much wisdom from the past which we must hold onto. There are many aspects of the past that must be preserved as the system continues to destroy itself. Here’s another timely observation, this time from Albert Schweitzer:

I am life that wills to live, in the midst of life that wills to live”.


…all of my old articles (from 2007) are available here

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2017 ~ THE POWER OF 10

2017 is a 10/1 Year in a 10/1 Decade. There are only 9 basic numbers. Every number beyond 9 is a variation of the original 9. Therefore, the natural function of 10 is to bring us to the ‘NEXT LEVEL’, where we start again, but with the advantage of what we learned along the way. (2+0+1+7=10=1).

1 is the starting point. 1 is the ‘seed’, the individual, the SELF. It teaches that we must love ourselves in order to know the depth at which we can love others. Self love is self respect. This year, we are learning about the power of our own uniqueness, individuality, and honest feelings. This is true of any 1 Year, but the DOUBLE-10 energy of 2017 cannot help but have profound evolutionary effects. Self acceptance is the inner peace that brings peace to the outer world.

Learning from previous experience is a central part of the 10 vibration. Now, in 2017, 10 is strengthening humanity’s resolve to resist the grip of fascism that is trying to take root throughout the world. This is not change. This is resistance to change. And so, there are two very different types of resistance going on at the same time, creating an inevitable tug-of-war between the past and present – to determine the future.


10 brings us to the ‘NEXT STEP’ in a tired old system that allows a few power-hungry individuals to decide the fate of all life. 1 is the number of SELF and COMPETITION. 2017 will bring all this into the clear light of day.

The election of Donald Trump reflects the extreme aspects of the 1 energy which pertain to EGO. He is unaccustomed to being challenged and does not know how to handle the emotions that arise when he is confronted or disappointed. His ego is overinflated one minute and extremely fragile the next. His tendency to fight off his feelings is reflected in his inability to let go of perceived ‘slights’ and just move on. His misogynistic, racist, and revengeful behavior has been well documented over the decades. As president, his first executive orders included attacks on science (knowledge), human rights, women’s rights, and multi-pronged attacks on the ultimate feminine source – Mother Earth. In 2017, we realize that this is not ‘politics as usual’. It is a matter of survival.

However, it is important to understand that what is happening now had to happen! Life in the OUTER world is a reflection of our INNER reality, as individuals (1), and collectively (2). The ‘awakening’ of humanity has been a slow process because the system controls the Will of the people by controlling our emotions. In the sensitive vibrations of the 2000s, the Will is rising anyway, and controlling the Will of the people is not as easy as it used to be.

goodbye-2016And then, along came 2016 – a very unpopular year. And yet, for many it was the best year ever in terms of growing, expanding one’s awareness, and becoming whole. Its spiraling 9 energy certainly ravaged our feelings. But those strong emotional vibrations forced open our reluctant minds and revealed a more accurate picture – and we see things more clearly now.

2 is the number of unity, but this can work both ways. We can unify as individuals and work together to accelerate the healing of the human Will – or we can allow guilt and fear to justify unity with those who oppress us. When active and resourceful 1 combines with sensitive and transparent 2, we become more aware of tactics, methods, and choices. The 1/2 combination provides the ability to trust your own senses, connect dots, let the denial go, and see the bigger picture.

Self expression is our primary resource. Our ability (and need) to communicate propels us forward in life. If we are made to “shut up”, we would have no incentive to create, invent, explore, enjoy, or love – and our lives would become shallow and meaningless. Words MATTER. Communication in all its forms is the realm of the magical number 3 – which is the result of 1 and 2 combined.

The presentation of lies to erase the truth is brain-washing – or tactical denial. We are all holding various realities in denial. We don’t know we’re doing it because denial takes our memory. Denial denies it is denial. And because we learn from history and from past mistakes (and successes), obscuring our memory and normalizing an abnormal situation ensures that we do not evolve. The transparency of 2 is breaking down the WALLS of denial. Knowledge is power.

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 21: Protesters walk during the Women's March on Washington, with the U.S. Capitol in the background, on January 21, 2017 in Washington, DC. Large crowds are attending the anti-Trump rally a day after U.S. President Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th U.S. president. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

On January 21st, 2017, the uprising of women in pink hats, all across the world, and men who supported them, was a massive reflection of what is happening WITHIN the human species. That was a 5 day in the world – the number of freedom, sex, conception, the physical body, spontaneity, excitement, adventure, variety, the unusual, and living life to the full. Feminine energy IS the Will – and the surge of PINK that occurred on that stunning 5 day was the WILL of the people – rising to free itself.

We are in the 2000s, and feminine 2 is the number of unity, equality, justice, cooperation, patience, detail, diplomacy, caring, teamwork, BALANCE, and peace. These are the only conditions in which stability and peace have a chance to form.

Feminine 2, by nature, does not want to control life. Feminine energy is the bringer of life and, above all, wants life to SURVIVE. Right now, the survival instinct that exists in both women and men (the 1st chakra) is very much alive as we FEEL and SENSE the gravity of the situation.

We are having to hold ourselves together in a level of vibrational turbulence that we have never experienced before. 1 reflects our precious individuality, and 2 reflects the need for cooperation among individuals. 1 is the number of electricity and the mind. 2 is the number of magnetism and the emotions. So we can expect quite a few electric shocks and magnetic tugs as 2017 unfolds.

As we move from the old greed-driven masculine 1000s to the uncharted feminine territory of the 2000s, we are evolving into openness, honesty, and free will. But the determination of the old system to hold on to power and privilege has never been more fierce and heartless. We cannot evolve from 1 to 2 without severely damaging ourselves, or perhaps even destroying ourselves, unless we learn what 1 has to teach. Its lessons are profound, and here we are – learning them – in this 10/1 Year within this 10/1 decade. This 10/10 energy is preparing us for ongoing change and rapid evolution – as we get closer to the year 2020. (10+10=20).

1 and 0 represent the binary code and the basis of computerization. While matters of the internet and Net Neutrality have been major issues for many years, we will reach new levels of concern in 2017. After all, today’s technology has been most instrumental in exposing the greed and cold-heartedness that is causing the great imbalance that is toppling the system.

Free Will depends on free expression. But the twisting of language, the falsifying of facts (lying), and the manipulation of feelings, create the confusion and mental exhaustion that enable dictators to take control. Our emotions are under constant attack, which is why we MUST learn more about their true power and purpose. Don’t go numb. Stay awake and aware.

1 is the first number – the nucleus of all the other numbers. Therefore, matters of nuclear power, nuclear weapons, and nuclear waste, are cause for great concern in the current global atmosphere, especially when 1 is doubled and the number 11 comes into play. Just as 10+10=20, 1+1=2.

1 is the number of independence and leadership. But the patriarchal system makes us dependent on others to lead us, instead of learning how to lead our own lives. This leaves us vulnerable to authoritarians who have a knack for convincing people that only “they” know what is best for us and that we are simply incapable of leading ourselves. This old dogma cannot hold in the openness of 2.

These are very karmic times, which is to say that outer reality, and the way you are viewing it, offers specific experiences and lessons which can bring you to your next step. Karma is the wheel of unlearned lessons. Experience is our teacher.

One of the gifts that came from the emotional chaos of 2016 was COURAGE. As a result, here in 2017, what is waking in this “1 Year of the Individual” – is HUMANITY’S HEART – 1 heart at a time. It’s going to take a while..


…all of my old articles (from 2007) are available here

 © Christine DeLorey 2017 – all rights reserved

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January 20 2017


January 20, 2017 = 1 2 1. This is a very significant date in the human journey. These numbers reflect our position in the volatile space between one millennium and the next. We are experiencing the vibrational differences between the electrical masculine 1000s and the magnetic feminine 2000s. And the shocks will continue until we finally wake up to the enormity of what is happening.

While 1 signifies speed, action, and the start of something new, 2 slows everything down by drawing attention to important details which must be recognized and dealt with before real progress can be made.


4 is the number of order, foundation, method, system, facts and figures, and effective organization. 4 is the number of effectiveness. However, until we feel its powers of determination and purpose, 4 can create limitation, delay, and the feeling of being boxed-in. 4 teaches us that every problem has its answers and solutions if we are patient enough to find them – and then find the most effective way to put them into practice. 4 represents results through hard work. This confirms that although the journey of 2017 will not be easy, 4 gives us the power of perseverance.

We cannot solve a problem until we understand its true nature, and we are dealing with complex and dangerous matters now. The first step to stabilizing our position is acceptance of reality. Eyes wide open! Denial is easy to spot in this age of transparency – but the old guard cannot operate in openness and is trying desperately to push everything back into secrecy.

It’s OK to be afraid. Fear is a natural part of the emotional range, with its own power and purpose. It is fear that is waking people up right now! Fear is not the problem. Denial of fear is the problem. Indifference is the problem. Being paralyzed by fear is the problem, too. Constant distraction is the problem. As evolving beings, we must learn to accept what must be feared, and discard the petty or false fears which keep us tied to this floundering way of life.

January 20, 2017, marks the beginning of a serious segment of the journey in which humanity is starting to recognize the power of its own Will (feminine energy), which is rising up against the old ways of oppression, and the ridiculous notions of white supremacy and patriarchy. The war on women is real and terrifying, and women are fighting back.

Yin_and_Yang.svgThe Will is our ability to feel and sense. The Will is also MOTHER’S LOVE and the natural tendency to nurture and protect, and we all possess this energy, male and female alike. The Will (emotion) is YIN and the Spirit (consciousness) is YANG, both of which are different but equal – and interdependent. But this male-driven system must keep the feminine down in order to maintain its dominance. This cannot continue as the feminine 2000s unfold.

45 is also prominent today because it marks the inauguration of the 45th POTUS, which is the result of an election that occurred in Week 45 of 2016. Both 45 and 2016 add up to 9 – the number of endings, conclusions, awareness, and emotional healing. 4 = restriction, 5 = freedom. 9 is the most emotional number of all (from the heights of happiness to the depths of despair), and there is no doubt that people are experiencing extraordinary depths right now.

This numeric combination tells us that this is NOT the beginning of a new system, but the end of the old one – this unfair, out of balance, and utterly cruel way of life.

Donald Trump will bring the system down because that is what greed is bound to do in the end – consume itself. Racial matters are coming to a head because that is what the old class system IS – the race to be number 1 – “winner” take all. But that is not the true nature of life. We cannot discover our true potential while a person’s “value” is based on how much money they have, the color of their skin, the nature of their culture, their religion, or who they love. Life is not about winning. It is about living.

The 20th day of January 2017 connects us directly to the millennial energy of the 2000s, and reminds us that the NEW system will not be based on competition (1), but on cooperation (2). Peace will come through peaceful desire and diplomacy, not more war.

No matter what happens on the long and difficult road ahead, just remember that the human RACE is not a species. The human RACE is the system itself. The human RACE must end, so that a free humanity can begin…


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