Monthly Numerology Forecast ~ JULY 2018


2018 is a 2 Year, derived from the Master Number 11. (2+0+1+8=1+1=2). To calculate your number for 2018, simply add 2 to your month and day of birth(Do NOT include your year of birth in this calculation). 

For instance, if your birthday is May 26, add 5+2+6+2. This adds up to 15, and 1+5 = 6(keep adding until you reach a single digit). In this example the Year Number is 6.

Throughout 2018, use your Year Number to read your weekly and monthly numerology forecasts.


NOTE: No matter which year you happen to be in personally, the world is in an 11/2 year in 2018. Therefore, much insight can be gained by reading the 2 Forecast as well as your own. The 7 and 9 Forecast are also very powerful right now.  

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology forecast, (along with all the Destiny Path Numbers, and much more) can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.


Monthly Numerology Forecast for JULY IN THE 1 YEAR… this is an 8 Month – a combination of the 1 Year + the calendar month: 1+7=8…

I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.  ~Mikhail Baryshnikov

No, you have not fallen behind! You are right on schedule and now is the time to act! July’s dynamic energies urge you to take a decisive step toward something that feels desirable or potentially useful. You will not have all the facts to begin with, so be willing to learn as you go. Accurate information is essential, and so too is an accurate understanding of that information. Think things out carefully.

The emphasis is on your personal power in the world, and how the belief that we have no power gives others the appearance of having more power than they actually have. Stay alert as you strive to take a more independent path. Competition is not the answer. It may even be the problem. Don’t compete. Just be your own unique self, and offer what you have to offer wholeheartedly.

Ask yourself what is still desirable in light of the changes that recently swept through your life, and what really is possible in light of the political, economic, and environmental changes sweeping the world. Old beliefs about money, leadership, status and authority must be reconsidered. Wishful thinking is a form of delay and eventual frustration. Accept things as they are now, and be determined to learn from and stop repeating mistakes of the past.

Be honest about how you feel.  Sadness is inevitable when you realize just how much you miss something that once made you feel safe or familiar. But those feelings belong in an old era of your life which is now breaking down so that a new era can unfold.

Fear is also inevitable. Where do you go from here? How do you make a start? Remind yourself that 1 is the number of ‘beginnings’, making this an ideal time to begin something new. Anger may also arise as you ask why certain things are happening as they are.

There is no doubt that a new era of your life has begun, and although this month’s encounters with your new reality may feel uncomfortable at times, they will also provide you with the focus and determination to change what needs to be changed. However, it is impossible to truly understand something until you have experienced it. Stop holding back. Allow your wishes to materialize.

This is a good time to begin or expand a project or activate new plans. Success will come when you are doing what love is driving you to do. Impatience or aggression are signs that you do not trust yourself, and without trust in yourself, it is impossible to trust others or expect them to trust you. Peacefulness, partnership and cooperation are essential now.

There is no need to lose or hurt anyone in the process of empowering yourself. Even if you already consider yourself to be powerful, wealthy, or influential, notice how much harder those things are to hold on to these days. Notice how competition and “keeping up appearances” stops you from focusing on what is really important. You will achieve much more with truth and openness.

Existing resources and contacts can lead to a new opportunity in which you can make constructive use of your assets and talents. A talent you always had but could never find a use for may hold some surprising benefits now.

Appreciate and protect what is yours. Take control of your life not by controlling others, but by following the call of your heart – your natural instincts. You will then know that your plans are achievable.

You need more freedom to do what you want to do. This will come when you recognize the extent to which you are dependent on others, or are encouraging others to be dependent on you.

At this stage, you no longer need to convince others of your capabilities. You need to convince yourself!

Monthly numerology Forecast for JULY IN THE 2 YEAR… this is a 9 Month – a combination of the 2 Year + the calendar month: 2+7=9…

You do not have to keep pushing, pushing, pushing everyday. Listen instead to your natural rhythms. Honor the pauses and the lack of movement. Everything must rest before it can begin again.  ~Kendra Kett, The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight

If you do not find a way to slow or calm yourself down this month, the 2 energy will find a way to do it for you. Patience is the very essence of the 2 Year, and at this potentially healing turning point, certain situations are likely to reverse themselves, leaving you relieved, anxious, or both.

You are still dragging with you emotional issues from long ago, and the only way to release yourself from their pressure is to finally accept the past as part of who you are. However, you cannot fully accept it if you leave out certain parts – and those parts are likely to be the emotions involved. Yes, we can all “deal with” experiences if we keep them on an intellectual basis, but we cannot heal from them if we do not let the emotions involved OUT.

While it is natural to be afraid of feelings from the past, it is also necessary to understand the value of letting your past into your present. Letting it in means admitting it. Your past is your very own pool of experience from which you can draw wisdom whenever needed. Certainly you have made mistakes. Who hasn’t? And certainly, you have experienced pain and disappointment. But your past experiences will evolve into wisdom when you learn from your mistakes and stop repeating them, or punishing yourself or someone else for them.

 Whatever is happening in the present is a chance to gain experience from the past. The more you try to force things, the more the 2 energy will push back. So slow down and cooperate.

 Don’t mistake cooperation with subservience or patience with ineffectiveness. You can no longer allow yourself to be damaged by your own or other people’s unreasonable demands. Others must live the lives they choose, and you must choose how to live yours.

 An encounter with the past is leading you into the reality of present time, and it is important to understand that time is on your side right now. Express your fear of being trapped in a hopeless situation, but notice that you are actually in a strong position. Can you not feel that your desire for personal satisfaction is now stronger than the fear of failure which temporarily knocked you off course? There are entirely new options available to you now.

 This year, you have been in a position where you must cooperate, be diplomatic, keep the peace, tolerate, take a back seat, and hold in your natural reaction of anger. The gentle and peaceful intent of 2 can cause you to not only deny your anger but also to deny you’re denying it.

You may attempt to keep the peace by “tolerating”, but held-down anger always finds a way to release itself, usually through aggressive outburst, and sometimes through illness. Either way, tolerance is no longer enough. Acceptance of reality and a deeper understanding of cause and effect will enable you to figure out WHY something has happened or is happening. Without that, you will forever be dealing with effect, oblivious to cause, and unable to change things. Let your anger surface. Express it. Release it from your body in a way that cannot harm you or anyone else. Let new understanding, patience, and peace replace it.

Be kind, diplomatic, and considerate. Guilt and blame can achieve nothing. Your intent to forgive yourself and/or someone else, will enable you to see things as they really are. You will then be able to communicate powerfully and persuasively.

Focus on teamwork and cooperation. Others need your support, and you need theirs. Your down-to-earth demeanor can attract someone who is in a position to help. This month’s creative and loving vibrations urge you to let go of your inhibitions and become emotionally involved with your circumstances. What a complex month July is! And all for the purpose of teaching you the true meaning of self respect, which by the way, is self love

Monthly Numerology Forecast for JULY IN THE 3 YEAR… this is a 1 Month – a combination of the 3 Year + the calendar month:  3+7=1+0=1

Your resistance to change is likely to reach its peak when significant change is imminent. ~George Leonard

The fast electrical energy of July is urging you – prodding you – to change a habit or situation which always causes you to lose focus just as you’re about to succeed. Without meaningful change, your life will be dominated by someone else, and your goals will be unable to materialize to your liking!

You are probably quite dissatisfied with the status quo and you will need to communicate these feelings to whoever else is involved. However, be aware that your fear of success can cause you to blame others for the possibility of failure. 

If you are trying to make friends with someone or enlist their support, it will help if you relate to that person in a friendly manner. Admit how confused and angry you have been, but make sure you do not go to the opposite extreme and turn the blame into guilt!

 A shift in your ego is occurring this month. Your ego is your sense of ‘self’. It is the gauge by which you measure your value as a human being. Most importantly, it is how you know who you are. In some people, the ego is underdeveloped, causing feelings of inferiority and submission. In others it is over-inflated, causing feelings of superiority and the need to control everything. Therefore, the shift you make must be towards BALANCE.

When your ego is balanced, you will feel calm, confident, enthusiastic, independent, and loving. You will know who and what you are, and how you want to live your life. You will be at peace with yourself and, therefore, with others. The key is not to subdue your ego, but to allow it to evolve along with the rest of you. You cannot love yourself unconditionally if you place limits on any part of yourself, and that includes your self-perception, your self-awareness – your ego.

It’s time to get back into the forward flow of life! Focus on your long-term vision and on what it will take to realize a particular goal. Take yourself and your dreams seriously, and remember that one’s goals need to change as one’s experience changes. Feel the power you have to turn your whole life around – which is exactly what you must do now because the main purpose of this cycle is to help you look FORWARD again.

You will be unable to do this if you are judging your life merely from surface appearances. Dispense with all that guilt, blame or cynicism and just watch how others start to cooperate with you. Bring your special style, originality, and individuality to the forefront and let your social and/or creative talents shine.

Do not allow the narrow vision of others, or your own fear or guilt, to stop you. Don’t trivialize your basic needs and feelings. Realize the value of what you have to offer and start to put it out there! Allow others to be who they are. Don’t concern yourself  too much with their reactions or behavior. Just DO what you want to do.

There may be an opportunity to utilize a change that occurs in someone else’s life which can help you to better appreciate your own existence again. But you may find yourself more alone than expected, or that more is expected of you than you had bargained for. A feeling of ‘abandonment’ – a feeling that if you want to get something done, you will have to do it yourself – a feeling that only you can decide which way to go – confirms that you really are evolving into a more independent, courageous, informed, and capable human being. 

Notice the excitement you create, that breathtaking combination of electricity and magnetism, when you are being yourself and doing something you love doing. This is a cycle of new beginnings and the most satisfying beginning you can make now is finally deciding on a more satisfying direction for yourself.

Monthly Numerology Forecast for JULY IN THE 4 YEAR… this is an 11/2 Month (in an 11/2 Year) – a combination of the 4 Year + the calendar month:  4+7=11=2.

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of
 two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. ~Carl Jung

There is no point in throwing all your energy into something you cannot change – or needs more time to change. There has to be an easier way to gain both the freedom and stability you seek, and July gives you an opportunity to slow down enough to see, sense, and create a more realistic approach.

However, if you take things too personally and do not reduce your stress, life will find a way to slow you down until you do willingly choose to relax. You are traveling through some very slow and deliberate energy this month, and like it or not, it is a lot stronger than you. So don’t increase your stress by struggling with it. Slow everything down! Sit back, take your time, breathe the air, smell the roses, unwind, and give your imagination a chance to work creatively – rather than alarmingly.

This year, you have had to be practical. You had to hold so many of your emotions in. You had to be strong. But now, things are reaching a crescendo, and those unexpressed feelings are bursting to get out. Holding them in is weighing you down, to the point of exhaustion. Let it all out, or the pressure of all that turbulent energy could actually make you sick.

Feelings from the past are rising because you never completely healed from what caused them. You now have a chance to release emotions you’ve been holding in for years. They are old emotions. Old, and possibly bitter. Whatever the case, accept these feelings as they are. This is a time of healing – a process that cannot be rushed, delayed, or ignored.

Relationship, partnership, cooperation, patience, intuition, and trust, are emphasized. Relax your long-term concerns. Stop pushing yourself or allowing yourself to be pushed. Give yourself a break from whatever has been overwhelming you. You must either learn to relax in stressful environments, or remove yourself from them entirely.

This cycle is about correct timing and finding the right person or people with whom to team up. You already have the makings of a great team but trust, intelligence, or some basic aspect of teamwork may be missing. You will find your answers through your ability to visualize, sense, relate and connect. By the end of July, you will realize just how meaningful this seemingly humbling month has been.

The past is always present because it is from your past that your present reality was created. To ignore it is to deny awareness of yourself. The past is not something to discard. It is something to bring with you on your journey through life – not as a burden, but as experience.

No matter what your experiences are, have been, or will be, you need to accept them as just that – your experiences – and learn from them. By fully expressing the emotions that are triggered now, and with loving intention in your heart, inexperience will turn to understanding, and you will realize that you have every reason to be proud of who you were, where you came from, who you are, and who you are becoming.

Monthly Numerology Forecast for JULY IN THE 5 YEAR… this is a 3 Month – a combination of the 5 Year + the calendar month:  5+7=1+2=3.

We are always getting ready to live, but never living. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

July brings a sudden or unexpected change to a friendship, situation or activity. Some kind of illusion may be involved, so look carefully at all the details. All may not be as it seems this month.

You are likely to feel a surge of positive energy which pertains to your own happiness, freedom, creativeness or appearance. This is time to feel good about yourself again.

This month’s emphasis on friends, acquaintances, and communication may draw you to unusual or “different” people. There may be a distancing or parting from someone – or the realization that you really do have something in common after all. An adventurous frame of mind is called for — but do remember that you cannot please everyone.

Notice certain situations in which you need to express yourself differently. Your sensitivity towards the feelings and needs of others may be put to the test, but don’t fall into the trap of pretending everything is OK when it’s not. The more you try to impress, emulate, or conform to another’s beliefs or lifestyle, the less you’ll be able to appreciate and express your own uniqueness. Respect the individuality of others without losing your own precious identity.

Your present circumstances are temporary. Without this understanding, you may be setting yourself up for difficulties in next year’s 6 cycle by tying yourself to a responsibility you don’t really want, or by severing an important bond which is simply experiencing a difficult phase.

Let down your guard, feel the beauty of being yourself, and live free from the worry of what others may think of you. Real friends don’t have to impress or placate each other. Real friends accept each other’s realities without judgment. In most cases, a judgment is a belief – right or wrong – to which you have become attached. Where have you made mistakes in the past that pertain to friendship and your need to give or receive approval? Where have you made mistakes in the past in knowing the difference between a  friend and an acquaintance?

July is a cycle of lightness, beauty and creativity, and something will happen this month to trigger strong feelings of self-satisfaction, confidence, and purpose – which are lightness, beauty, and creativity. July’s strong networking vibrations are offering you creative freedom. Appropriate communication will lead to important contacts, ideas, and inspiration.

Someone else’s circumstances may act as a catalyst for new ideas of your own. Don’t get caught up in superficial or volatile matters. Avoid overindulgence of all kinds. This is no time to blur your vision with excesses or obsessions. Despite some tempting distractions, now more than ever, you need to stay focused on finding the best possible route towards freedom.

You should also be aware that July’s sensual and sexual combination of energies produce a very potent pregnancy vibration in which conception more easily takes place. So, what will you conceive this month? What will you create? A baby? A plan? An atmosphere? A masterpiece? A solution?

Monthly Numerology Forecast for JULY IN THE 6 YEAR… this is a 4 Month – a combination of the 6 Year + the calendar month:  6+7=1+3=4.

Liberty means responsibility. That is why most people dread it. ~George Bernard Shaw

July emphasizes organization, work, responsibility, restriction, healing and your sense of identity. You are sensing, more realistically, just how great or small your responsibilities are. A heightened sense of duty is inescapable, but there is no need to become overwhelmed by what you believe is expected of you, or by the many details involved.

Don’t make problems for yourself. Something remarkable is happening here which may appear to be a mere coincidence. But there are no coincidences in life. This is a chance to bring order and ease back into your life, and to broaden your network of friends, associates, contacts, and knowledge.

Your “family” is expanding or, at least, the love within a particular group now has a chance to heal and grow. Allow the act of forgiveness to work its healing magic. The more you resist coming to terms with past events, the more stress you will have to carry around, and the closer you will be drawn to extremes – which cannot possibly help matters.

Pretending you are calm is a form of denial. Look realistically at what you are dealing with and you will realize that calmness is not appropriate for all situations – and that passion can come from both love and hate.

Be practical. Get organized. You have something valuable to offer. Others are recognizing your role of problem-solver and are looking to you for solutions. The answers lay somewhere under that deluge of physical and emotional clutter. Attend to all the details that arise, as well as those that have been neglected, no matter how boring or time-consuming they seem.

If you feel boxed-in or powerless to help yourself or someone else, know that wishing the problem would go away, or denying it exists is counterproductive. This is a chance to transform a problem into a major breakthrough which will improve the entire structure of your life. One positive action will lead to another.

Be open-minded, flexible and willing to consider alternatives. Stop struggling or panicking, and exert determination and effort instead. You are stronger than you think, but you may need to ask yourself whether you have imprisoned yourself in a responsibility that is not entirely yours, or in a way of life that does not truly suit you. Well, whatever your current restriction happens to be, it is time to break out of that jail. Either physically remove yourself from the problem, or expand your levels of tolerance until the change you want to make becomes possible.

You have much to gain from all that is going on here, including a new understanding of your identity and the image you portray to the world. This is one of the most hospitable cycles in which to begin or continue the process of becoming your authentic self. The real you, in all your different and complex forms, is trying to emerge. Hold on. Once you accept a certain responsibility for what it is – no more and no less – the worst will be over and you will start to see the positive potential at your disposal.

Monthly Numerology Forecast for JULY IN THE 7 YEAR… this is a 5 Month – a combination of the 7 Year + the calendar month:  7+7=1+4=5.

At first people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done, then they begin to hope it can be done, then they see it can be done – then it is done and all the world wonders why it was not done centuries ago. ~Frances Hodgson Burnett

A significant change will occur this month, and if you did not get better organized in June, you would be wise to do it now so that a turn of events has some space in which to materialize comfortably. You know that a certain goal is not going to happen overnight. But it can happen by magic – if you are willing to give magic the time, space and focus it needs in order to work!

First, know what you want to change – and into what? You will certainly want to create a new situation that is more acceptable and fulfilling than the current one. Figure out what you will have to do to make it happen. Carefully craft a step-by-step plan, design or pattern – and don’t be hard on yourself if things don’t go exactly as desired. Put your pride aside and adapt. Allow yourself to make mistakes so that you can learn what works and what doesn’t. You are learning the basics of magic in slow motion right now, and that is how it must be until greater experience is gained.

You need to spend plenty of time in the moment regardless of how your present reality feels or what pace you’re operating at. You are coming very close to a wall of some kind and a change of direction is not an option, but a necessity. So you will have to let your guard down – your own resistance to facing reality – and make the changes you need to make.

You cannot move forward until you let go of what you’re clinging to. Those habits and routines you stick to each day are the rut you are stuck in – and a measure of just how much you are resisting and denying the inevitability of change! Step out of that rut and experience your life in a state of freedom!  Plan to do different things – or to do things differently.

The keys to magic are balance, and your complete presence in the situation. Magic requires your focused emotional, intellectual and physical involvement. Think things out carefully and practically, and start to create a new reality for yourself – by your own design – your own plan.

Here you are in this uncharted territory called reality where nothing and no one can be taken for granted. That feeling which is so frustratingly holding you back is your own fear. It’s perfectly OK to feel fear. In fact, the more you accept what you are truly feeling, the more able you will be to maneuver your way through this strange but exciting cycle.  And the more easily you will be able to evaluate each fear – to know the difference between vital information and mere distraction. You are learning what needs to be feared, and what does not. Rather than getting stuck in fear, let it be the guide it is meant to be.

We only get stuck in fear when we resist what it is trying to tell us, or when we allow others to pull us along by our emotional strings. Do not allow yourself to be distracted from your own feelings. Stay focused. Stay present. Feel. Think. Sense. In order to receive the messages as they come to you this month, you need a clear and open mind.

Monthly Numerology Forecast for JULY IN THE 8 YEAR… this is a 6 Month – a combination of the 8 Year + the calendar month:  8+7=1+5=6.

Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts. ~Albert Einstein

The circumstances of July urge you to create a more realistic balance between your outside interests and your emotional commitments. There is a strong emphasis on equality and practical matters. It is time for a reality check.

Questions of responsibility and loyalty are bound to arise. Deep feelings will be felt as you seesaw between an old way of life and what you have it in your power to become. Your anger is being triggered by the enormous stress that guilt has placed on you for listening to your own feelings instead of it.

The resentment you are feeling is the result of guilt’s nagging insistence that you are wrong to focus exclusively on yourself or a particular agenda. Then, when you attempt to change your focus, guilt comes flying back at you and tells you that you are just too weak to live freely.

It was guilt that invented the saying “I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t” – but the truth is that you are not damned at all. It’s time to replace this judgment with a deeper understanding of balance which, of course, is another word for equality – and stability – and clarity.

When you lean too far in any direction, you lose sight of what is happening in other directions, and your perspective is no longer accurate. Try to balance your life so that all your different forms of love and responsibility can coexist in harmony. Your primary responsibility is to keep yourself afloat. This is certainly no time to abandon ship. Balance is constant adjustment – for the purpose of allowing energy to flow, as and when it needs to.

Accept the stress you are under. Feel this experience fully. It will allow you to know exactly where you and others stand, as well as who or what your priority should be at any given moment. The only way to achieve balance is to accept the reality of all that is going on in your life, and then PRIORITIZE. Minimize activities which do not pertain to your current situation. Focus on those people and endeavors that are important to you. Acknowledge what cannot be done and focus on what can.

This is a very emotional and creative time for you. Communicate openly. Inform others of what is going on, and what, if anything, you need from them, or can do for them. The 8 Year is one of potential reward, so do be aware of what you are being offered this month – love without guilt. When you are able to see guilt for the love-destroying force it is, you will realize that others are not restricting you. It is you, yourself, who is causing your current restrictions by believing that you have to lose something in order to gain something.

July brings forward matters of the heart: love; family; spouse; children; parents; siblings; home; community; relatives; responsibility, health, neighbors; pets; education, and anything for which you have a sense of familiarity or belonging.

Appreciate what you already have in these areas, and know that when love is free it heals, warms, inspires and excites. Keep your eyes on your goal as you expand your horizons, and make room for everything and everyone you love.

Monthly Numerology Forecast for JULY IN THE 9 YEAR… this is a 7 Month – a combination of the 9 Year + the calendar month:  9+7=1+6=7.

Courage is an everyday thing. When we look reality squarely in the eye and refuse to back away from our awareness, we are living courage.   ~Unknown

There is a strangeness about this cycle and you may be unsure of what your next move should be. You want to do something, but the feeling persists that whatever you do may not work out the way you want, and may be a waste of your time and energy.

This fear of inadequacy is being triggered by the voice of guilt telling you that you must constantly be doing something – and that doing nothing and getting nowhere in this human ‘race’ is unacceptable. Stop judging yourself by these outdated standards. Slow down. Stop doing, stop racing, and simply BE. Accept the uncertainty of it all and know that no matter how much pressure you are under, the situation will change in due course.

Be aware of how past actions have led to your present situation. You are likely to be more ‘alone’ than usual and, if not, then it is up to you to take some private time and space for yourself. You have some very important thinking, feeling, and healing to do.

The question is, “What do I really want?”, which can only be answered by another question: “What do I really feel?”

The reason the events of July are so confusing or contradictory is because your sense of direction has become muddled. The only way you will be able to see your options, let alone make a decision, is to go inside, back in time, and determine what it was in the past that led you here; to this state of being lost.

In fact, you are likely to find yourself in the past whether you put yourself there or not. Blaming or criticizing others is probably an attempt to cover up criticisms you have of yourself, or to deflect criticisms that others are making about you. Do not let your fear of being ‘found out’ prevent you from gaining the insight that will help you to evolve into your higher self. Look for a connection between mistakes you see others making and mistakes you have made yourself, as there could be a futile case of the pot calling the kettle black going on.

Secrets from the past may reappear. Deal with them because, in the 9 year, past issues that you don’t deal with usually find a way to deal with you. Either bring a secret into the open, or accept that the matter is unresolved. Then work through the fear or guilt you are holding in as a result. You may find that an issue no longer needs secrecy, but if you stand to hurt yourself or someone else by “coming clean”, ask yourself what would really be gained by making a painful revelation. Perhaps the only person you need to reveal your secret to is you. Or, perhaps someone else’s secret will be revealed to you. Maybe someone will shock you as they reveal how they secretly feel.

July is a cycle for gaining intelligence and is the perfect time to study, analyze, research, and fine-tune. Instead of saying, “I can’t do what I want because I don’t know how”, ask questions, study the situation, learn about it. This is a time of self-empowerment through study, research, and finding out, and there is so much to learn if you will just give yourself the freedom to do so.


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6 thoughts on “Monthly Numerology Forecast ~ JULY 2018

  1. Starla

    2017 was a tumultuous year for me with relationships. Fell in and out of love with a person feb-June, finally accepted that a powerful and tormenting love connection from the past was over in October 2017 then met and fell in Love November 2017 with a person newly divorced, she has agreed to get counseling. This is a nine year for me ( year of endings), is this new relationship destined to end or begin anew?

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Not necessarily, Starla. It is more dependent on the feelings you both share and your level of commitment than it is on the numbers involved. While 9 is the number of endings, the ending involved may not be the relationship itself, but aspects of the relationship that need healing and change. Getting counseling, as you mentioned, could help bring about such an ending. 9 is a very complex number and goes deep into our emotions, yours as well as hers. It sounds like a healing time for both of you. Wishing you much love and happiness…

  2. Daniel

    4 year, 2 month. I found this description to be very accurate and the suggestions to be very helpful. Deeply thankful for that.

  3. Elizabeth Pagé

    I am in my year 1 and understand that it is new beginnings. Is July a good month to put my condo for sale or wait for next month?

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Hello Elizabeth,

      This is a good time to put this in motion, because this month’s energies (in the 1 Year) focus on money and business. In August, the focus is on endings, conclusions, and tying up loose ends, followed by several ‘new beginnings’ in September.

      Of course, there are other factors involved, such as how the housing market is moving in your area. But in terms of starting a potential business transaction, July is certainly promising.

      With love,


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