Personal Year Books

Personal Year Books


There is a Creative Numerology Year Book for each of the 9 yearly cycles. Each collectable and reusable book provides a rich description of your yearly cycle, and an entire year of accurate and inspiring MONTHLY, WEEKLY, and DAILY forecasts. Your CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY YEAR BOOK brings clarity to your personal journey in these turbulent evolutionary times. This is numerology you can FEEL - and use.

WHICH BOOK DO YOU ORDER? Simply add the numbers of your month and day of birth to the current calendar year*. (* the year must always have 4 digits. Do not abbreviate to '18). 2018 adds up to 11, and 11 = 2.

So if your birthday is September 26, just add 9+2+6+2 =19. Then, keep adding until you get a single digit. 1+9=10. And 1+0=1. In this example, the yearly number for 2018 is 1.

These books are available in:

  • PDF format (instant download)
  • PRINTED AND BOUND (shipped worldwide)

Order all 9 books and get one free.

(free book is not available with kindle).

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