Monthly Forecast NOVEMBER 2018


2018 is a 2 Year, derived from the Master Number 11. (2+0+1+8=1+1=2). To calculate your number for 2018, simply add 2 to your month and day of birth(Do NOT include your year of birth in this calculation).

For instance, if your birthday is May 26, add 5+2+6+2. This adds up to 15, and 1+5 = 6(keep adding until you reach a single digit). In this example the Year Number is 6.

Throughout 2018, use your Year Number to read your weekly and monthly numerology forecasts.


For more insight into how the numbers are affecting you personally, be sure to read your WEEKLY FORECASTS  too.

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NOVEMBER 2018 is the 11th month of an 11 Year. This means we will be traveling through 11:11 energy, every day for 30 days – at such a pivotal and precarious time in the human journey. NEW ARTICLE ABOUT THIS EXTRAORDINARY 11:11 MONTH



Here is your Monthly Forecast for NOVEMBER IN THE 1 YEAR: this is a 3 Month for you – a combination of your 1 Personal Year and the 11th calendar month: 1+11=1+2=3…

The creative mind plays with the objects it loves. ~C.G. Jung.

Notice what occurs when people demand acceptance and tolerance from others before they are able to accept or tolerate themselves. Movement occurs now as a result of what is happening to someone else, and there is much to be gained through friendliness and social interaction. 

Your concept of friendship is changing as you realize that the only approval you have ever needed is your own. In fact, the people whose approval you were once seeking may now need you as much as you needed them. A positive new beginning can occur if it is based on equality rather than one-upmanship or keeping up appearances. 

1 is the number of THE SELF, and the key to better understanding yourself now is to take the emphasis OFF you and focus on those around you instead. You will be able to see your own reflection in other people’s responses. This is a time for empathy and understanding.

Notice the destructive consequences of gossip, criticism, unkind remarks, spite, and the denial of reality. Don’t rely on hearsay or rumor. Check things out for yourself because accurate information is essential. When dogma enters the brain, the intellect and one’s very consciousness is under attack, so do not be fooled by false appearances, or restrained by unbending beliefs.

Stop worrying about what others think. Think for yourself. The 1 Year emphasizes change, and this month, a change of mind is unavoidable.

Don’t be afraid to convey your ideas and needs. A more realistic and open form of communication can result in an unusual alliance or arrangement. Your friendliness will rub off on others, creating a more positive environment for all concerned.

This is an ideal networking cycle – a grand opportunity to create a new beginning in the way you communicate, or a new platform from which to communicate. Your popularity is affected, and perhaps even your earning capacity. 

Take frequent breaks from the mundane realities of day-to-day life. Rest, relaxation, simple pleasures or a change of scenery will help maintain your energy levels.

No matter what else is going on, look for the little joys in your life and cherish them. Allow yourself to relax from the worry of what your next problem may be. This is a cycle of ‘light’ energy, so lighten up and solutions will appear. Don’t waste time agonizing over what cannot be immediately achieved or what you cannot control. Focus on what you can do to improve the circumstances. 

A mix of emotion and ego has led much of the way this year. Now you must balance your feminine emotional energy with the masculine power of your mind so that your hope; belief in yourself; creativity, and friendliness can develop into efficiency and courage.

Your creative juices are certainly flowing, and as new ideas arise, put your imagination, intuition and inspiration to work. Between now and the end of the year, create something special – something that has come directly from your heart. Its benefits will come back to you in the form of solid experience, recognition, and LOVE. 

Pay attention to your physical appearance too. This is a year of change – and an opportunity to start reinventing yourself. Remember that we are all different, and we all have the right to experience ourselves, and life itself, in a way that feels most natural to us.


Here is your Monthly Forecast for NOVEMBER IN THE 2 YEAR: this is a 4 Month for you – a combination of your 1 Personal Year and the 11th calendar month: 2+11=1+3=4…

For a long time. it had seemed to me that life was about to begin – real life! But there was always some obstacle, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business. Then life would begin. At last, it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life. ~Alfred D. Souza.

You may feel that you have the chance to be in charge of your own life again, and yet, you are not sure how to make this happen. There are many details involved. The facts about yourself and certain others must be faced. Sometimes relationships, projects, hopes and dreams have to hit bottom before you can see that there is nowhere left to go but up. Although you are longing for forward movement, everything depends on your ability to accept the current situation for what it is and, let’s face it, it is restrictive. And it concerns other people as much as it concerns you.

Careless or impulsive moves could cause you to lose control, so continue to keep a low profile while you’re out there trying to put the pieces together. Don’t do anything drastic. Just attend to the tasks at hand. Streamline and simplify. This is a chance to get organized in a way that will lead to more choice and more freedom.

The hard part is figuring out where to start. Perhaps you should ask yourself what “more freedom” actually means to you, and then take one small but vital step in that direction. You will then find yourself letting go of unwanted associations, habits, and issues that have been distracting you from your true intentions.

You must now believe in yourself more than ever. Once again, patience is the key. As you face November’s inevitable delays and restrictions, notice where you yourself are contributing to the problem. Your firm commitment to repairing a complicated situation will enable you to build a clear path in front of you, and then experience the recognition, change of scenery and circumstance that next month offers.

Some of the people in your life may seem like obstacles, but it could be you who is allowing the situation to continue. The first step to organizing your life is to reclaim it as your own. Don’t try to impress others or put on an act. Just make it clear, as tactfully as possible, that your life belongs to you, and that you are in the process of creating your future in what you believe is the most practical way.

Examine your feelings. What is preventing you from feeling free? Are you making unnecessary problems for yourself by hanging on to insecurities and control situations? Are you reading too much into something and allowing paranoia to destroy a sound relationship which is just going through a sensitive stage?

You may find yourself working harder physically, mentally, and emotionally, but the effort will pay off. You now have more than enough strength, support, and information to break out of that box which you think is imprisoning you.

Do not view the work as just another obstacle. In this cycle, struggle is the obstacle. It shows that you are fighting with reality and, despite everything you have experienced this year, you still haven’t gained the vital skill of being able to take one action, one minute, one hour, or one day at a time.

Let go of that ridiculous inferiority complex that always seems to arise in November of the 2 Year. Be who you are as you are now, and others will want to support you. Don’t forget that the 2 Year is very much a two-way street. Therefore, it is likely that someone else needs you to support them, too!

Here is your Monthly Forecast for NOVEMBER IN THE 3 YEAR: this is a 5 Month for you – a combination of your 3 Personal Year and the 11th calendar month: 3+11=1+4=5…

Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is? ~Frank Sculley

Opportunity abounds in this exciting, fast paced, and sometimes accident-prone month. Stay alert because the erratic pace of this cycle can push you onto unfamiliar or uneven ground which could trip you up if you are not careful. Keep in mind the words freedom and change as you move from one pursuit to the next, or as circumstances shift.


You are starting to feel the more serious, practical, and restrictive vibrations of your upcoming 4 Year which begins in January, and which emphasizes the work that must be done to fulfill a need or goal. This month, an unexpected change may create excitement or curiosity, and simultaneously make you feel limited, restless, impulsive, and anxious about what your next move should be.

Important connections can be made through networking and social contact, so don’t hide yourself away. You really do need to communicate with others if you are to assess where you and they stand. It is also important that you communicate with the right person, at the right time, and in a way that stands to benefit all concerned.

If you cannot feel the optimism that November offers, there is probably an emotion, fear or anger perhaps, or even a belief or attitude, which is trapped inside you and needs to be identified, accepted, felt, and released. You will be unable to make significant progress until you set this old pent-up energy free.

In this month of change and action, consider how the smaller details fit in to the larger picture, and figure out – visualize – the most constructive way to proceed – then prepare yourself to move in that direction!

You may think that travel or vacation is impractical right now, but November in the 3 Year is actually an ideal time to venture away from your usual domain. You have been searching hard for personal happiness this year and it really is about time you experienced some true enjoyment. If a vacation is impossible, at least enjoy friends, social activities, or something different and unusual.

This is no time for narrow-mindedness or intolerance. Move away from old routines and attitudes that serve no purpose. Break a habit which gives the appearance of freedom but is actually an addiction. Don’t be ashamed to admit you are addicted to something (or someone). Dealing with our dependencies is a major part of humanity’s evolutionary journey. So, if you are able to start the process of letting go of something that is harming you, and allow yourself to feel the emotions that this wrench is bound to trigger, then you have every reason to feel proud of yourself.

Meanwhile, open yourself up to life’s diversity. Everyone has a story to tell and potential to fulfill, just like you. Listen – and you will recognize certain similarities between their reality and your own.

Not everything out there is likable. But until you let yourself experience new people, places, cultures and things, you will have no way of knowing what is likable and what should be avoided. You are acquiring courage and common sense. You are learning not to be afraid of people and situations just because they are ‘different’.

This month, there is a tendency for “new life” to be conceived, and this is not confined to the conception of a physical child. It can also result in the conception of an idea (a brain child), plans, projects, creative vision, insight, and practical solutions.

You are starting to take yourself and your abilities more seriously. Your personality is changing accordingly. There is a challenge ahead and you know you are up to the task. You will have to make changes in order to live up to your potential, and you know you can succeed if you will just change an old way of thinking which clearly has no place in today’s reality. 

By taking a new approach and listening to your feelings at all stages, you will transport yourself to the right place at the right time. Swim with the freedom that November offers. Experience it. Do not lose your focus just as you are about to succeed.


Here is your Monthly Forecast for NOVEMBER IN THE 4 YEAR: this is a 6 Month for you – a combination of your 4 Personal Year and the 11th calendar month: 4+11=1+5=6…

At any given moment, life is completely senseless. But viewed over a period, it seems to reveal itself as an organism existing in time, having a purpose, and trending in a certain direction.   ~ Aldous Huxley

The magnetic pull of next year’s 5 cycle is creating a change in your close relationships, your health, or domestic situation. November emphasizes the need for a new understanding about people and issues that are important to you, such as spouse, partner, children, parents, duty, home, relatives, pets, neighbors, friends, community, and work.

Forgiveness and understanding are needed, but neither can be achieved until you look at and accept the reality of the situation. It is time to make peace in your world and, although that may mean having to make temporary concessions, the conflict needs acceptance. In other words, do not deny that the conflict exists just to ‘keep’ the peace. Make peace instead.

Responsibilities are highlighted, but you must clarify which are yours and which are not. Don’t commit yourself without considering the change and freedom that next year offers. On the other hand, you may find that a commitment made now may actually be the key to next year’s expansion. But remember that your hopes and plans are your hopes and plans. It is therefore your responsibility to fulfill them. November’s energies will show you how to do this if you accept that alternatives do exist, and that there are other approaches besides the ones you are currently using.

Be aware of the restrictions you have placed on yourself and others this year in which guilt and blame had a large role to play. If it seems that someone else has made you feel guilty, inadequate, or confined, understand that they did not cause this. It was you who accepted it.

There are always differences within a family or intimate unit, but guilt tells us that hatred must never be acknowledged. Consequently, we are unable to recognize the extent to which we hate ourselves, and that denied hatred between family members and loved ones is actually very common. This feeling needs to be healed – not denied.

Everyone has their own point of view, which is one’s understanding of reality as they see it from where they stand – and none of us is standing in exactly the same place. You cannot assume to know what is best for someone else, nor they for you. What you need right now is respect – the kind that comes from within oneself. Self respect is self love. 

Do not ignore your physical body when it comes to respect, love, and nurture. Much healing may be needed there.

Meanwhile, change is in the air. In fact, you may even find yourself thinking about a change of location or residence, or a change to your physical appearance. Such thoughts are right on time. Next year’s 5 energy is calling! And, as all these different energies combine in November, the emphasis remains on your sense of identity and your purpose for being here. What do you want? What do you need? Where are you going? Who loves you? Who do you love? What do you love? Who are you? Why are you here?


Here is your Monthly Forecast for NOVEMBER IN THE 5 YEAR: this is a 7 Month for you – a combination of your 5 Personal Year and the 11th calendar month: 5+11=1+6=7…

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. ~Franklin Roosevelt

Your life has changed, and you must release the stress that comes with trying to cling to what has already happened, or already gone. Accept where you are now and consider how you want to move forward from here.

This cycle enables you to heal from something that has been draining you. If you feel withdrawn, worried, or lonely, it is because you are now in a position where you must stand alone, analyze your reality, and truly think for yourself. You must also take the time to think very honestly about everything that happened this year, and what you want to happen in the future.

This year has given you a chance to advance by helping you to recognize previous mistakes, choosing not to repeat them, and turning them into experience. Now, as you continue to feel the incoming vibrations of the 6 Year, matters of relationship, responsibility, the home, love, marriage, children, parents, siblings, partners, community, pets, and security, are likely to predominate.

This month, the complexities of duty and freedom seem to be all mixed up together, and you should remember that your creative talent, rather than your destructive tendencies, can be used to bring a sense of order to what would otherwise be a confusing set of circumstances.

Yes, you can make room in your life for more than one issue at a time. In order to succeed, you must take full responsibility for making things happen. This starts with believing in your ability to do so.

Take comfort in being alone this month. Spend as much time as possible in a quiet peaceful environment so that you can feel, think, imagine, and learn. Distraction, noise, or hostility will create an energy block, preventing you from seeing the positive aspects of your situation. Retreat. Rest. HEAR what you are really thinking. FEEL what you are really feeling. Visualize the outcome just as you would like it to be.

Yes, the realization of what must be done to fulfill a goal can be daunting. If you feel overwhelmed, lonely, or pessimistic, know that such feelings are inevitable right now.

This is not a time for fast forward movement. It is a time to reflect, review the past and present, and plan realistically for the future. You need to draw up a workable strategy, to be implemented in December.

You are the best friend you will ever have. So, be good to yourself. Free yourself. Pamper yourself with a little peace and serenity. This is a chance to learn something important about your physical reality – and to learn how to create something of value by orchestrating the information you already have with new information coming in.

Meanwhile, stop trying to cross a bridge that you have not yet come to. Confusing? Annoying? A little scary? Adventures often are. Whether you realize it or not, you are now reaching a point of stability in an adventure you started several years ago. Remember?


Here is your Monthly Forecast for NOVEMBER IN THE 6 YEAR: this is an 8 Month for you – a combination of your 6 Personal Year and the 11th calendar month: 6+11=1+7=8…

To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying Amen to what  the world tells you you should prefer, is to have kept your soul alive. ~Robert Louis Stevenson

Snap out of it! This is no time for pessimism, overconfidence, or indifference. November’s powerful vibrations provide an opportunity to take control of your life and activate a plan that can bring a satisfactory balance between your responsibilities and your personal needs. The events of this month are likely to affect both.

This year’s 6 energy is very creative, and it can help you to find a way to create opportunity from your existing resources. The incoming vibrations of the 7 year are pointing out that your resources do not always pertain to funds or material assets but also to ideas, expertise, knowledge, talents, and connections.

Even if you do not have a penny to your name, the combination of this month’s energies will enable you to make things happen, get things done, create something from nothing, or take something you already have and improve its position or increase its value. This month’s focus on the material aspects of life, along with new and accurate information, will help enormously in your quest to change adverse conditions and re-invent yourself.

You are almost at the end of the 6 year in which you have learned a lot about responsibility and love. November emphasizes your inborn power to reason, survive, and prosper. However, in order to take full advantage of this power at a time of such drastic and unpredictable change, it is also your responsibility to know what is happening out there in the big world, and to be aware of how others routinely use their powers to diminish yours or control you in one way or another.

One of the most important lessons November has to teach is that peace cannot exist without freedom, and this is likely to be reflected in whatever conflicts still exist within your own personal relationships. And, since security has been such a large issue for you this year, you can learn a lot by noticing the similarities between what is going on in your world and what is taking place on the world stage.

It is imperative to your present and future wellbeing that you look realistically at world events and avoid the tendency to support – or get sucked into – anything that stands to take away your freedom or the freedom of another. The 6 energy has deepened your understanding of HOME and FAMILY, and your current circumstances are taking this a step further by demonstrating that this planet is your home, and that everyone on it is your family. Ensuring a peaceful and prosperous future for yourself and your family is what this  year has been all about.

You are receiving a return on whatever you have invested into this world. You are reaping what you sowed. This month’s circumstances are also providing the greatest clue to the direction your life will take in the months and years to come. Look deeper. Feel deeper. And remember that no one can define freedom for another.


Here is your Monthly Forecast for NOVEMBER IN THE 7 YEAR: this is an 9 Month for you – a combination of your 7 Personal Year and the 11th calendar month: 7+11=1+8=9…

Nothing we ever imagine is beyond our powers, only beyond our present self knowledge. ~Theodore Roszak

By the end of the month, life will require you to come back to Earth with both feet firmly on the ground. Meanwhile, November marks the end of a deeply introspective phase of your journey. It underscores the preparations needed for a new phase in which you will be able to live successfully in the spiritual, emotional, and material realms simultaneously.

This has been a long year for you. You have endured some difficult moments – and some enlightening ones, too. Now you must allow all the feelings involved to move within you, and then release them from your body. This healing process needs to take place. The more you resist it, the more likely it will be that a situation arises that will bring these feelings to the surface. Emotions are magnetic, and they will attract whatever conditions will force you to give them movement. Let those emotions out. Create private time and space for this because there is no need to confront others or to hurt yourself or anyone else when expressing your true feelings.

What may seem like a new beginning is actually the ending of something that is no longer beneficial or relevant. This conclusion may seem to be of a material nature but will affect your mental and emotional energies too, and will prepare you for next year’s dynamic movement.

Timing is important. Any major decisions or actions should be given careful consideration or delayed until next year. Some endings may be out of your control. If so, you can be sure there is a good reason for both the ending and the time at which it is taking place.

Use your imagination. Visualize the possibilities that a certain ending offers. Know how you really feel about things. Soon you will be feeling and sensing your way to something new and exciting.

This is also a cycle of generosity and compassion. With your mind very much focused on next year’s financial and material potential, the vibrations of November urge you to give in some way. There are many ways to give. Not all of them require sacrifice.

A commitment to fairness, kindness, and acceptance is needed. There is another side to this story – someone else’s side – and it needs to be respected. A charitable, helpful, and optimistic attitude will attract opportunity to you. Clear the path for next year’s dynamic action by completing whatever you have been putting off. Either get it done, or admit that you cannot do it. Now is the time to get this matter out of the way once and for all.

Appreciate the blessings you already have. Things that are of no use to you and are cluttering up your life should be given to someone who does have a use for them. Sell them – or barter with them. Use what you have to get what you want. It is a waste of time and energy to try to hold on to what is leaving. Let go. If it is meant to stay, it will. Stop worrying so incessantly about things that have not even happened. You do not have to lose something in order to gain something, but you can gain something wonderful this month if you are prepared to give something.


Here is your Monthly Forecast for NOVEMBER IN THE 8 YEAR: this is a 1 Month for you – a combination of your 8 Personal Year and the 11th calendar month: 8+11=1+9=1+0=1…

Every exit is an entry to somewhere else. ~Tom Stoppard

Recent events have created new and unique circumstances for you. New ideas are flowing and unexpected avenues are opening up. You have accomplished a lot, but this is only a stepping stone to greater possibilities. This is a cycle of beginnings, change, independence, originality, and self-acceptance.

This new phase of your life is likely to start with the feeling of standing alone, feeling your own pulse, your own energy, your own satisfaction, and the power that comes when you truly understand something that you previously did not understand at all. Knowledge IS power. And you probably know that this marvelous feeling of being alive can only be maintained when you are being yourself.

Doors are opening that were not open to you before. “As one door closes, another opens”, the saying goes. The problem is that we often cannot see the open doors because we are still focused on the ones that have closed. Allow the doors of the past to close completely – and then see the enormous potential that lies ahead. This can only be done by expressing the feelings – from the past – that you are still holding inside.

You are in very different territory now. Stay constantly aware of your new position. There is no need to prove how clever you are. In fact, you stand to learn a lot more by assuming that you do not know enough. The emphasis is on you: your individuality; your special abilities; your needs and desires.

Accept yourself, faults and all, exactly as you are. Nobody’s perfect. Only by accepting your faults can you ever hope to change them, so do not judge yourself too harshly for having them. Give yourself credit for what you have learned and, in some cases, un-learned. This level of self-respect will enable you to respect the individuality, faults, and abilities of the people with whom you are now dealing, and to realize that we are all in the learning stages of how to live, no matter what qualifications, claims to fame, or titles we may possess.

You may experience a positive jolt of energy this month which comes from something that is entirely new to you. You are reaching a new level of understanding and, yes, one person can make a difference.

The experience of feeling yourself evolve into higher consciousness is the ‘new beginning’ November has in mind for you, regardless of what else is taking place on a physical, commercial, or global level. This involves a feeling you will want to repeat often because, quite simply, it feels so good.

Simultaneously however, you are being pulled towards next year’s 9 energy – a 12-month cycle that will bring a complete cycle of nine years to an end, and will emphasize the unresolved issues of your entire lifetime.

November’s powerful combination of energies enables you to visualize your life as one continuing journey, with each event of the past leading to where you are today. And, from where you are today, you can hear the call, and you can feel the exciting lure, of where you want to go from here. This is the call of your Will – your feminine energy – and you need to listen to it more attentively than ever before!


Here is your Monthly Forecast for NOVEMBER IN THE 9 YEAR: this is a 2 Month for you – a combination of your 9 Personal Year and the 11th calendar month: 9+11=2+0=2…

You must stoop a little in order to jump. ~F. Scott Fitzgerald

SLOW DOWN. Relax. Keep a low profile. Resist the urge to race ahead into territory that is not yet ready to receive you. Important matters of the past must be taken care of first. You cannot force or manipulate anything now without disappointing consequences. The seeds you planted last month must be given the chance to take root and grow.

PATIENCE is the theme of this month and this means standing still for long enough to observe the smallest details of your situation. Nothing can be overlooked or taken for granted. Patience can also mean that you simply have to WAIT for matters outside your control to unfold in their own way.

An abundance of events and issues will keep you busy and you will have little opportunity to force yourself ahead. This is a good thing because your ego is not at stake here. Your principles are.

A certain situation needs your attention and cooperation. It also needs the cooperation of others, so it is essential to create an atmosphere of team spirit among those whose support you cannot do without. Try to relax with whatever your situation is, and despite the delays, intrusions and confusion, take one step at a time.

Some stress may have to be experienced in order to understand why it is so necessary for you to accept your past into the present. If feelings you thought had already been healed are triggered by someone whose connection to you is turning out to be very different to what you believed it was, understand how subtly denial works. There is no need to rehash old hurts but, when you realize that some of them were never healed, the healing you need can finally take place. A new era of your life begins next year, and it’s time to let go of all that old pain and misunderstanding so that love – unconditional love – can enter the situation. 

Your current situation is actually aiding your plans and goals by providing just the right timing and conditions. It is also providing important information that will make implementing your plans so much easier next year.

This is a cycle of intuition and sensitivity. It is from your ability to feel and sense that vital new information will come to light. Something will be said, done, suggested, or perceived which relates directly to your own needs and plans. Strange as it may seem, this missing link is likely to be found when you are focusing on, or being ‘distracted’ by, someone or something else.

Nothing can be forced now, including your search for the missing link. It will be found when you least expect it. When this revelation does occur, it will feel like a light bulb being switched on inside you as your feminine feelings finally make full contact with your masculine mind. Your natural ability to sense or ‘intuit’ will expand through a genuine acceptance of your circumstances, along with the feelings that are triggered by them.

November provides an opportunity to experience the actual feeling of evolving into higher consciousness. From this astonishing sensation, you will know that the goals you have set for yourself are only a pale glimpse of what you can really do. From this realization, a beautiful calmness will emerge which has all the tenderness and warmth of love, because love is exactly what it is.

By extending yourself to others now in an honest, friendly and diplomatic way, you will experience love of yourself, love of others, and love of life. In a month that tells you to take a back seat, stay in the background, and focus on someone or something else, you will be amazed at the richness of the rewards this offers. And the experience of your own evolving consciousness is sure to provide new meaning to the term “information age”.

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6 thoughts on “Monthly Forecast NOVEMBER 2018

  1. Marcus Chambers

    Hi there!

    Love the wisdom and intuitiveness of these, but I’m confused. Seems the instructions tell me two ways to calculate my numbers (7/25/1965)and I get different results:
    The first way I’m advised says omit my year of birth & substitute 11=2 which would be 7+25+2=34=7 (7+7+2=16=7)
    Or it says “Here is your monthly forecast for November in the 7 year: this is a 9 month for you – a combination of your 7 personal year and the 11th calendar month: 7+11=1+8=9…”
    How is 7 my personal year? I
    I’m either 1965 =21=3 or
    7/25=7+25=32=5 (7+7=14=5) or
    I’m 7/25/1965=7+7+3=17=8
    So I get 3; 5 or 8 breakdowns before adding 11 calendar month to them.

    Which monthly forecast is accurate for me?

    Thank you!!



    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Hello Marcus,

      Yes, 7+7+11=2+5=7. You are in the 7 Year – and November in the 7 Year is a 9 Month. 7+11=1+8=9. Your 7 Year Forecast for November is based on a combination of these 2 numbers. Just read the 7 Forecast until the end of the year. Your December forecast will be a combination of 7 and 3 – a 1 month in the 7 Year.

      Next year, you’ll be reading the 8 Forecasts. 2019 is a 3 Year, so you will add 7+7+3=1+7=8. January in the 8 Year is a 9 month. February in the 8 Year is a 1 month, March in the 8 Year is a 2 month, and so on. But you will only have to read the 8 Forecasts.

      I hope this is helpful.

      With love,

  2. Charlotte

    Thank you so much for my forcast being a 9 has been a eye opener for me and a learning curve but your forecast for November seems to want me to wait and rest 2 words quie alien to me but will try .

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      November for you is a 2 month, Charlotte: 11 + your 9 Year = 2+0=2. And 2 is the number of right timing, patience, and slowing things down enough to be able to see the details you may otherwise overlook. 9 is the number of endings and completion, and this 2/9 combination helps you to ‘get it right’. This intuitive mix of energies will help you to move instinctively at the pace that is right for you.

      With love,

  3. Cynthia

    Thank you for aiding in my new found message I have seemed to be pushing myself to hard to find what I had missed before but was getting no where, thank you for your timely arrival


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