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Creative Numerology Weekly Forecast ~ December 17, 2017

NOTE 1: The Creative Numerology Weekly Forecasts for Week 51 run from December 17th to 23rd. This is a 6 week in the world, which emphasizes both extremes and balance. The only way to steer ourselves through this erratic energy is by being totally honest with ourselves, especially when we feel vulnerable. Only by knowing how we truly feel can we know what’s really happening, and how to deal with it.

6 is the number of responsibility and irresponsibility – maturity and pettiness – making things better or making things worse. 6 is a paternal energy, which can be benevolent and loving, like the doting father – or cruel and controlling, like the authoritarian or bully.

Both 5 and 1 represent CHANGE. 1 is the number of step-by-step change, while 5 brings sudden and unexpected change, often as a result of 1’s changes all converging at the same time. So there could be quite a rush of diverse activity this week, in our individual lives, and in the world. 5 represents freedom, 1 represents independence, and 6 represents responsibility, all of which create this week’s common theme.

December 2017 is a 4 month in this 1 global year. This combination corrects errors, based on facts, not assumption. But the communication of important details may be delayed or derailed as we continue along this path of contradiction, conflict, denial, and uncertainty, especially with the majority of people so focused on the holiday season. Know what your true priorities are, and try to arrange your life around them. That’s what being ‘true to yourself’ means.

NOTE 2: The 10/1 energy of 2017 is affecting us all. (2+0+1+7=10=1). So, be sure to read the 1 forecast as well as your own. The 4 and 5 forecasts are also very potent this week!


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Creative Numerology Weekly Forecast for the 1 Year

Emotional honesty is the only way forward from here, and the only means of knowing which direction forward is. Frustration is a form of anger – a natural emotion which needs to move within your physical body, rise to the surface and then, privately and safely, express itself outwardly with whatever sound it wants to make. This vital healing process concerns no one but you, so take some private time alone for this.

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weekly forecast #2

Creative Numerology Weekly Forecast for the 2 Year

Only you can create your life as you want it to be. While others must be considered, their needs must not be allowed to eclipse yours indefinitely. Don’t rush. There is much to learn and experience before you can know what your needs and goals actually are, and how to fulfill them. Creativity is not just about the arts. It’s about finding the right chemistry to bring about a desired reaction in any area of your life.

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weekly forecast #3Creative Numerology Weekly Forecast for the 3 Year

You are on a very creative path, but the unhappiness you are denying can blind you to the progress you have made, or make you feel guilty for wanting to move on, or for wanting more. You cannot experience happiness while you are holding so much sadness inside, and this is a chance to heal some of that pain. You cannot switch your feelings off and then expect to feel happy. A switch called denial does exist, but if you cannot feel, you cannot feel alive – or think anything new.

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weekly forecast #4

Creative Numerology Weekly Forecast for the 4 Year

You are made of energy which, by nature, must keep moving. Observe the principles of cause and effect as your journey proceeds in the direction that your senses, desires, and choices take you. An effect can only be understood by tracing its cause, which may be deeply buried. Ask yourself if the direction you are taking is what you really want. What do you mean you don’t have time for this? This is what time is for!

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weekly forecast #5Creative Numerology Weekly Forecast for the 5 Year

Action can be taken, but you must be able to sense when enough is enough. You, or someone close, needs some peaceful and loving cooperation. Responsibility needs to be taken – and shared. This can lead to an unexpected and much needed truce or union. Use your light to help someone else shine. Notice how it is reflected back to you in the form of forgiveness or a willingness to cooperate.

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weekly forecast #6Creative Numerology Weekly Forecast for the 6 Year

If you find yourself laughing in what seems like an inappropriate way, it is a good sign that you have moved some of that heavy guilt and blame out of your system – and that emotional healing is taking place. If you are serious about bringing joy into your life, allow happiness to express itself as it arises and, if your intent is loving, ‘appropriateness’ will have nothing to do with it. Love has a sense of humor – and laughter is a potent medicine.

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weekly forecast #7Creative Numerology Weekly Forecast for the 7 Year

Communication, loyalty, and friendship are emphasized. If an issue is boxing you in, or if others are telling you how you should be proceeding, a self protective reaction is understandable. You do not want to be unfriendly, but you are in no mood for other people’s nonsense either. Worrying about what others think is unnecessary. Confidence and relaxed interaction will come back to you gradually. It’s time to start believing in yourself again!

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creative numerology 8Creative Numerology Weekly Forecast for the 8 Year

You are an important part of a team but not the star of the show. Cooperate. Keep your goals in your heart as you deal with this temporary experience. You are on unfamiliar ground. Others may feel out of their depth too. Be patient. Stay calm and be considerate. Loosen up and encourage others to do the same. There is a time and place for everything, and this is the time and place to use the power of gentleness.

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Creative Numerology Weekly  ForecastCreative Numerology Weekly Forecast for the 9 Year

It will be difficult to prevent emotional movement now. Your feelings need to express themselves in order for you to evolve from an old situation. Everyone involved needs to be who they are – who they have become. This cycle of love, beauty, and relationship can be easily damaged by indifference, defensiveness, or judgment, so try to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. Let yourself enjoy the love and affection all around you.

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