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Monthly Numerology February 2018

Monthly Numerology February 2018.

2018 is a 2 Year, derived from the Master Number 11. (2+0+1+8=1+1=2). To calculate your number for 2018, simply add 2 to your month and day of birth. (Do NOT include your year of birth in this calculation). For instance, if your birthday is May 26, add 5+2+6+2. This adds up to 15, and 1+5=6. (keep adding until you reach a single digit). So, in this example the Year Number is 6.

Throughout 2018, use your Year Number to read your monthly numerology and weekly forecasts.

No matter which year happen to be in personally, the world is in an 11/2 Year in 2018. (2+0+1+8=11=2). Therefore, much insight can be gained by reading the 2 Forecast as well as your own.

Monthly Numerology January 2018

Monthly Numerology February – 1 Year

Listen or your tongue will keep you deaf. ~Native American Proverb

You may have firm material aims, but they will never be realized unless the specific feeling of personal satisfaction is your ultimate goal. A dream is often cut short when the reality of what must be done to achieve it sinks in. This month, you will learn the difference between the mere pursuit of happiness and actually living how you want to live. You will also learn the difference between avoiding reality – and basing every decision on the unfolding realities around you.

Get specific. What is it going to take to make you satisfied with who you are, and to appreciate what you have?

You must believe in yourself and take your abilities more seriously. If certain people do not seem to be coming through for you, remember that this year of forward movement requires you to stand alone and face your own reality. You can only rely on you for the results you want.

It is also likely that the people you are depending on are actually depending on you to take the bull by the horns and assert yourself. Remember that the evolutionary purpose of the 1 Year is to teach you about independence.

February highlights the powers of self expression and communication: what you choose to express, and what you choose to keep under wraps. It urges you to listen: to really hear what is being said – or notice where nothing is being said in an area where open dialog is needed. Discretion and diplomacy will work well for you now.

Do what feels right for you, moment by moment. Recognize and appreciate the small joys in your life. Notice those areas in which happiness already exists and truly appreciate them. If you cannot see them, it is probably because they are hidden by areas of unhappiness or turmoil which must not be ignored. Those are the issues and circumstances that must be worked through and changed as the year proceeds.

Keep in mind that some of those situations are caused by your own oversensitivity and a tendency to take things too personally, which is actually your frustration (anger) for not knowing precisely where you are or where you’re going. Be patient with your progress because this particular journey has only just begun, and as it unfolds, there will be many new sources of fulfillment to discover and experience.

Inner beauty is vital, but do not neglect the physical. However, if you base your outer appearance on what others think, you are not learning this valuable lesson of individuality. On the other hand, some other aspect of appearance and presentation may be involved here, particularly in work related matters.

A chance to progress may arise through friends, social activities, and connecting to others, personally and professionally. Be open minded. The world is changing fast. New ideas are needed. They will flow far more freely in a sociable and friendly atmosphere that is accepting of those who are “different”.

Someone else’s circumstances can affect you dramatically, and you may need to reassess the effect others can have on you, and your loved ones. Find a way to exercise compassion, while at the same time, take care of your own needs. February provides an opportunity to discover what makes you happy – and what does not – and to simply feel how GOOD it is to be alive!

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Numerology January 2018

Monthly Numerology February – 2 Year

The entire population of the Universe, with one trifling exception, is made up of other people. ~John Andrew Holmes

February’s themes of limitation and effort will make you aware of the restrictions that previous choices have created, and the hard work it will take to make the necessary long-term changes. If a misunderstanding or clash of interests distracts you from a goal, or creates uncertainty about who you are and where your life is going, it is time to sort out this situation. But remember that it’s not all about you. The feelings of all concerned are likely to run deep.

Aggression will not help. Avoidance will make matters worse. Remember that peace is the main objective of the 2 vibration. Try to use tact, humility, and encouragement toward someone who must not only deal with his or her own uncertainties and insecurities, but also with yours.

We are all fellow travelers on this precarious road of life, and this month in particular, much can be achieved through basic decency and respect for each other.

You have arrived at a crossroads and decisions must be made. You can either commit to taking an ambitious but patient route, or you can just give up. But do ask yourself why you cannot handle (balance) two or more situations simultaneously. There is so much more to you than only your relationships, or only your work, or only any aspect of your existence. Perhaps, if you were better organized, or less inclined to take things so personally, you would have more time and space in which to work, rest, and even play.

The wellbeing of others must be considered, but you will be unable to take care of their needs if yours are ignored. Yes, others are expecting a lot from you, and you would do well to be sensitive to their circumstances, needs, and feelings, and give them your support. You are actually in a strong position, but you can easily upset things by jumping to conclusions without patiently assessing the long-term implications.

Only by simplifying and being better organized will you know what your priorities need to be at this time. This will enable you to consciously set the foundation – actually start to create – what you want for yourself.

Put everything in its right place, DETAIL-BY-DETAIL. Prioritize. A unified effort will be stronger than any individual effort. The true meaning of co-operation is to operate together. Open your mind to alternatives. It is only your fear of what may be in your mind that is keeping it closed.

Denied fear often draws to us the very situations we are trying to avoid. The acceptance of fear helps us to find ways to bypass or deal with potentially frightening situations. Don’t assume that you already know what others are thinking or feeling. Don’t assume anything.

Your vision is not being destroyed by the presence of others. It is simply expanding so that they can be included in it. This month brings you to the very edges of your limits so that you can push those boundaries away from you with your increased determination, patience, and belief in yourself. As you expand as an individual, so too must your limits of tolerance. You will then realize that you can divide your attention proportionately, and that a particular vision or dream, if you are prepared to adjust it to suit your new reality, is still very much alive.

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Numerology January 2018

Monthly Numerology February – 3 Year

People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are those who get up and look for the circumstances they want. And, if they can’t find them, they make them. ~George Bernard Shaw

Virtually anything can happen in February in the 3 year – a month of diversity, excitement, change, and high expectation. This month, horizons broaden. Love blossoms. Ideas and babies are conceived. New life is formed. Possibilities abound. Adventure is in the air. You may experience the conclusion of one matter so that another can expand. There is likely to be a ‘pregnant’ feeling now; a feeling of expectancy. And, yet, this month can only promise one thing. The unexpected.

Your desire to experience life more fully is expanding and, yes, it is possible for you to have freedom and happiness without guilt’s incessant harassment. Your life will change this month. A whole series of changes may occur – a chain reaction of events. Be confident. Go with it. Remember it was you who wanted change in the first place.

Stay focused and alert. So much is going on around you that you may ignore important details. You could say or do something inappropriate, or become accident prone. Concentrate on what you’re doing, but not to the extent that your peripheral vision is completely cut off. You need to be able to see out of the corners of your eyes and face all the facts.

As your freedom to move and express yourself increases, you must also increase the boundaries of your imagination. The same tired old thinking will get you nowhere. Don’t worry about not knowing how to make something happen. That will come in time. Before you can walk, you must learn to crawl.

Keep your expectations high, but understand that you may end up discarding what you currently ‘think’ you want. And, if you don’t know what you want, that’s OK too. The important thing is to give your imagination its freedom.

You may find that a change in someone else’s life will enable you to initiate an important change of your own which includes a more creative and less fearful way of thinking.

Attention must also be given to a particular mistake you have been making most of your life – a pattern of behavior or lifestyle that has consistently created trouble for you. You are reaching a deeper understanding of how it has effected you (and possibly others) and you must figure out a way to break this mold and let it evolve into the very experience that will help you move forward.

You are experiencing many different feelings at this time. The foundation of your life has shifted and this can create fear, sadness, anger, and all kinds of stress. This month is a constant exercise in emotional release, followed by renewed enthusiasm. Your deepest feelings are being released in waves – gigantic healing waves.

Whatever happens this month is a way forward. Your ability to clearly and effectively communicate your needs, feelings, and ideas, will certainly affect the outcome. If you find yourself in unknown territory, stay alert. You are traveling through life’s corridors of change. Even if a certain change shakes you to the core, accept the fact that it presents you with an opportunity to be free.

Act on your instincts – your true feelings – and travel confidently with this exciting cycle. A word of warning: this month’s vibrations are creative, physical, and sexual in nature. Pregnancy vibrations are at their highest. A physical child may be the form of creativity you want to achieve. If not, forewarned is forearmed.

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Numerology January 2018

Monthly Numerology February – 4 Year

The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition which impels people to unfold their powers. ~Eric Fromm

You may experience a conflict between something close to your heart and your growing need to evolve into a more independent person. The choices you make now can profoundly effect others. Without considering their realities, needs, and feelings, nerves can become frayed and responses are likely to be over-reactive.

The themes of February are common-sense, love, fairness, responsibility, and healing.

The 4 Year lets you know what your limits are, and right now, it does seem that your personal, professional, or domestic limits have been reached. You need to regain your balance and devise a realistic schedule in which all your responsibilities can be taken care of. As you attempt to get better organized, remember that sometimes things have to fall apart before they can fall into place.

The pressure you are experiencing is coming from your impatience to produce an answer without fully understanding the question.

What may seem like a loss, interruption or intrusion may actually be preventing you from moving in the wrong direction, and can improve your overall timing. This may be a chance to focus less on making a living, and more on how you would like to be living.

Life is trying to connect you to someone or something that could be a catalyst for greater order and stability – or to help you walk away from a negative situation. February’s events will make you realize just how strong you actually are by helping you understand the difference between struggle and effort.

An uncomfortable rift can be healed by letting go of an outdated belief as to what a certain relationship should be. Calm down. This month is all about problem-solving, restoring your ability to love without fear of loss, and creating peace within yourself and with those you care for.

Face the problem and be prepared to work on it. Do not overlook vital details. Being totally realistic will lead to the constructive solutions and healing that you, and someone else, evidently need. Be patient. Know the difference between helping and interfering. You don’t have to be right all the time. It’s okay to admit that you don’t have all the answers. In fact, there is likely to be one situation for which there is currently no answer at all. Accept it for what it is and express your feelings about it. Guilt and blame can serve no constructive purpose.

Attend to matters of maintenance or repair in your home and working environments. Tidy up any clutter that is taking up valuable space and blocking new energy from entering your life. Check on the value of unwanted items. Selling them could help to bring more order to your finances. A more creative approach to money must be implemented so that a significant long-term change can take place.

We are living in confusing times in which everyone must learn to solve their own problems according to their unique needs and knowledge, and to join forces with others who have also reached this level of understanding.

Free Will is the magic that is missing from this evolving creation called life. Free Will is the mastery that comes with taking full responsibility for yourself. When we take full responsibility for our own lives, we realize that no one owes us anything – and there’s no one to blame.

The main ingredients of Free Will are (1) loving intention, and (2) the open expression of emotion. This evolutionary combination will enable you to feel and sense your way through life instead of being told by others what can and cannot be done. And, from a state of genuine Free Will, it is so much easier to consider other people’s feelings and needs, too.

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Numerology January 2018

Monthly Numerology February – 5 Year

Whatever your age, your upbringing, or your education, what you are made of is mostly unused potential. ~George Leonard

This month, you will need to eliminate distraction and commit to finding the best way to change a certain situation. Think things out carefully, study, adjust, and plan. Some quiet time alone is needed, along with a new approach and a change of attitude. Observe what you already have, and see its greater potential. Admit to past and present mistakes so that you can learn and benefit from them, and gain the wisdom that comes from being honest with yourself.

New ideas are pushing you in a new direction, but unresolved matters of the past can delay your progress until those old issues are finally (and fully) dealt with. Wishing for a different outcome will not change the reality of that outcome, and although you may plan and visualize the way something will turn out, you then have to face the reality of how it does turn out and be prepared to quickly adapt to the unexpected.

There are some questions for which there are no answers but, now, in February of the 5 Year, there is at least one situation for which the answer is blatantly clear. When you understand this, your feelings of loneliness, doubt, pessimism, and anxiety will melt away. They are simply echoes of the past which are leaving your life. Let them go, and start looking forward again.

Pay attention. Straighten up. Feel your freedom. Feel your imagination stirring from the restrictions placed on it last year. Regain your dignity and sense the potential before you.

One of the problems with 5 is that, without correct understanding of current reality, you can become impulsive and reckless. No matter how unsatisfactory a situation is, don’t make that mistake now. Patient and careful planning is needed and, if you are planning to bring an end to circumstances that are draining your Free Will, do so thoughtfully, and in a way that serves the best interests of all concerned.

You have much to offer, but it may need to be presented in a different or more realistic way. Then you will see that the world has so much to offer you and that you must learn how to manifest what you want in the light of what is happening locally, nationally and globally. It is all connected.

You will be presenting yourself and your ideas to the world in March, so you had better use February to make yourself and your ideas presentable. Get your act together. NOW is the time to prepare and orchestrate, and to arrange something that you have been unable or afraid to do. Arrange it anyway. By the time March rolls around, unexpected things will have happened and you will have worked through your fears and you will be ready.

The numbness you are feeling is the result of all those feelings you’ve been holding in for a year or more. Find a way to let them out – privately if possible. And do be perfectly clear on one thing: there is never a need to hurt yourself or anyone else when expressing yourself.

Remember those times when you gave up on something before you truly experienced it, or stubbornly held on to something that served no purpose. This year is all about learning and gaining experience from previous mistakes, and those are the mistakes that you will not want to repeat this month. No matter how it all feels right now, you really do stand to grow and prosper from the new circumstances that are starting to develop, and which are a lot brighter than you may currently be willing or able to admit.

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Numerology January 2018

Monthly Numerology February – 6 Year

Changing things can be very hard when you know you have to – and very easy when you want to. ~Anon

This month, a change will occur that effects your work and your domestic and personal life. Approach everything in a confident and businesslike manner, and request whatever help or advice you need. Leave nothing to chance. The spotlight is on your finances, home, material belongings, and long term security.

This is an opportunity-filled month when meaning and warmth can be restored to all areas of your life, creating a more balanced and comfortable feeling than you have experienced in a long time. This is a cycle of reward which gives you a return on whatever you have invested into your life. It emphasizes strength and prosperity and is often linked to money, business, and property. A heightened sense of responsibility is likely in financial, legal and career matters.

The 6 Year highlights education, and you are likely to learn new things which can help boost your personal power levels. You may even learn something which can boost the prospects of someone else. But it is not enough to merely learn new facts. The key is to correctly understand the information you receive. Don’t be stubborn. Be prepared to learn new things.

You can make things happen by acting decisively, realistically and responsibly. Do not allow greed to motivate you as this could cause your best laid plans to backfire. If you concentrate only on the potential reward, you will be reducing your focus on what must be done to manifest it.

You need a high self-esteem and strong faith in your abilities. You also need to recognize when a mistake is not a mistake and when a delay or distraction is actually a blessing in disguise. Be alert and aware, and understand the value of what you have which, by the way, is likely to be an opportunity, not a problem.

A practical frame of mind will help you to express yourself with intelligence, confidence and affection. Others will be drawn to your material or financial common sense: even inspired. This is a good time to consider how your actions – and the way you see the world – may affect others.

Maintain a loving balance between them and your outside life. Balance does not require you to stretch yourself uncomfortably between your different responsibilities. On the contrary, balance creates time and space for all that is important to you. By the way, what is important to you right now?

Your priorities are changing! Organize and manage your different activities in the order of their importance, as this will enable them to coexist freely and peacefully. Express yourself clearly. Put your cards on the table! You are in the process of redesigning your life, and there is simply no room for game-playing or keeping up appearances. All that matters are the facts – and your ability to understand and take advantage of them. February is a time to take new steps which will draw you closer to your true desires. This month, you have the power.

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Numerology January 2018

Monthly Numerology February – 7 Year

If you find that someone is holding you back from achieving those things you believe you want, think again. Could it be that they are merely the outer edge of your aspirations and that, on another level entirely, you seek fulfillment of a different kind? ~Sally Brompton

The purpose of February’s powerful vibrations is to wake up part of your mind that is asleep. As you start to question your own beliefs, focus on your true feelings and strive to end something that no longer serves a purpose. But don’t jump to conclusions. Think about this carefully. What needs to end is your reaction to something or someone else – even to society itself.

Your mind is thinking in unfamiliar terms. Issues of the past are reemerging suddenly and mysteriously – triggered by events taking place in the present. Your memories, along with the feelings that were buried with them, must be allowed to flow without further denial because they represent the very things that are now tripping you up or holding you back. The insight you stand to gain from the past can change your whole view of the present in the most positive way. Notice how your current situation is connected to all the things you ever did, and how each of your experiences automatically led to another, and then another, until you finally reached this place called NOW.

Of course, it is impossible to be fully in the present when half of you – your emotional half – is stuck somewhere in the past. You will not be able to look forward if your feelings keep dragging you backwards. Release those buried emotions by feeling them fully and expressing them out of your body.

See your life as one continuing journey – with a past, a present, and a future – rather than an erratic fragmented sequence of unrelated events. The past is part of your unique journey. Regrets are unnecessary because whatever happened to you is only one segment of your voyage into Free Will. Next month you may find yourself plotting an entirely new course. But, in February, things are ending, not beginning. In fact, nothing new can begin until these emotional conclusions take place, and a particular event this month will help you to do so.

Getting your feelings out is the most needed ending of all right now. If you cannot be honest with yourself, who can you be honest with? How can you expect others to believe in you if you do not believe in yourself? These endings may affect others too. A sympathetic and compassionate approach will benefit all. GIVE, simply for the sake of giving, without any expectation of return or thanks. But do be aware of the different forms of giving that exist, including love, generosity, acceptance, time, assistance, and creative output.

Sometimes giving simply means being yourself and encouraging others to be who they are. It can also mean giving way, giving in, or giving up. Only you can determine what you need to give and to whom. But remember that giving always entails letting go of something.

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Numerology January 2018

Monthly Numerology February – 8 Year

What is qualified? I haven’t been qualified to be a mayor. I’m not qualified to be a songwriter. I’m not qualified to be a TV producer. I’m not qualified to be a successful businessman. And so, I don’t know what qualified means. ~Sonny Bono

This is a month of independence, originality, and fresh starts. An important change is developing which will help you to move closer to a better way of life. Avoid impatience and aggression. Stay confident and focused, no matter what is going on. You are exactly where you need to be in order to receive valuable new information or insight. This will replace old beliefs that have been held in place by inexperience or misinformation.

Your feelings, thoughts, and actions represent the planting of seeds which will start to bud in April. Get passionately involved with your own needs and desires and start creating a more suitable environment from which to fulfill them. Your goals will need dedication and time to materialize. Patience and consideration for others will also be needed as you make your changing world more comfortable. If you don’t know exactly how to get the ball rolling, don’t worry. The how to will follow the desire to. The magnetic pull of your desire – your Will – your feelings – your senses – your instincts – are now drawing you to the means of turning desire into reality.

Be prepared to learn new things as the situation changes. Some changes will occur of their own accord. Other changes must be made by you. One small change will lead to another – opening up an entirely new direction for you. We are all afraid of change. When fear arises this month, allow yourself to feel it instead of pretending that you’re not afraid. Acceptance of your feelings will provide the answers you need. You will then be able to proceed intelligently and confidently.

Now is a good time to eliminate addictions and excesses that keep you dependent on someone or something else – or keep you distracted from reality. This is a month to stand alone and seriously assess your needs, capabilities, potentials, and resources.

Start something new. At least, start a new phase of an existing situation. Whatever you start now, even if it is only in your mind at this stage, stands a very good chance of success. Think about this carefully if you have a history of starting things but not following through. This cycle responds positively to originality and creative thinking.

Only by focusing on what you want will you be able to feel and measure your desires and abilities – and determine your own identity, instead of forever being told by others who you are and what you should be doing. Have patience with yourself, other people, and your goals. A sense of loneliness is inevitable this month. You want the love and support of others, but it is you, alone, who must do what is necessary to bring your desires to fruition.

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Numerology January 2018
Monthly Numerology February – 9 Year

We can all gain perspective from our thoughts, but it’s important to avoid using logic to replace feelings. ~Rick Levine

A stressful aspect that you just can’t stand any more has, thankfully, run its course. The sooner you admit this to yourself, the sooner a decision can be made and acted upon. Something has to end, and this month’s healing energies provide an opportunity to unburden yourself from something you have been reluctant to confront, even though it has been draining your energy to a large extent.

The more you struggle with the reality of certain situations, the more sensitive you will become and, therefore, more vulnerable to some form of pain. When you stop struggling with the truth, you must then accept that it’s OK to feel ‘relieved’. Only guilt would tell you otherwise.

Take things easy. Get as much rest as you can. Your own interests, plans and goals are being taken care of on some other plain while you focus on an intense relationship matter. This could be a relationship with a person – or something else to which you are connected.

This sensitive cycle promotes peace, patience, diplomacy, partnership, and cooperation.

February is a cycle of intuition, balance, and acceptance. Most of all, it is a cycle of emotional honesty. So, if you are losing patience with a situation, this is a sign of progress, not defeat.

You have allowed certain circumstances to go on for too long because guilt, which thrives on your fear, told you that you had no choice. Now you know this situation cannot continue and that you must find a solution that allows you to keep what you love and move away from – or change – what is hurting you. And, In February, there is likely to be more than one instance of this.

Teamwork and cooperation play important roles. There is a cause for every effect, and it is the cause, from the past, that you must now find and heal. You are traveling through powerful and cleansing vibrations and, if you are honest with yourself, you will experience many different feelings that you previously tried to avoid. They need to come out now. Outward expression is how they heal – provided healing is your true intent.

Remember that your healing process is a personal concern. There is no need to confront others when releasing your feelings, although it may take the words or actions of someone else to bring these feelings to the surface. Give yourself the privacy and the time you need for this process. Your life cannot move forward in a satisfactory way until this matter is resolved.

Proceed calmly and confidently with your daily affairs. Many details need to be taken care of. If you find yourself swaying between having too much patience and none at all, acknowledge what is really happening here – you are being stretched between the extremes of your situation. Being aware of these extremes will help you to find a point of balance from which you can express yourself spontaneously, without hurting yourself or anyone else. Allow others to express themselves freely, too.

The vibrations of February are gentle and caring, and it is YOU that you need to be gentle and caring with. Face your reality, look for the deep-rooted cause, release the feelings involved, and relax with the new understandings that follow.

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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5 thoughts on “Monthly Numerology February 2018

  1. Tavish

    I’m currently in a 3 personal year and I found out December of 2017 while reading the 3 personal year that it will be a year of high emotions.. So far, the readings have not been false. It’s not a hundred percent fun, but I still can’t deny I have been having a little. Thing is, I’m gonna be in an essence/transit of 3 this year and I’ve also been thinking of starting personal studies in writing, singing and acting. I’m wondering if it’ll all be a waste to start this year? I’m also unsure if any of the professions above are my true calling. I’m born in February and I have a lifepath 4, a birthday 17, an expression of 3 and a soul urge of 5. I’m also into astrology and numerology and I’m thinking about pursuing that field. I’m wondering now if I’m taking on too much and also if I should go ahead with one of those creative profressions or if I should try something else.. Any advice?

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Tavish, I’m sorry it took me so long to reply.

      When I talk of emotions, I am referring to the whole emotional range which can take you from the depths of despair to the highest heights, and all the other feelings in between. And that is what creativity, especially in the arts, thrives on. So, no, rather than your pursuit of writing, singing and acting being a waste of time this year, it is quite the opposite.

      3 is the number of creativity and the arts, which of course includes writing. 3 is the number of expression, words, and all forms of communication. Follow your heart, Tavish, which means knowing what is most important to you – your priorities – and arranging your life around that instead of merely trying to fit it in. I do hope this is helpful, and I wish you every happiness and success!

      With love,

  2. Lisa

    I am aligning perfectly with numbers 2,4, and 8. February is my birth month after all:) And to top that I was born on the 22nd in 88 lol exciting stuff. Life has been rough especially the last few years but I am finally starting to gain an understanding of all the caos I’ve been going through. I have a lot of work ahead of me that I’m suddenly not feeling so overwhelmed about. Thank you! Allowing me to read your work in this context is very helpful.

      1. Lisa

        Thank you! I am definitely living the 5 life. I really appreciate your work and the fact that you provide so much of your wonderfully worded insight for free!


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