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Monthly Forecast – MAY 2018

Monthly Forecast May 2018.

2018 is a 2 Year, derived from the Master Number 11. (2+0+1+8=1+1=2). To calculate your number for 2018, simply add 2 to your month and day of birth. (Do NOT include your year of birth in this calculation). For instance, if your birthday is May 26, add 5+2+6+2. This adds up to 15, and 1+5=6. (keep adding until you reach a single digit). So, in this example the Year Number is 6.

Throughout 2018, use your Year Number to read your weekly and monthly forecast.


NOTE 1: No matter which year you happen to be in personally, the world is in an 11/2 Year in 2018. (2+0+1+8=11=2). Much insight can be gained by reading the 2 Forecast as well as your own.

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monthly numerology forecast

Monthly Forecast for May in the 1 Year… this is a 6 Month – a combination of the 1 Year + the calendar month: 1+5=6

The study of change is the study of survival. ~Edward T. Hall

May emphasizes extremes, relationships, relatives, domestic matters, location, health and healing, responsibility, justice, forgiveness, balance, and peace. It is important to base your decisions on your true feelings. However, because you may be feeling extremely protective towards yourself and loved ones, you must also be careful not to jump to conclusions or prejudge anything.

Events may force you to focus on home or family matters, on those you love, or those to whom you are closely connected. If you have depended on someone or something too heavily, you will now realize that nothing and no one can be taken for granted in the 1 Year. And, because so much emotion is involved in this cycle, an uncomfortable or extreme situation could emerge, even though it may not be entirely unexpected.

Accept that everyone is living and evolving at their own pace and don’t try to manipulate or take control. Don’t take on responsibilities that are not yours. You may think you are responsible for someone else’s problem or that they are responsible for yours. You may believe it is your responsibility to keep everyone happy. You may think you have no responsibilities at all. You may even find yourself being held responsible for something. This may be difficult to understand right now but your responsibility is clear: you must take care of yourself first, otherwise you will wear yourself out and be unable to take care of anyone or anything else.

While others are caught up in their own changes, you may find yourself with a new problem to solve or a deeply emotional dilemma to deal with. Assess where you truly fit in to the situation. Appreciate the feelings and needs of all concerned. Do what you can to help, but encourage others to find their own solutions, and remember that independence is this year’s theme.

A know-it-all, self-righteous, or judgmental attitude, is a sure sign that you are denying some powerful feelings, such as fear, grief, and anger. Until the lessons of love and responsibility are learned, this leg of the journey may jolt you from one extreme to another.

Focus on your home. Or, are you wondering where your real home actually is? As an old reality ends and a new one starts to form, renew your faith in yourself and in life. No matter how restless you feel, you are in the right place, and this is the right time, to gain the experience you need.

Begin or expand a project that is dear to your heart. Stop judging yourself from the perspective of who you used to be, and bring yourself to a new level of commitment. You will always be what you judge yourself to be, and until you change a particular way you see yourself – and what you are capable of – true satisfaction may never be reached. Then you will have to deal with the frustration of not knowing why.

You have reached the outer edges of a brand new beginning in your life. Will you walk confidently into it? Will you now take a greater responsibility for your own well-being and happiness? Will you accept this new path of love, balance, and connection? If you find yourself traveling unfamiliar roads during May, this is an indication that you really are ready to take a different, exciting, and more responsible road out there in the world, and that no matter how hard it is to let go of the past, once you do, a new and better tomorrow will be able to form. This month, a new understanding about love can result in a loving new beginning or fresh start.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Forecast for May in the 2 Year… this is a 7 Month – a combination of the 2 Year + the calendar month: 2+5=7

Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow”. ~Mary Anne Radmacher

Having to face your own reality last month has probably left you eager to make some positive changes, but you still may not be able to see the best approach. Don’t rush. New understandings must be reached and specific adjustments must be made before you can gain the stability you desire.

Slow down. Navigating your way through May’s ‘strange’ vibrations will require an open and alert mind. There is no outside light to guide you. In fact, the only light that can illuminate your current reality exists within– and this is also the only light that can help you revive your sense of dignity. Keep a low profile and go about your daily affairs slowly and quietly. Cooperate and help where you can, and ask for cooperation where needed.

Remember how the year started off, and take a detailed look at where you stand now. Notice how you are connected to everyone and everything around you, and how you have handled certain people and situations. If your approach has yielded favorable results, continue in that way. If not, there may be some part of your reality that you are not seeing or relating to. Be honest with yourself. Only then can you relax from this stress, and gently move yourself into a kinder and easier segment of the journey.

To begin with, you don’t have to spend every waking moment reeling from a recent event or clash, or worried about what the next problem may be. Unexpressed emotions are causing this strain. Feel them – express them outwardly – let them go. Then you will understand what needs to be done next. And, while you’re waiting for more understanding to come in, make manageable and achievable plans which match the direction you want to take.

Don’t be afraid of sudden flashes of intuition or strange dreams. Compare them to your current situation. This month’s emotional awakening is trying to stir a sleeping (or battered) ambition. Feedback from others can trigger what needs to be felt here. Stay alert, and remember that any problem you encounter can be turned around to your advantage.

In this peculiar and perhaps surreal month – a cycle of secrets – you are learning about the power that comes with the acceptance of reality, and the deadlock brought about by denial.

Be tactful. Be careful with whom you associate, and be very aware of the games people play in order to ‘get ahead’. You cannot afford to waste your time or resources. Don’t lower your standards.

The answers you seek can be found in the details, so pay great attention to aspects that you would usually ignore. Listen attentively, not only to what others are saying, but also to your own inner responses. Widen your outlook and try to be more flexible and relaxed.

Be aware of both your strengths and your weaknesses. The lessons here are those of self-acceptance and gaining a balanced appreciation of your own worth, (self-love). Of course, you may have to feel your way out of some disappointment (sadness), frustration (anger), or confusion (fear) to learn it. You may also find yourself facing a moral dilemma of some kind as you struggle to understand the meaning of freedom.

May’s energies can, at first, trigger feelings of being inadequate, vulnerable, or unprepared. You may believe you should be doing more to help yourself or someone else. Relax. Just do what you can. Guilt always tells you that you should be doing better than you are, but from the understanding that your best really IS good enough, your ability to relate to and cooperate with others will expand, and you will then be able to experience a quiet confidence that feels warm, nurturing, and genuinely loving.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Forecast for May in the 3 Year… this is an 8 Month – a combination of the 3 Year + the calendar month:  3+5=8

What we vividly imagine, ardently desire, and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass.  ~Cezanne

It’s time to snap out of it, wake up, and make some positive waves. The power of communication is featured this month, along with friendliness, popularity, and giving others what they want in order to attain what you want. A potent energy has entered your world, urging you to implement last month’s plans or ideas even if, in part, they seem undoable. Where there is a Will there is a way! A decision must be made and carried out.

You may be afraid to do something that you are perfectly able to do, and it is time to face that fear head on. As abstract as it may seem, your biggest and most debilitating fear is likely to be that of taking full responsibility for your own life. You can release this fear. You can succeed.

Feel the positive energy surrounding you, including an improvement in the way others are able to relate to your side of the story, your ideas, talents, or potential. Even if you are not getting this kind of attention from others right now, don’t worry. This could be a sign that these are not the people with whom you are meant to be dealing on a long-term basis, or that they themselves are being distracted by other issues. No matter what, believe in your ability to succeed, and understand that you do not need the approval of other people to live as you want to live.

In general, if you need something, ask for it. No matter how difficult a task appears to be, keep at it. Don’t give up. And don’t focus on the rewards alone, as this will reduce your focus on what you need to do in order for the rewards to follow.

It is important that you believe that your life has taken a turn for the better, no matter how turbulent the waters may seem. This month’s combination of energies represents a big step forward into a future which you are designing by the strength of your desire, belief, and action.

You have more ability to make things happen this month than you have had in a long time. If you have to rely on a friend or relative to assist you, be grateful, kind, and willing to learn new things. Don’t let anyone or anything undermine your confidence. The magnetism of your determination and clear-headedness will draw opportunity to you.

There may be an improvement in your finances, business affairs, or relationships, or an opportunity to enable these improvements to occur later. This level of growth often requires a courageous leap of faith – a radical shift beyond the previously imaginable. So jump in and become passionately involved. Do not limit yourself. Just do what needs to be done. The dress rehearsal of the past four years is over. This, my dear, is the real thing!

Now, each step you take towards a goal is a goal in itself. If you feel stuck, remove yourself from the situation for a while and focus on something unrelated. This diversion will relieve your stress, rejuvenate your senses, and give you the incentive to get back in the game.

But what if things are not going well? What if you have lost instead of gained? What if you feel disappointed, empty, or unable to see anything positive in your situation? What if there is no hope in sight? If you look closely at everything that has transpired in the last two years, you will realize that this cycle is showing you an aspect of your own power that you have not used before. Start using it now. 

Keep going until you get it right! Yes, effort and determination are needed. But what a wonderful gift it is to finally know what you want, and what you have to do to get it.

One way or another, the events of this month will reward you richly. The time for speculating is over. The time for doing is here. It may take longer to reach your destination than you imagined, but still, the journey has begun.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Forecast for May in the 4 Year… this is a 9 Month – a combination of the 4 Year + the calendar month:  4+5=9

Those who don’t remember the lessons of the past are condemned to repeat them.  ~George Santayana

Endings, completions, tolerance, generosity, and accepting reality are the themes of May. The time has come to free yourself of the weight of your own unexpressed feelings, because that is what is making you feel so confined. Let it all out, safely and privately – and then feel yourself move forward again.

Issues from the past may be preventing you from focusing on the positive potential of your present situation. You may feel angry towards someone else, but if you get deep into this feeling, you will realize that you are angry with yourself for a multitude of reasons which guilt keeps pointing out.

Only you can end whatever you are subconsciously blaming yourself for. Once you do, you will be able to move comfortably into a brighter and more genuinely loving reality.

Finishing whatever you have been putting off will open more space in your life. Wherever there is space, there is potential for new opportunity to enter. You really do need to simplify.

There may be some delay, frustration, or loss this month, or perhaps you are still feeling the effects of a previous loss. If someone or something has left you, or seems to be leaving you, understand that you do not own this person or situation. Look for the cause of the separation and allow the wheels of freedom to turn as they need to. This does not mean giving a free reign to those who need assistance or guidance, such as children, but the energy of this month does suggest that a more accepting or understanding attitude will serve the best interests of all concerned.

Be generous. This includes giving your time and effort; giving of yourself in a particular field or service; giving a sympathetic ear or supportive shoulder, or giving practical assistance or advice. Let go of resentment or insecurity and openly encourage or assist someone else. In another instance, you may need to stand up for yourself, get back in the driver’s seat, and take control of your life without trying to control others.

Take the time to observe how you and certain people are affecting each other. Stand still and look at your reality, and how it is connected to theirs. Stop fighting the fact that you are who and where you are. This cycle feels restrictive, but it provides a valuable lesson in seeing all sides of the story – not just the side you prefer, or the side you are afraid of.

Open your imagination and let those exciting new ideas in – the ideas you have been shutting out of your conscious mind because you don’t know how to make them happen within the confines of your current circumstances. Look at the bigger picture instead of getting lost in the nit-picking details. How can you expect to create a new reality for yourself when you are merely lurking in its shadows, refusing to stand out and dazzle the world with your true colors? Discard those old ways which never did work for you. Enough is enough.

Climb down from that roller coaster of disappointment. You will soon realize that much of your fear was unfounded. Stop torturing yourself with a situation you can do absolutely nothing about! There is still a long way to go on the 4 journey, but if you are willing to accept that the present, regardless of its details, provides the only entry into the future, then you are over the worst of it now. Remember that the 4 road leads to breakthrough, not breakdown.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Forecast for May in the 5 Year… this is a 1 Month – a combination of the 5 Year + the calendar month:  5+5=1+0=1.

The one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is unchangeable or certain. ~John F. Kennedy

If something you have taken for granted reverses itself this month, it is essential that you face this reality and notice that there is more than one way to proceed. You do have a choice. It may be difficult to take a route you have never taken before, but no matter how alien these untraveled roads seem, you can be sure that one of them will lead to the result you want. And, if it were not for this upheaval or change of focus, you could find yourself going around in the same old worn-out circles yet again.

With courage and a sense of adventure, this is a month of dynamic forward movement, new ideas and people, enthusiasm, independence, and sudden development. Someone else’s situation may be reflecting important information to you – or showing you the outcome of not exerting your personal power in the world.

The climb you wish to make must start with a single step. All you need is the courage to make a particular move that you were unable to make before. You may even find yourself being supported in an unexpected way, by someone who has been drawn to your talent, originality, your belief in yourself, or simply to the beauty of your spirit.

Yet, despite all the encouragement that this month offers, you may feel vulnerable, abandoned, or stuck. This is because the energies of May require you to stand alone in your new circumstances and experience the power of your individuality and independence. You are in new territory in which you must focus on you, your life, your desires and ambitions, and your ability to be yourself and lead your own life.

A significant change has taken place, and yet your life has not changed enough for you to feel totally comfortable. Give yourself time to adjust to an unexpected shift, and although it is necessary to focus on you, remember that others have their own agendas, priorities, and problems.

Be sure that the attention you are receiving is not solely for the purpose of improving someone else’s situation while your own remains neglected. Be aware of the games people play.

BEGIN something: a new activity, job, friendship, relationship, business, or project – or start a new phase of an existing experience. Relax with who you are. Make a change that will remove you from those who don’t appreciate you, and place you where what you have to offer is actually being sought.

Recognize when you are behaving self destructively, and try to offset these tendencies with a more constructive use of your time, energy and resources. What you are trying to achieve is important, but remember that others have goals and needs too. The more at ease you feel around other people, the more comfortable they will feel around you, and the more progress can be made.

Recognize your past mistakes regarding your expectations of others, and your sense of self importance. Your reality has altered course and it is very important to know where you stand – and to remain flexible. This is a chance to positively transform your life, your relationships, and your view of the world.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Forecast for May in the 6 Year… this is an 11/2 Month – a combination of the 6 Year + the calendar month:  6+5=1+1=2.

Peace can never be achieved by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.  ~Albert Einstein

This month emphasizes relationships, cooperation, peace, love, compassion, details, CONNECTION, and being honest with yourself. Above all, be patient. The art of problem solving is one of 6’s principle themes, and this month, life may send you a sensitive situation to practice on. Use gentle persuasion and tact. Make suggestions, not demands.

Aggression and force will work against you. But miracles can happen if you are patient enough to wait for them, and aware enough to see the different options available. Take it all in your stride – with the intent of understanding, deeply and compassionately, what is going on.

If you try to force your plans ahead, you may push them into the wrong place and time. By diverting your attention to another person or circumstance, a new experience will arise from which you will gain valuable information. A new intelligence will form which can help restore much needed harmony to an important relationship or situation.

If you find yourself saying, “I don’t have time for this”, take a deep breath and just take the time. The world will not fall apart if you stop what you’re doing to sort this out. In fact, something important could fall apart if you don’t. Many details are involved, including some that you are avoiding. Let go of all that stress and go slowly and peacefully instead. Be diplomatic and courteous. The people with whom you must interact this month are all potential partners in some way.

Others may need your attention, patience, and understanding. Don’t judge or condemn. You now have an opportunity to solve a problem which affects you and possibly others. You are well aware of a past mistake and you know that there is too much to lose by repeating it even one more time.

By fully accepting your present reality, as nerve-racking as it may be, you will finally know what adjustments need to be made. Actually making those adjustments is how you will reinvent yourself and achieve an overall improvement in the way you live your life. The slowness of May in the 6 Year is helping you to build authentic COURAGE.

You may have to examine your own tactics and motivations to realize just how subtly you may have been controlling others, or have allowed your repressed feelings to control your own behavior. You may even find yourself being held accountable for past actions. If so, accept it. Don’t fight it. Life is merely pointing out a mistake so you don’t have to suffer its consequences again.

Fear and anger must be recognized within you and given outer expression. Take responsibility for the role that you have played in a particular matter, and instead of allowing blame and guilt to rule, look for common ground on which to build.

Love must be free in order to be love, so relax with that fact and seek healing instead of deeper conflict. Consider the needs and feelings of all concerned. Insecurity breeds obsession, and this can jeopardize all your relationships. Don’t try to force someone into a position which is merely convenient for you, or allow yourself to be used for someone else’s ulterior motives. This is extreme behavior, and the only thing it creates is WAR. This is a month in which you are learning about peace, which of course, starts within.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Numerology … get your Creative Numerology Year Book here –     PDF (by email)   OR   PRINTED           KINDLE

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Monthly Forecast for May in the 7 Year… this is a 3 Month – a combination of the 7 Year + the calendar month:  7+5=1+2=3.

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance. ~Confucius

This month emphasizes the joys of life. However, its vibration is so light and carefree that you may fail to notice it or take it seriously. Now, in this serious 7 Year, it is time to understand how and why your pursuit of personal fulfillment holds the answer to your present circumstances.

There is also an emphasis on innocence, creativity, communication, social interaction, art, and beauty. Imagine how life would be without these joyful elements. It would not be worth living. Try to feel, accept, and embrace May’s exuberant vibration. It will help you define personal happiness and show you how willing others can be to help if you approach them in a friendly way.

The weight you are carrying is made up of all those ideas, facts, and emotions that you are currently unable to process or express – compounded by guilt, which tells you that you should already know the answers to your questions. This can result in an uncomfortable tension in your shoulders as if you have been carrying something alien on your back and are now trying to shake it off. Remember that guilt doesn’t care if you find the answers or not. It only wants you to feel guilty – a heaviness you can no longer afford.

Be aware of the flaws, imperfections, or superficiality in some of the activities, people, and things you thought could or should make you happy. 7 tends to dull the gloss and glamour – and trivial aspects of life – so that you can see reality instead. There could be some concern in matters of friendship, creativity, social standing, your (or someone else’s) physical appearance, or the way in which you and others are expressing yourselves.

The change you desire may require you to learn new skills, behavior, or procedure. Being comfortable and self-assured in foreign or even hostile surroundings is part of what needs to be learned in order to groom yourself for the opportunity that next year offers.

Friends and family are an important part of May, so don’t become too withdrawn or reclusive. The elements of social interaction and secrets come together in a strange way this month. 7 promotes openness, but its opposite reflection is that of plotting, scheming, or hiding the truth. Be aware of the motivations of others – without becoming paranoid. Or, is it you yourself who is subconsciously plotting to bring yourself down?

If you are involved in a serious situation, accept it just as it is, but focus on finding a realistic solution. By creating an optimistic atmosphere, the solution will be easier to accept by all concerned. This is a cycle of self-expression, but do not use it to trivialize, criticize, spread gossip or rumor, or promote only one side of the story. Thoughtlessly expressed words can create havoc in your life this month. There is no need to hurt others – or yourself – just because you are dissatisfied. Communicate creatively, not destructively.

And remember that May in the 7 Year is about planning rather than doing. Be very patient. Give yourself time – the whole month if necessary – for new ideas and structures to form in your mind.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Numerology … get your Creative Numerology Year Book here –     PDF (by email)   OR   PRINTED           KINDLE

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Monthly Forecast for May in the 8 Year… this is a 4 Month – a combination of the 8 Year + the calendar month:  8+5=1+3=4.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. ~Steve Jobs

May brings you into a down-to-earth cycle which highlights the work that must be done to fulfill a goal – and the inevitable obstacles in your way. This cycle emphasizes your identity – the way you see yourself, and the way you believe others see you.

As you sort out your beliefs about you and your reputation, you may experience limitations, delays, postponements, mental blocks, and other complications. If so, consider all the details as they arise. Only then can you analyze the situation and get organized. Make a commitment to get through this obstacle course, and then feel yourself grow!

You will be amazed at what you can achieve with patience, effort, efficiency, and belief in yourself. This means that you must feel your fear. You may not like how it feels, but this is nothing compared to the feeling of dissatisfaction – self hatred – you will experience if you do not face and feel your fear, head-on, and take advantage of this month’s opportunity to advance. The key to dealing successfully with fear is to know what should be feared and what should not.

Appreciate what you already have, including your ideas, resources, talent, passion, and imagination. Appreciating them means loving them, using them constructively, expanding them, and increasing their value. Appreciate, too, the people around you whose individuality and problems are very real. They may be only too happy to cooperate if they know that you truly believe in yourself.

Persevere, chip away at, and break through restrictive situations. In the process of laying this all important groundwork, you will encounter what you thought were your limits, only to realize that your expanded belief in yourself has pushed your limits to a place where they no longer pressure you. You are READY to take this vital next step.

We often limit ourselves through outdated thinking or because we feel we must do things in a certain way. Some obstacles may seem immovable, such as age, responsibility, limitations of the physical body, finances, or the condition of your personal or working environments. By accepting the reality of your life in all its detail, you may find that certain “obstacles” serve a constructive purpose.

An opportunity may arise for you to heal your physical body or to make changes to other areas of your life with which you thought you would always be “stuck”. These represent some of the wonderful but less obvious rewards of the 8 Year.

Get plenty of rest this month because your current circumstances can deplete your physical energy. Acknowledge that you have a fear of change, and feel what your fear is telling you. When your passion becomes stronger than your fear, it is a sign that the power of your Will is finally breaking free. When you become passionately involved with the pressures of getting a goal off the ground, you will be able to look back over the past five months and pleasantly startle yourself with how far you have come.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Numerology … get your Creative Numerology Year Book here –     PDF (by email)   OR   PRINTED           KINDLE

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Monthly Forecast for May in the 9 Year… this is a 5 Month – a combination of the 9 Year + the calendar month:  9+5=1+4=5.

One’s knowledge cannot go beyond one’s experience.  ~John Locke

May reveals old judgments that have been imprinted on you throughout your life. The more clearly you understand (feel) the inaccuracy or irrelevance of your old programming, and how it is restricting your progress today, the more easily you will be able to steer yourself in a direction that is right for you. Old programming does not let you see the present situation for what it is. It prevents meaningful change by insisting that what once seemed right for a particular situation still is – or what you believed to be the truth may not be true at all.

Part of you, (your mind), is demanding to know why all this change is necessary, and that you should ‘pull yourself together’, snap out of it, and get back to “normal”. But before you do shrug off that other part of you (emotion) as it tries to tell you what it needs in order to heal, be sure to notice how the past has made the present inevitable, and that your craving to get back to normal is actually a wish to get back to the past – which is full of the same old mistakes, habits, and faulty ‘programming’ that led you to your present circumstances. It all comes to a head this month. That’s why issues you thought were over are now back in your life!

Guilt and blame have no place in this cycle. Admit that mistakes have been made, but don’t judge yourself or others for having made them. Simply realize that, now, the only option left is that of real and meaningful CHANGE. Allow your mistakes – your mis-steps – to evolve into experience.

Be aware of your surroundings or you could become accident-prone, reckless, or unable to keep up with changing situations.

There is an emphasis on your physical body this month. Take care of it and realize how vital a part of you it is. You may want to block out – deny – your present reality with excesses of alcohol, food, drugs, sex, gambling, or some other means of avoiding the emotions involved. In May, your physical condition is an indicator of just how much memory you are suppressing, and how much buried emotion you are holding in.

You may feel lonely standing there at this crossroads – this major decision point – with no idea where any of these roads will lead. But you are not alone. Millions of people, all over the world,  are also standing at their crossroads. But it is you alone who must make the choice of either moving forward into a reality of your own design, or returning to ‘normal’ and stagnating in an unacceptable situation.

This month emphasizes FREEDOM, and you must now free yourself from normal routines and activities, or at least approach them in a different way. In many cases, normal is just another word for average.

Notice how normal conventional thinking has almost killed Free Will on this planet. Allow yourself to think differently. Make peace with yourself. Everything starts with the self, and if there is no peace within, there can be no peace in your outer reality either.

This cycle responds to your expectations; not what you think you expect, but on a deeper level, what you feelis going to happen. When sudden or unexpected things occur this month, they are likely to be things that you did expect deep down but were unwilling to bring into consciousness, and shrugged them off instead. Or, you may be thinking very positively about change – but nothing changes. This shows that deep down you did not expect anything to change – and that mere ‘positive thinking’ is always outweighed by denied feelings.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Numerology … get your Creative Numerology Year Book here –     PDF (by email)   OR   PRINTED           KINDLE

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Monthly Numerology April 2018

Monthly Forecast April 2018.

2018 is a 2 Year, derived from the Master Number 11. (2+0+1+8=1+1=2). To calculate your number for 2018, simply add 2 to your month and day of birth. (Do NOT include your year of birth in this calculation). For instance, if your birthday is May 26, add 5+2+6+2. This adds up to 15, and 1+5=6. (keep adding until you reach a single digit). So, in this example the Year Number is 6.

Throughout 2018, use your Year Number to read your weekly and monthly forecast.


NOTE 1: No matter which year you happen to be in personally, the world is in an 11/2 Year in 2018. (2+0+1+8=11=2). Much insight can be gained by reading the 2 Forecast as well as your own.

NOTE 2: The 4th month of an 11/2 Year is a 15/6 month. 15 brings insight into how we can live full evolving lives and at the same time take good care of our responsibilities. 1 and 5 show us our options, but 6 emphasizes the need to make responsible choices. This energy can be extremely judgmental because there is simply so much emphasis on taking responsibility – or being held responsible.

1 = progressive step-by-step change – and 5 = sudden and unexpected development. When 1 and 5 combine, what appears to be abrupt change, or reversal, is often the result of all those gradual changes coming to fruition at the same time.

The chemistry of 1 and 5 acts as a catalyst, and the resulting 6 energy can help us keep our balance in this dangerously imbalanced and divided world. But because 6 is the number of balance, it is also the number of extremes.

11/2 illuminates what’s happening and triggers our responses to it in the form of feelings, senses, instincts, and intuition. Not only is this a time to be awake and aware… but also to be determined to free your own personal WILL from the clutches of this disintegrating system.

People in the 1 Year or those with a lot of 1 energy in their chart are experiencing this more than most because April in a 1 Year is a 5 Month.

The same is true of those in the 6 Year or those who have a lot of 6 energy in their chart. In fact, we are all in a 6 Global month in April. (April = 4 +2+0+1+8=1+5=6).

And people in the 7 Year, or those with a lot of 7 energy in their charts, are in an 11 personal month in an 11 global year. 11/11. Add 7 to 11+11 = 29, which gives you another 11. (2+9=11).

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Monthly Forecast for April in the 1 Year… this is a 5 Month – a combination of your Year Number + the calendar month:  1+4=5

The human journey is one of becoming conscious of our power, and how to use that power. Becoming conscious of the responsibility inherent in the power of choice represents the core of this journey. ~Carolyn Myss

This is a time of change and transformation in your life. The best way to get through it is to accept – be satisfied with – where you currently are, and realize that you have SO much more to experience. You are involved in an immense outward PUSH but are afraid of what might emerge from it. It’s not a comfortable feeling, but the desire for change outweighs it. If you feel exhausted it is because the evolving part of you does not want to take one more step in that old direction. You are in the process of taking yourself to a new level.

All meaningful change starts within – hence your very strong feelings this month. It’s as if you are being stretched between two dimensions – the past and the present – and this can sometimes feel as if you are in free-fall.

Unexpected development is the nature of this cycle. Consequently, what at first seems like an upheaval or a continuation of the usual restrictions may turn out to be a catalyst for positive forward movement. You may also experience a significant change of heart as you find a new angle from which to look at your situation. This is a good thing because a complete change of attitude is called for if you are to flow more easily with life’s ebbs and tides, and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

Besides, by now you must be very tired of struggling to maintain an unsatisfactory status quo. No matter how it seems, you have a lot of freedom this month. Just be sure you don’t mistake this for the frustration of not knowing what your next step should be.

Are you basing your decisions on old information or outdated methods and habits? Has an unexpected situation thrown you off course? Are you afraid that all this change will lessen other people’s regard for you? Remember that love without freedom is a contradiction in terms. Freedom provides the space we need in which to experience love – unconditionally. The events of this month are actually setting you free to begin the process of creating happier conditions.

Remember that this year marks a brand new era of your life. Your current problems are temporary. They are reminders of what you need to change. You are meant to be where you are. You are meant to be having the experience you’re having because, in April in the 1 year, there is always an opportunity to prosper if you can just accept the opportunity for what it is.

If you don’t know what you are feeling, you cannot know what to expect. If you cannot differentiate between a thought and a feeling, your outer reality will produce the same confusion. If you do not expect positive change, then a lack of positive change is what you’ll get. However, notice how mere “positive thinking” is often a form of self-deception. What are you feeling?

Be honest with yourself, and remember that change means CHANGE – a complete and drastic alteration in the way you observe, comprehend, relate to, approach, deal with, resist, or compound your situation.

April emphasizes the physical, instinctive and sensual side of life and urges you to be more aware of your body and physical presence. Do not take chances that could harm you or others. Stay alert on this unfamiliar and shifting ground. Most importantly, recognize a mistake and stop repeating it.

The 1 Year encourages independence. You already know just how dependent you have been on certain people and things. Now, you must start to take full responsibility for yourself and act in your best interests. In at least one case, there may be an emotional parting of the ways.

You are learning how to create what you want, but you must be honest with yourself about your present position. Even if you have a passionate goal, if you don’t know where you stand, you will be unable to sense the direction in which to take it. Accepting where you stand is not defeat. It is the courageous and evolutionary act of facing reality. If you cannot accept your own reality, your life will forever be a dissatisfying illusion which you yourself continue to paint. Stop pushing your past away from you as if you are afraid that it will catch up with you. It’s meant to! Let it!

The past is filled with knowledge and experience, and what it has to teach you needs to be accepted into the present. Only by learning from the past will you be able to feel, sense, and create what you want for the future.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Forecast for April in the 2 Year… this is a 6 Month – a combination of your Year Number + the calendar month:  2+4=6

How shall we expect charity towards others when we are uncharitable to ourselves? ~Thomas Brown

Make a genuine commitment to patience and compassion because you cannot ignore your current situation. Insensitivity or selfishness will work against you, and can only cause resentment from those whose wellbeing is connected to your own. This cycle of love, healing, and balance, emphasizes duty towards home, family, relatives, spouse, lover, parent, child, pet, neighbor, or friend. The question of duty and loyalty may arise. Domestic and/or work-related responsibilities may also be involved.

April is rich in lessons about freedom – and not just your own. Keep your goals firmly in mind as you adapt to new circumstances in which you are not meant to be the star of the show, but the one who must act in the best interests of all concerned. Or perhaps you must be the mediator and peacemaker who brings fairness or practicality into the situation. Perhaps it is your role this month to connect certain people together. Perhaps it is time to take a greater responsibility to fulfill your part in a joint effort. Or perhaps you will be engaged in a combination of all of these things.

Whatever the case, until you fully accept what is happening in your life, the stress of fighting your own reality may seem overwhelming. What you are really fighting with here is the fear of being humbled.

ACCEPT that a certain phase is over and a new one is trying to begin, and you will also realize that humility and acceptance are your only means, at the present time, of steering your life into a more acceptable direction.

Continue to believe in yourself. You do not have to be at center stage right now. Stop struggling. Try to be calm and flexible. You may receive some kind of praise for your efforts which will boost your confidence – or you could be made to feel responsible for a certain matter that you would probably prefer to keep hidden or private. Try to make the environment friendlier and brighter, regardless of how many details you are dealing with.

Don’t try to control everything. Your intentions may be good, but you may be too concerned, or even paranoid, about the way others are conducting their lives or affecting yours. Tolerance and a desire to accept differences can prevent ugly situations.

You cannot solve other people’s problems for them. Team up with them instead for the benefit of all. Their idea of life is unique to them, just as yours is to you. Your priorities may differ. You are now learning how to exercise fairness and compassion without losing yourself or your freedom in other peoples’ energies and realities.

Slow down, relax, and learn. Make kindness your key word, and start by being kind and gentle with yourself. The harder you push against reality, the more likely you are to hurt yourself or someone else in some way. Try to understand that much of the pressure is coming from your growing ability to TOLERATE.

This month is all about family. But just who are your family? They are the people to whom you are connected – through biology or circumstance – people who are a part of your life, whether you like them or not. They are those with whom you are familiar – and familiarity can indeed breed contempt without ongoing fairness and respect. Just as others affect you by their actions and attitudes, your existence deeply affects them. You cannot change them, but you can change your reaction to them and let them be who they are. In the process, you will learn who you are too.

Let it be known that you want peace. Aggression will throw you off course. You are simply experiencing the discomfort of finally accepting your own reality. Find a way to release your emotions privately – behind the scenes – and you will emerge lighter, freer, happier and more knowledgeable. This healing process will enable you to make a startling connection between your past, your present circumstances, and your future – and it will bring you back to LOVE.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Forecast for April in the 3 Year… this is a 7 month – a combination of your Year Number + the calendar month:  3+4=7

We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

You are in the midst of a strange looking fog which leaves no room for hasty decisions or unplanned moves. Feeling unsure of yourself may not be such a bad thing because your sense of direction really does need some adjustment at this stage. The potential for beneficial change is enormous if you will just give yourself the time and space you need in which to figure things out.

Certain duties and obligations must be attended to, but it is important to take everything in your stride. Do one thing at a time, and don’t worry about how you are being perceived by others. Accept the fact that you don’t know where you are right now.

Doubts and unexpected circumstances seem to be getting in the way, and yet you are also starting to sense potential avenues of success. Your challenge is to find a new direction that you can feel passionate about, and the chances are that it’s right in front of you – obscured by the shadow of your own anxiety.

Your emotions have led you most of the way this year, and there is likely to be another emotional situation to deal with this month. Whenever you can, retreat into a quiet environment where there are no distractions. You need to feel your own feelings and think your own thoughts. You need to be able to see your current position in the big picture. And you need to remember where you came from, because many of your current problems stem from ingrained childhood influences which you are now in the process of outgrowing.

As you continue to mature and evolve, let your thoughts take you back over your life’s journey. Visualize how one step always led to another; how everything you ever did, and everything that ever happened to you connected you to the next phase of the journey, and how each step has brought you to this place called NOW.

Only when the past is fully accepted into the present can you create, or even imagine, the future you want. How long are you going to hold on to all that grief and pain? Let yourself feel it, let it go, and dream new dreams. In May, you will be on your way again – full steam ahead, but April is a time to think, feel, visualize, analyze, and plan.

As you focus on what you want your next ‘now’ to be, and realistically plan your method of achieving it, your feelings will naturally fluctuate between optimism and pessimism, and between courage and fear. This emotional push-and-pull is all part of a creative process which can place you on much firmer ground.

You need the support of certain people if your plans are to materialize, so don’t alienate yourself from others just because you are feeling a little fragile. Don’t take it all so personally. And be careful of the words you say as you do seem to be critical of everything and everyone right now.

Make clearly defined plans to move forward, but do not make any major moves or decisions just yet. To enter next month’s dynamic waves without a specific plan of action suggests that you are still not serious about what you want. Consider your plans carefully. Analyze them. Find their flaws and revise them. Have faith in yourself. Stay flexible. Allow for the unexpected. Not knowing how to do something you want to do is no excuse for not doing it. Learn how.

You may certainly experience other people’s negativity this month, but you cannot allow it to bring you down. See it for what it is – other people’s negativity. Now, what is your plan for the rest of the year?

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Forecast for April in the 4 Year… this is an 8 month – a combination of your Year Number + the calendar month: 4+4=8

Keep in mind always the present you are constructing; it should be the future you want. ~Alice Walker

It’s time to face reality and get down to business. Focus on material, financial, and work-related matters. Effort, confidence, and determination will help you make the best of current circumstances. Consideration for others will not only improve your position and the health of your relationships, but a softening of your heart can also improve the health of your own physical body by reducing the pressure under which it is being forced to exist.

A once familiar situation may fall apart now, but without this upheaval, you will not see the new potential offered by this cycle of personal power and efficient problem-solving. Although you have been down this road before, this time, if you really do accept reality rather than fight it, you will notice something you could not previously see, which will help you to move into friendlier territory.

This cycle attracts back to you whatever you have put out into the world, and prevents you from stagnating in a situation from which you once believed there was no relief. Continue to believe in yourself no matter what transpires. This is an opportunity to move away from something that no longer serves your best interests, and towards something more natural for you.

If you expand your abilities and build on your talents, you will be able to take a positive new step. However, you may find yourself working harder than ever. You may even start to doubt your ability to persevere. If so, just keep taking one step at a time, and be sure to rest when you feel like resting.

Business and material interests can be advanced through efficiency and organization. Attention to detail is still important, but so too is the big picture. Be sure to simplify rather than complicate.

This is a chance to develop a more realistic sense of your power to achieve. Visualize the result you desire, and as your horizons broaden, take a step that will bring you closer to it. You must now rediscover your confidence, dignity, and passion – and get things done.

Be tactful, and stay aware of this year’s practical theme. Be cautious of “quick fixes” or manipulating others, no matter how subtly you are able to do so. Remember that prosperity is not for the few. It belongs to everyone on Earth – if only everyone knew that prosperity must first be felt on the inside. You can be without funds and not feel poor. When you feel poor, it is because you have underestimated your ability to change things. When you feel the richness of your own potential, you cannot feel poor because your potential – your capability – is your principle resource.

Others are not causing your problems. It is you yourself who must stand up, be counted, and claim equality in a world in which we all contribute to reality. It is time to fight for what you want, not through aggression, but by taking full advantage of available resources. Appreciate what you already have and use it to get what you want. What you already have includes your creativity, knowledge, belief in yourself, and other non-material attributes.

April offers a feeling that outweighs any kind of material reward – the feeling of accomplishment. It is only from the appreciation – the love – of this feeling, that greater accomplishments will follow. By the end of April, you could achieve an important breakthrough in which an existing aspect of your life evolves to a new and more comfortable level.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Forecast for April in the 5 Year… this is a 9 Month – a combination of your Year Number + the calendar month: 5+4=9

There is only one success: to be able to spend your life in your own way, and not to give others absurd maddening claims upon it. ~Christopher Morley

You have arrived at the point of the 5 journey where you must say farewell to a limiting aspect of your life. Everything is related to endings and completions this month, so don’t expect anything new to happen until these conclusions have occurred. A sense of finality (acceptance) must be experienced, or you could be weighed down by denied emotions and unwanted circumstances for the rest of the year.

Accept that a phase of your life is ending. The first 4 months of the year represent your journey out of the past. April signifies the end of that particular road, and the end of old tensions, resentments, and fears. Of course, endings don’t always have to be painful. They can also feel like the weight of the world being lifted from your shoulders, signifying that the pain is over and a new, more comfortable reality is forming. Feel the anxiety and pain of the past, and let it go. Feel iF. Accept it. Express it. Release it.

Parting with old emotion is always followed by an infusion of optimism and self acceptance. However, when so much emotion is involved, it can be difficult to find the positive aspects in a situation. And, the reason so much emotion is involved is because you are finally being honest with yourself about what you do and don’t want in your life.

Give yourself time to adjust to a change for which you were not prepared. It can be difficult to express feelings of loss or longing when that loss or longing is simultaneously triggering feelings of relief and optimism. But do not allow guilt to convince you that this is wrong. All your feelings, including the fear of taking full responsibility for your future, are part of what you must experience in order to move a little closer to freedom. You will soon realize that many of your fears are unfounded and that you really can do what you once thought was beyond your ability!

Anger toward others may be disguising anger at yourself for being afraid. You now stand on the dividing line between old unsatisfactory conditions, and a new, free way of life. This is a time of adventure, courage, understanding, and tolerance. Renew the love within your relationships by ending your need to control them, or allowing them to control you. Control is not love. Love is not ownership.

This is an opportunity for personal and professional expansion. You have had many different experiences in your life, and now is the time to benefit from them by making decisions that are based on what the past has taught you.

April is a time to forgive, especially yourself. You may still be subconsciously beating yourself up for things that simply don’t matter any more, or things that were never your fault. The past has gone. You are free now. You may not yet be free of the consequences of a mistake, but you are free of the mistake itself. From this understanding, the rest of your life cannot help but seem brighter. Remember that a consequence is the relation between a result and its CAUSE, and allow yourself to gain the experience that comes from learning from a mistake.

This is a time to give – simply because you want to, and not because guilt or fear has told you to. Giving may include giving in or giving way. It may even mean giving up. There are many ways to give. To give is to let go of something. GIVE – and a new door will open up for you.

This is a time of surrender – not surrendering your Will to someone else, but surrendering TO your Will and, thereby, freeing yourself. And, if you think that God is who you are supposed to surrender your will to, you may want to consider that God would not have given you free will, just to take it back. We have free will because life itself flows more smoothly when it flows freely.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Forecast for April in the 6 Year… this is a 1 Month – a combination of your Year Number + the calendar month:  6+4=10.  1+0=1

Freedom of speech and freedom of action are meaningless without freedom to think. And there is no freedom of thought without doubt. ~Bergen Evans

April offers enormous potential for greater independence and self-satisfaction, even though someone else’s reality is effecting you deeply. If you feel “alone”, remember that no matter how many people surround you, you are an individual with a power all your own. The more you try to control others, the more resistance they will put up. The more understanding you give, the more you will be understood.

April is filled with important lessons about individuality. See others as they are now rather than how they used to be, or how you would prefer them to be. Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine what life feels like from their perspective.

Avoid the urge to control, criticize, and set rules. Establish a realistic strategy which respects the unique circumstances of all concerned. If you feel unable to fulfill a responsibility, perhaps someone else is waiting to step in and take it off your hands. Or perhaps you simply need to lighten the load by sharing a certain obligation with someone else.

This month of fresh ideas and new beginnings is designed to improve the balance between your private needs and your outside obligations. Whatever steps you have been contemplating, especially if related to your own future and security, now is the time to take them.

Consider the truth – the reality – of the situation and go with your feelings. Take a chance. You are ready for a greater level of responsibility in a new and more fulfilling direction. One change can trigger a sequence of changes. Stay alert and look for the advantages involved. Initiate a constructive change of your own or, at least, move closer toward making such a change.

Where conditions are making you unhappy, this is a chance to change them. April provides an element of good luck to new experiences – anything that is started or is in the beginning phase. Use your unique skills and resources. Be creative. Be original. Be who you really are.

You have the power to create something, possibly out of nothing, and are likely to feel energetic and eager to proceed. Retain your enthusiasm despite the attempts of guilt to distract you. Listen to your doubts and fears as they may have something important to tell you.

Include others in your activities, especially if you are in a long-term relationship, have children or pets, etc. Make time for all that are family; those with whom you are familiar; those with whom you share your life on a day-to-day basis. Bring LOVE and CARING into the space in which you live. A fresh start in a relationship stands a good chance of success when a new understanding has been reached.

Someone close may be experiencing a new beginning of their own, requiring the whole family or group to adopt a new agenda or attitude. Encourage, don’t criticize. You may discover a valuable new talent, idea, or gift, which is not necessarily your own. Until you try new things, ideas, or directions, you may never know what opportunities are out there for you.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Forecast for April in the 7 Year… this is a 2 Month – a combination of your Year Number + the calendar month: 7+4=11.  1+1=2

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time. ~J. Lubbock

You are in 11/11 territory this month. April in the 7 Year is an 11/2 personal month – and 2018 is an 11/2 Global Year. 11 illuminates and inspires. It also helps you to open up emotionally and be honest with yourself – and others. There is a lot to learn this month – and a lot to gain from this learning. This 4  7  11  11 energy can act as a catalyst for major changes in your life.

This cycle asks for patience, gentleness, and sensitivity. It is a cycle of intuition, diplomacy, teamwork, connection, diversion, caring, and understanding. No matter what transpires, stick to these simple guidelines:

(1) Accept your present reality just as it is.

(2) don’t force anything.

This is a time to assess your general development. Think about how the year started off for you – and where you are now. Patiently observe everything going on around you: personally, locally, nationally, and globally. Take new developments into consideration and rethink your long-term goals. Use your intuition – feelings – senses – instincts – to direct you to the next level of understanding.

April will present you with a series of distractions which can make it difficult to notice how everything and everyone in life is connected, and that there is a reason – or cause – for everything. This is a test of your patience, courage and tenacity and, at the same time, offers you the opportunity to release yourself from a painful part of your past.

Make a commitment to peace, diplomacy, and cooperation. By relating someone else’s circumstances to your own and finding the connection, you may also find a vital missing link that you have been seeking. Stay in the background as someone else takes center-stage. Interact with others deeply and genuinely. From your backseat position, be involved. Don’t be afraid of what you might hear or learn. This year, you will encounter many things with which you may not feel comfortable, but they must be faced if you are to benefit from the knowledge they contain.

Your intuition is working overtime, making this a month of strong emotions and heightened intellect. Listen. Observe. Feel. Relate. You will not be able to progress unless you are patient; unless you wait for developments to happen in their own manner and time, and unless you relax your tensions and long term concerns.

The present is your only exit from the past and your only gateway to the future. The present – this moment – here and now – is the only reality – and it contains the energies of both the past and the future. If you do not allow yourself to feel whatever feelings present-time triggers, including fear, then you cannot be fully present in present time.

It is essential that you feel and sense your way through all situations, instead of forcing your way through, becoming frozen in fear, or running away. Your own needs are being helped along by this process of delay and interruption. If you do succumb to frustration and force your way ahead, you may find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Partnership, teamwork, or some kind of group situation are highlighted in April. Relate to everyone with understanding and tact. Be aware of how you have helped others in the past. These favors will be returned to you this month, but not necessarily by the same people. However, if someone takes credit for your efforts or steals the limelight, let it be. As you face reality this month, listen to the questions you ask yourself, and the judgments with which you reply. Ask yourself, “What is really going on here?” Then listen, very carefully, again.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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monthly forecast

Monthly Forecast for April in the 8 Year… this is a 3 Month – a combination of your Year Number + the calendar month:  8+4=12.   1+2=3.

It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else. ~Erma Bombeck

As you phase out last month’s backstage activities, you may realize that you have made a powerful connection indeed… perhaps a person; perhaps an idea. Whatever the case, friendliness is needed.

Although you can take nothing for granted, this creative cycle should certainly revive your enthusiasm. The ideas of the past three months can now be implemented. At the very least, you will know they are achievable. It is time to create the right environment from which to transform an idea into reality. April provides an opportunity to test the waters and see how well you perform to an audience without actually striving to gain their acceptance. It is your own approval that others are noticing now.

April also emphasizes happiness, communication, friends, appearances, and the lighter side of life. The only thing that can stop you from getting your plans underway is a lack of love for what you are doing. So, be sure that what you say you want is also what you feel you want.

This is a time of creative freedom, so don’t be afraid to make changes. You are in the process of healing the fear of not having what it takes to succeed. It is now becoming obvious that you do indeed have what it takes!

Friends, relatives, or associates may affect your life significantly now. Keep your goals firmly in mind. Allow your feelings to guide you through all situations. Focus on what matters. Renew your commitment to a goal. Know that this is the year to make it happen.

Take the time to enjoy some light social activities. Display some friendliness, warmth, humor, and satisfaction. Appreciate just how good it feels to be alive.

People who do not respect your ideas may actually have something important to point out, or they may not be friends at all. Friendship can only flourish if there is first friendship with yourself.

Effective communication is vital. The spoken or written word, and the use of images, play specific roles this month. Notice how a pleasant disposition rubs off on others, even on those who were previously indifferent, creating a warmer environment in which to live or work.

Notice how different you are starting to feel as you become more accustomed to the material plane of 8. April may bring a material object, or a service of some kind, into your life which can become a tool for developing your ideas and plans.

Extending friendship, even to a stranger, can result in a boost to your plans and goals, or a positive change in the way you see yourself. This month offers opportunity through social and professional networking.

Certain people are in your life right now to help you change some of your outdated beliefs, ideas, and rules. And some are here to confirm those aspects of your life that are already well-centered. It is much easier to believe in yourself in an atmosphere of realism.

You are realizing, more concretely than ever before, that you really are a very creative person who is able to take your ideas beyond the mere “ideas” stage. Imagine how creative you could be if you were not so concerned with how others see you.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Forecast for April in the 9 Year… this is a 4 Month – a combination of your Year Number + the calendar month: 9+4=13.   1+3=4

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them. ~Albert Einstein

This cycle brings you to your limits so that you can know what your current limits actually are. Accept that these boundaries exist, and instead of trying to crash through them or allowing them to push you down under their weight, use the power of your strong intent and determination to push them up and out and away from you. Use the power of your WILL to create more time and space for yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally, regardless of who or what pushed you to your limits in the first place.

Your belief in yourself can steer you away from an undesirable path and help you create the breakthrough you are craving. Use common sense, efficiency, and effort. Organize yourself. Keep to a sensible routine and a workable agenda. Create a balance between whatever you are focusing too heavily on and other aspects of your life. If you are stuck in a rut, or if a habit is getting the better of you, stop this needless repetition and start to live more spontaneously and naturally.

The purpose of this cycle is to make life easier for you, not harder or more complicated, and to revive your energies, not drain them. And yet, the need for you to give of yourself in some way has never been greater. Your conscious mind is expanding. Great fulfillment can be experienced by dispensing with petty issues and analyzing what you are left with.

You are also expanding your emotional limits by feeling the pressure of your feelings and being aware of how free you will be once they are released from your body. This means letting your feelings out! If you continue to hold them in, you are likely to feel depressed, overworked, boxed-in, and unable to move in any direction. Let it all out and experience the relief that comes from acceptance of reality.

In many cases, there is no such thing as “closure”. There are some things in life that we can never “get over”. We simply learn to live with what happens to us and our loved ones. We learn to accept reality. If feelings of heartlessness arise, know that until you acknowledge these bitter feelings and allow them to leave your body, you will be deprived of the enormous power they are burying – the power of your own LOVE.

April’s emphasis on work and love can help expand the limits of what you think is your identity. Restriction is caused by measuring your worth by the work you do, instead of the satisfaction derived from all that you do in life. If what you “do” is just part of the cold reality of having to make a living, then making a living will become a difficult or unpleasant process in itself.

Much of this month, (and year), emphasizes what you want to do. Humanity is evolving to a point where Free Will is our only alternative to self-destruction. It is time to go back and rescue an activity or idea that once made you feel passionate, but was abandoned because circumstances changed, or because you could not make a “living” from it.

Life has changed since then. It is time to discover your true identity and expand your natural qualities or skills to a level where you can not only make a living, but also live the life you want to live.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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weekly forecast

Monthly Numerology March 2018

Monthly Forecast March 2018.

2018 is a 2 Year, derived from the Master Number 11. (2+0+1+8=1+1=2). To calculate your number for 2018, simply add 2 to your month and day of birth. (Do NOT include your year of birth in this calculation). For instance, if your birthday is May 26, add 5+2+6+2. This adds up to 15, and 1+5=6. (keep adding until you reach a single digit). So, in this example the Year Number is 6.

Throughout 2018, use your Year Number to read your monthly and weekly forecasts

No matter which year happen to be in personally, the world is in an 11/2 Year in 2018. (2+0+1+8=11=2). Therefore, much insight can be gained by reading the 2 Forecast as well as your own.


NOTE: March is a karmic 14/5 month in this illuminating and life-altering 11 Year. This affects matters of freedom, expression, the physical body, gender, sex, fertility, commitment, different cultures, international affairs, and sudden, unexpected or unusual experiences. There is an emphasis on how we waste or misuse our freedom and how easily we can be distracted from what really matters.

This is the karmic vibration of habits, addictions and repeating the same old mistakes. 14/5 is the number of restlessness and recklessness that comes from boredom. But how can any of us be bored at a time like this when each one of us has an important role to play in changing this cruel and pointless world for the better? In these dangerous times in which anything can happen, remember that 5 is also the number of resourcefulness, ingenuity, and being able to move, think, and feel at the same time.

1= self. 4 = organization. 5 = using our freedom more constructively, and staying focused for long enough to accomplish something. This is highly creative energy – but is also erratic and unpredictable.


Monthly Forecast – the 3rd Month of your 1 Year makes this a 4 Personal Month (3+1=4).

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. ~ Buckminster Fuller

You know you cannot continue in the same old way. You can sense that an old reality is ending and a new one is beginning. In order to ease the uncertainty (fear) that threatens to keep you at a standstill, look more closely and honestly at the circumstances that are tying you to the past.

The closer you get to your limits, the more you will feel boxed-in and compressed, but this is no time to give up. The 1 year is a time of great change, and it is worth remembering that change seldom occurs as comfortably as we would prefer.

The restrictive elements of March provide an opportunity to experience the positive power of your own Will which is now trying to reduce the pressure by pushing those limits away from you.

Commit yourself to hard work and be determined to exert as much effort as the situation requires. Concentrate. And listen to your body when it tells you that it’s time to rest. This month, mistakes can occur through inexperience – mixed with a lack of focus. So, stay alert and aware, and also understand that a mistake is not a mistake if you learn something from it.

Form a practical plan of action to protect your overall goals, while honestly assessing whether your current course is any different from the one you have been traveling for the past nine years or more. Be aware of how easily we deceive ourselves into thinking we are doing things differently, when in fact we have simply found a different way to do the same old thing!

See yourself in a more positive light. Simplify – and you will become more able to take care of your responsibilities. Observe the small details, and where they fit into the larger picture. Clear your life of the material and emotional clutter you have amassed over a long period of time, and which is now preventing you from seeing beyond what you think are your limits.

Your mind is buzzing and churning with diverse and conflicting thoughts. Actually listen to the chaos in your mind – all the different opinions and judgments that are battling for your attention. Then, give your mind a rest – by accepting your present situation exactly as it is. Only then will you be able to get your priorities in the right order. This month, your mind needs periods of complete relaxation, as much as your body does.

Face the facts. Be practical. Put everything in its place. Organize. Clear the decks. Sort it all out, detail by detail. Then observe the walls of what were your limits move away from you. Let your expanded belief in yourself push these boundaries to a place where they can no longer pressure you. Having cleared the strongest barriers of all – your own denials – you will know that if you judge something before you experience it, you have no way of knowing what the experience actually is, or what it has to offer.

You are on unfamiliar ground, but you must take the lead and initiate things you thought could only be done by others. Knock on new doors. Look for ways to break free from your various dependencies. You do not need other people’s approval. Let your feelings tell you what you really want and how to get it. Stop dithering and step forward. See where those first few steps lead. Then, by the end of March, your new understandings will help you to construct a strong foundation on which to build a new reality that reflects who you are now.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Forecast – the 3rd Month of your 2 Year makes this a 5 Personal Month (3+2=5).

I am life that wills to live in the midst of life that wills to live.
 ~Albert Schweitzer 

Compromise and acceptance are needed in this month of change, freedom, and unexpected developments. Try to understand someone else’s side of the story. A relationship can now be strengthened through sincere and open interaction. A vital change is taking place.

Someone else’s circumstances may provide an opportunity for you to move into a more desirable position. By patiently being there, listening, relating and/or encouraging, you can prevent a problem from escalating or, perhaps, impress others with your ability to step in and help.

Don’t get sucked into the problem itself. Just cooperate where you can. This will enable you to take a fresh look at your own situation through a much wider perspective. Don’t be intimidated by the power that others appear to have, but do be prepared to learn something which can help you steer yourself free of confining circumstances.

If you find yourself thinking “I have no choice“, remember that life, and your potential, extend way beyond your present circumstances. It could be that your view has been too limited. Your own or someone else’s situation should now encourage you to broaden your horizons, and remind you that mistakes are often our best means of learning.

However, because we tend to deny our mistakes, we repeat the same error over and over so that positive change is never achieved. Look for a different approach this time and turn a mistake into valuable experience – from which you can actually prosper.

Pay attention to the condition of your physical body. Recent stresses and strains may be taking a toll. Calm yourself down. Nourish yourself – in every sense of the word. Take care of yourself.

You may be trying to subtly control someone, or it may be you who feels cut off from open expression. Nothing can be achieved until this tension is addressed. Stop taking everything so personally and admit to yourself where you have misjudged a situation or denied your role in it.

Present circumstances are testing and developing your ability to relax and be free in chaotic or even hostile situations. The nature of your intent will determine the quality of your 2 Year journey and, of course, peaceful intent will greatly relieve the ongoing jumble of stress in which you currently exist.

Try to be diplomatic, considerate, tolerant, kind, and gentle. Connection is an ongoing theme this year, and your own wellbeing is directly connected to the wellbeing of others. If one person in your circle is unhappy, this will affect everyone. If there is a battle of wills going on, understand that in this cycle, it is a fight you cannot win. Winning is not the issue. Coexisting peacefully is what this is all about.

The peace of mind you crave can only be achieved by accepting your situation exactly as it is, and by finding more realistic ways to unite with others. ‘Peace of mind’, just like happiness, is never permanent. These beautiful states of being come to us in ‘moments’ which must be cherished as they arise.

Instead of fighting for something you do not have, make the most of what you do have. Cooperate with your environment and the people in it. Only then will you be able to regain your focus. You cannot change others. You can only change your reaction to them. So, relax those high expectations which none of you could live up to anyway. Partnership, teamwork, forgiveness, peaceful intent and, above all, awareness and acceptance of reality, will create a clear road ahead for all concerned.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Numerology … get your Creative Numerology Year Book here –     PDF (by email)   OR   PRINTED           KINDLE

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Monthly Forecast – the 3rd Month of your 3 Year makes this a 6 Personal Month (3+3=6).

The solution to the problems of human relationships is to be found in liberty. ~Frederic Bastiat

What do you feel when you think of the word “home”? Somewhere in your vision for the future is a place in which you feel a warm and loving sense of both freedom and belonging. If not, you may have overlooked an important aspect of happiness and fulfillment.

This month, you may uncover an unexpected truth about yourself, a loved one, or close associate. You may feel content with this. Or, you may feel that a certain situation or responsibility is preventing you from experiencing any kind of happiness at all.

Something will occur which features duty, home, spouse, lover, children, family, pet, friend, relative or neighborhood, which enables you to communicate on a new level, to make an important decision, and move closer to personal freedom. No matter what is involved initially, the potential for eventual JOY is enormous, even if it is mixed with feelings of a heavier nature.

Determine which responsibilities are yours and which are not. Are you placing responsibility for your happiness on someone else? Are you holding yourself responsible for someone else’s happiness? Is guilt telling you that you cannot pursue your own needs while someone else is having difficulty with theirs? Are you judging others or allowing them to judge you without considering each others’ individuality and unique circumstances? Are you setting unnecessary rules? Are you living unhappily under someone else’s rules?

Everyone is responsible for creating their own happiness, no matter what their relationship happens to be. Something positive – even miraculous – is happening here, but you must feel and listen to your true feelings – as opposed to your stubbornness – if you are to appreciate the positive potential that lies beneath the surface of your current situation.

Balance is the key. When your feelings are all muddled up together with no separation between what feels good and what does not, eventually nothing feels good at all. This is a chance to finally clear the air!

Disagreements and diversity within a family or group are part of what it takes to be a family or group. Otherwise you’ll all be tied together by a fruitless common bond with each one yearning to move in different directions. Although you are connected by the love within your close relationships, each of you is a unique individual who must lead his or her own life and find his or her own happiness.

If you believe that others are holding you back, it is time to speak your mind. But be prepared for an unanticipated response that exposes the part you yourself have played.

Coexisting with people whose experience of life is different from your own is seldom easy. But, now, your willingness to understand them will enable them to better understand you. Of course, understanding someone does not necessarily make them any easier to accept, but whatever transpires in March can leave everyone involved feeling enlightened, inspired, or at least optimistic that the healing of a particular rift will eventually take place.

As you observe and accept how others choose to live, you will realize that you need to be FREE to make your own choices. One thing is certain: you need your own time, your own space, and your own style if you are to live as you want to live.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Forecast – the 3rd Month of your 4 Year makes this a 7 Personal Month (3+4=7).

Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. ~Alfred Tennyson

January brought change. February made it personal. And March will clarify what has happened since the beginning of the year and help you figure out what to do next. Meanwhile, go about your life quietly and conscientiously. You have a lot on your plate, and you may have to give one aspect a rest while you focus on another.

Arrange your agenda so that you can spend some time alone, with no distractions. You need to think, contemplate, feel your true feelings, and PLAN your future moves. Be aware that planning – not doing – is the main theme of this strange and introspective month.

If you are feeling anxious, understand that your unexpressed feelings are preventing you from recognizing your “higher” identity and, therefore, your true strength. You will see an immediate improvement in your health, attitude, and situation, once you let it all out – especially your fear.

Of course, fear is perfectly natural when you consider the fact that you have no idea where you are and are therefore unsure of where the road ahead will lead. The uncertainty of this cycle can be frustrating, and yet the only thing life requires of you now is your full presence in it – your awareness of it – and your willingness to learn.

You have been lost for longer than you may want to admit, and what you are experiencing now is the acceptance of that fact, the desire to do what is best, and perhaps the fear that you may not know what ‘best’ actually is.

Slow down. Stop struggling. Face the facts and take each situation as it comes. You have had quite enough of your present circumstances and are realizing that you are capable of creating a much more fulfilling existence for yourself – and to organize your life around creating it.

Appreciate your own company. Ask yourself what you really want to achieve in this precious lifetime of yours. What do you want to be doing – how do you want to be feeling – a year from now; five years from now; ten years from now? Stop what you’re doing and ask yourself: “what is really happening here?” Then wait for the answers to reach your conscious mind. Listen to them. FEEL them. This practical use of your intuition will help you devise specific plans for the future. It may take the words, actions, or circumstances of someone else to open your mind, but only you can answer the questions you are asking at this time.

Reflect, meditate, analyze. Review the past. Accept the present. Envisage your life not in fragments or segments, but as one continuing journey over which you really do have control. Your present circumstances are a small and temporary part of the whole adventure; and a turning point to a brighter future.

Release yourself from the illogical judgment which tells you that you have to produce continuous results in order to be successful. Take your time and look for alternatives instead. If you believe you can’t do something because you don’t know how, learn how.

Above all, move away from the guilt which is telling you that you should be doing better than you are. In this chaotic world, you are doing a lot better than you think!

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Numerology … get your Creative Numerology Year Book here –     PDF (by email)   OR   PRINTED           KINDLE

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Monthly Forecast – the 3rd Month of your 5 Year makes this an 8 Personal Month (3+5=8).

Never forget that change is a positive force that is generally for the better, and that life is a performance for which none of us are given the opportunity to rehearse. ~Sally Brompton

You cannot reach a new destination if you are afraid to take that first step. This month, there are places to go, people to see, work to do, and unusual possibilities to explore. Commit to efficiency and professionalism. No matter what changes are taking place in your relationships and general circumstances, the current potential for growth is significant.

If your personal power in this world is to reach a higher level, you must first be aware of a power struggle you are engaged in. In order to bring clarity to an area of confusion, a balance of power is needed. This will enable you to reclaim your life as your own.

March offers the chance to make a significant move in the direction of your choice. And do remember that choice is what it’s all about this year. Everything in life is a matter of choice, right down to how you treat other people and allow others to treat you. Stay alert. And remember that the most important changes must first take place within.

If you believe that others are holding you back, it is time to release your dependence on them. They may be traveling a different route entirely. A change in one of your relationships is likely, and although it may feel uncomfortable at the time, this is a positive change which cannot help but improve your long-term conditions.

There is at least one burden that you have carried for too long and which needs to be put in perspective. By expressing yourself in a friendly and cooperative way, you will be helping to empower someone else so that you, yourself, can eventually gain more freedom.

In this month of action and high expectation, present yourself with confidence. Don’t be deterred if your plans are interrupted or propelled into an unforeseen direction. Ride it out – see where it leads. Do not judge something before you have fully experienced the feelings involved.

You now have the ability to make things happen to your advantage. Your power to manifest requires flexibility and attention to detail, so that you can see the hidden opportunities as well as the obvious ones.

Another part of your power includes being able to sense avenues of success. To sense is to feel. This is sometimes referred to as emotional intelligence and includes knowing and then doing what must be done for the desired result to materialize. It is perhaps the most important area of learning in which we must all become engaged if we are to regain our freedom in the world.

Those in the 5 Year (and those with strong 5 energy in their charts) now have an amazing chance to not only become aware of valuable information but to also understand its deeper meaning.

Developing resourcefulness is a major part of the 5 Year journey. Don’t be defeated by mistakes – learn from them – gain experience from them, especially in matters of business, money, and your own personal standing in the world,. In the words of visionary Buckminster Fuller, “…don’t fight forces — use them.” Change those old beliefs that have always prevented personal progress or satisfaction. Feel the freedom that always follows the release of stubbornness.

The odds are in your favor, so decide what you want and pursue it. Opportunity is everywhere if you are open and alert enough to see it. Act in a serious and well-organized way, and above all, believe in your own abilities. Take what you want, but know when you have taken something as far as you can take it. Know when you have had or done enough. Know when you are satisfied.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Numerology … get your Creative Numerology Year Book here –     PDF (by email)   OR   PRINTED           KINDLE

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#6Monthly Forecast – the 3rd Month of your 6 Year makes this a 9 Personal Month (3+6=9).

We tend to think of the rational as a higher order, but it is the emotional that marks our lives. ~Merle Shane

An ENDING of some kind will help you to move away from an extreme situation so that a more balanced existence can be experienced. This is the right time – the natural time – for such an ending to occur. Be aware of any obsessive or possessive behavior this month. If it exists anywhere in your life, now is a good time to put an end to it. This is not love. There may be another less apparent aspect of your life which is ready to end. If so, life will bring it to an end for you.

Perhaps you are facing an obstacle which could push you toward some kind of extreme. If so, go into your deepest feelings and accept the reality of everything that is happening to you and whoever else is involved. It is time to let go of a feeling or belief that is keeping you tied to the past.

Don’t be afraid of endings. They set you free from the pain of yesterday. But do not deny your feelings about what is ending. If you cannot get past the feeling, you will be unable to proceed, no matter how much you deny it exists.

Don’t rush. It takes time, sometimes a great deal of time, to fully experience and heal from the feelings as powerful and as conclusive as those you are likely to feel this month. March may bring a dramatic situation into your life concerning the home, family member, friend, or a cherished idea, project, or possession. Extreme grief – or extreme happiness – may be experienced. Remember: you are learning the true meaning of love this year, and that love is often hidden beneath erroneous judgments you have made over a long period of time.

Of course, not all endings are traumatic. Some can lift the weight of the world from your shoulders, unless guilt has convinced you that it is wrong to feel this way. Perhaps it is guilt that needs to be ended now, or some other feeling, belief, or attitude that is preventing love from flowing freely.

Notice where unwanted items, circumstances, and memories are cluttering up your life and preventing inner peace. Put an end to these areas of stagnation and start to live by your own design. Those feelings of frustration and fear are coming directly from your heart – your heart’s desire to start living fully again, to experience joy, and above all, to feel a true sense of belonging and ‘home’.

This is also a cycle of giving, purely for the sake of the pleasure it creates. But giving is not confined to material or monetary matters. Acceptance, love, fun, laughter, understanding, gratitude, and encouragement, are the greatest gifts you can bestow on those around you at this time.

And the greatest gift you can give yourself is that of regaining your sense of individuality and realizing that life does indeed ‘go on’ – the moment you heal from and let go of what was keeping it at a standstill.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Forecast – the 3rd Month of your 7 Year makes this a 1 Personal Month (3+7=1+0=1).

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. ~Joseph Chilton Pearce

The nature of the 7 energy is to rise and fall, to ebb and flow. A recent fall or ebb has altered the direction of your life, and one of the things it seems to have given you is an increase of time and space in which to think, analyze, learn, plan, and heal.

However, only part of you seeks quiet spiritual awareness, while another part wants fast forward movement. Part of you has little interest in materiality, while another wants all the material rewards it can get. The push and pull of your desires is making you aware of your inconsistencies and inner conflicts. Don’t judge yourself for having them! You need to know just how independent or dependent you are; how free or enslaved your Will is; and how much you rely on the participation, opinion, or approval of others. You need to recognize the parts of you that you have been refusing to acknowledge.

The power of your own truth is rising. If you allow it to flow freely, it will enable you to live as you desire – perhaps not immediately – but if you don’t start somewhere, such as now, your goals may never materialize. The power of your own truth starts with being honest with yourself. There is bound to be confusion as you leave denial and face reality. The truth is often hard to understand or accept as you move from one level of consciousness to another. We are all evolving in our own way and our own time. Being honest with yourself opens the way forward.

What may seem like a distraction is actually a catalyst for a much needed change of pace and focus. March is a time of originality and new beginnings. But the situation is not simple. Much of the healing that needs to occur in you is now being reflected by something that is happening to someone else, or by the emergence of deeply buried memories and feelings. Either way, life is about to take you back to the very beginnings or origins of what you most need to heal. You may be surprised to discover just how much feeling you have ignored, and for how long.

Even when you identify the parts of your past that need healing, the old buried emotion still needs to be accepted, and expressed out of your body. This month offers healing on a very large scale – and you must give the process both the time and acceptance it needs.

It is time to get to know the real you, rather than the ‘pretend’ you. By now, you may be feeling withdrawn, tired, reserved, or secretive. Others may see a strangeness about you and wonder what is happening to you. There is no need to alienate yourself from those who care for you, but if you ignore this month’s introspective agenda, you are likely to have bouts of aggressive or submissive behavior which are unlikely to help you in any way. You may become cynical and pessimistic. You may engage in episodes of egotism and intolerance. Or you may become timid, afraid, and unable to act decisively.

If you believe you already have Free Will, you are very much mistaken. At this time, no one on Earth is free. We are all enslaved to various situations and institutions which would not be able to survive if we started to really think and feel for ourselves. No one else can give you freedom. It is not theirs to give. Freedom is a state of being which can only come from within, and the same is true of peace. The circumstances of March offer you a taste of both.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Numerology … get your Creative Numerology Year Book here –     PDF (by email)   OR   PRINTED           KINDLE

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monthly forecast





Monthly Forecast – the 3rd Month of your 8 Year makes this an 11/2 Personal Month (3+8=11=2) – in this 11/2 Global Year…

The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. ~Bertrand Russell

SLOW DOWN. As much as you may feel compelled to do something, this cycle urges you to be patient and bide your time. Your own needs are being taken care of behind the scenes where your impatience cannot damage their potential. March is all about right timing, and this is not the time to push your plans ahead unless it involves playing a cooperative role in some kind of partnership.

Give your attention or support to someone or something else instead. The way you respond to others will have a major impact on your overall plans. You will be needing the support of others later in the year, and now is a good time to remember that what goes around, comes around.

March in the 8 year provides a preview of what we must all learn in the years ahead with regard to patience, power, freedom, peace, teamwork, partnership, cooperation, intuition, and diplomacy. Try to stay as composed as possible as delays, doubts, or time consuming details distract and frustrate you. Attention to detail and a high sense of priority are essential now.

The most significant contribution you can make this month is to give others your patience, kindness, and understanding. Their circumstances may be more complex and painful than you imagine. Don’t force your presence or ideas on anyone. Stay in the background. You are here to help, not control.

All individuals are connected to the one large body we call humanity; and humanity is only a part of an even larger entity called life. This month provides a spectacular opportunity to experience this connection for yourself. Try to approach matters in a relaxed but attentive frame of mind so that you can recognize and absorb this new intelligence and connect the dots. Listen carefully and hear what is really being communicated – or omitted.

At some point while you’re cooperating, taking a back seat, tending to details, and putting your own plans on hold, you will realize that until these details are taken care of, you cannot proceed anyway.

Someone or something has entered your life to tell you, or show you, what you most need to know at this time. Or perhaps this person or thing has been around all along. Whatever the case, through the power of patience and the ability to see other sides of the story, a new sense of direction will suddenly emerge. This will confirm that although the purpose of this month’s events is to take your mind off your own goals, it is also to help you clarify them.

What is motivating you? If your goals are based on competition, greed, one-upmanship, revenge, or anything that does not have a peaceful and loving intent, you cannot attract success. Find the love in your heart and allow it to direct you.

No matter how it seems out there, humanity IS evolving from war-like competitiveness to peaceful and loving connectedness and CO-existence. Doing what we love and loving what we do – doing what we FEEL like doing – is the key to freedom, happiness, and peace on this planet. Of course, this cannot happen until we develop the courage to be free and peaceful within ourselves, and to know that the chaos we are experiencing in the outer world is our own resistance to freedom and peace. And notice that the deeper ‘resistance to change’ digs in its heels, the more irrational it becomes.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Numerology … get your Creative Numerology Year Book here –     PDF (by email)   OR   PRINTED           KINDLE

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Monthly Forecast – the 3rd Month of your 9 Year makes this an 3 Personal Month (3+9=1+2=3).

It is hard not to exaggerate the happiness you haven’t got. ~Stendhal

March marks the end of a phase in which you were so easily swayed or hurt by the insensitivity of others, but don’t be surprised if your own insensitivity becomes an issue, too. This is a time to conclude a situation which is no longer desirable, and this can be an enormous relief if you don’t deny the inevitable feelings that arise when you say farewell to an old friend, habit, belief, or situation.

March triggers nostalgia and longing. Don’t let guilt tell you that you must keep up the appearance of being rigidly in control of your emotions. Guilt’s function is to stop the emotional movement that allows life to flow freely.

You are going over old ground in order to retrieve feelings of happiness that are buried there. But be sure that what you are remembering is not just the appearance of happiness. We can easily deceive ourselves into believing we were happy just because we were able to smile. It is the inner feelings of happiness, and not the pretense, that you must search for now – feelings of true fulfillment, no matter how brief they may have been. If you cannot find old happiness, you will first have to express the layers of sadness that are burying it.

The 9 Year is emotional by nature. It is also very healing and can help you expand your creative ability, stretch your imagination, and see your new potential. It will help you discover a talent you have kept hidden, and to phase out situations that do not contribute to your well-being. Notice the positive responses from others as you find your natural way to communicate.

Friends are a major aspect of this cycle. Perhaps there is an unresolved issue hanging over you. Perhaps a current friendship has lost its sparkle. Perhaps, the nature of a friendship is causing a problem. A friendship may end, or a misunderstanding may be cleared up. Remember that the only approval you need is your own.

Keeping up appearances is a form of fear. It is fear of rejection – fear of how you are perceived by others. Self-acceptance is the only antidote. Accept yourself for who and what you are, and who you were, too. Self acceptance creates a healing inner magnetism which enables you to attract who and what you love, instead of situations and people with whom you have nothing in common. You have to love yourself, and like yourself, before you can expect others to truly love or like you.

Realize how hard you have been on yourself in the past. What is the worst that can happen if you don’t get your life exactly as you (or others) think it should be? Answer that, and you will release yourself from the painful grip of guilt that always tells you that you should be doing better than you are. Notice, too, where you may be transferring your own guilt onto others by implying that they should be doing better than they are.

While you are searching for past happiness, you will see that the only times you were genuinely happy were when you were not concerned about what others thought of you. Always remember that neediness attracts neediness. Guilt attracts guilt. Satisfaction attracts satisfaction, just as money attracts money, and love attracts love.

A more detailed version of your monthly forecast can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Numerology February 2018

Monthly Numerology February 2018.

2018 is a 2 Year, derived from the Master Number 11. (2+0+1+8=1+1=2). To calculate your number for 2018, simply add 2 to your month and day of birth. (Do NOT include your year of birth in this calculation). For instance, if your birthday is May 26, add 5+2+6+2. This adds up to 15, and 1+5=6. (keep adding until you reach a single digit). So, in this example the Year Number is 6.

Throughout 2018, use your Year Number to read your monthly numerology and weekly forecasts.

No matter which year happen to be in personally, the world is in an 11/2 Year in 2018. (2+0+1+8=11=2). Therefore, much insight can be gained by reading the 2 Forecast as well as your own.

Monthly Numerology January 2018

Monthly Numerology February – 1 Year

Listen or your tongue will keep you deaf. ~Native American Proverb

You may have firm material aims, but they will never be realized unless the specific feeling of personal satisfaction is your ultimate goal. A dream is often cut short when the reality of what must be done to achieve it sinks in. This month, you will learn the difference between the mere pursuit of happiness and actually living how you want to live. You will also learn the difference between avoiding reality – and basing every decision on the unfolding realities around you.

Get specific. What is it going to take to make you satisfied with who you are, and to appreciate what you have?

You must believe in yourself and take your abilities more seriously. If certain people do not seem to be coming through for you, remember that this year of forward movement requires you to stand alone and face your own reality. You can only rely on you for the results you want.

It is also likely that the people you are depending on are actually depending on you to take the bull by the horns and assert yourself. Remember that the evolutionary purpose of the 1 Year is to teach you about independence.

February highlights the powers of self expression and communication: what you choose to express, and what you choose to keep under wraps. It urges you to listen: to really hear what is being said – or notice where nothing is being said in an area where open dialog is needed. Discretion and diplomacy will work well for you now.

Do what feels right for you, moment by moment. Recognize and appreciate the small joys in your life. Notice those areas in which happiness already exists and truly appreciate them. If you cannot see them, it is probably because they are hidden by areas of unhappiness or turmoil which must not be ignored. Those are the issues and circumstances that must be worked through and changed as the year proceeds.

Keep in mind that some of those situations are caused by your own oversensitivity and a tendency to take things too personally, which is actually your frustration (anger) for not knowing precisely where you are or where you’re going. Be patient with your progress because this particular journey has only just begun, and as it unfolds, there will be many new sources of fulfillment to discover and experience.

Inner beauty is vital, but do not neglect the physical. However, if you base your outer appearance on what others think, you are not learning this valuable lesson of individuality. On the other hand, some other aspect of appearance and presentation may be involved here, particularly in work related matters.

A chance to progress may arise through friends, social activities, and connecting to others, personally and professionally. Be open minded. The world is changing fast. New ideas are needed. They will flow far more freely in a sociable and friendly atmosphere that is accepting of those who are “different”.

Someone else’s circumstances can affect you dramatically, and you may need to reassess the effect others can have on you, and your loved ones. Find a way to exercise compassion, while at the same time, take care of your own needs. February provides an opportunity to discover what makes you happy – and what does not – and to simply feel how GOOD it is to be alive!

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Numerology January 2018

Monthly Numerology February – 2 Year

The entire population of the Universe, with one trifling exception, is made up of other people. ~John Andrew Holmes

February’s themes of limitation and effort will make you aware of the restrictions that previous choices have created, and the hard work it will take to make the necessary long-term changes. If a misunderstanding or clash of interests distracts you from a goal, or creates uncertainty about who you are and where your life is going, it is time to sort out this situation. But remember that it’s not all about you. The feelings of all concerned are likely to run deep.

Aggression will not help. Avoidance will make matters worse. Remember that peace is the main objective of the 2 vibration. Try to use tact, humility, and encouragement toward someone who must not only deal with his or her own uncertainties and insecurities, but also with yours.

We are all fellow travelers on this precarious road of life, and this month in particular, much can be achieved through basic decency and respect for each other.

You have arrived at a crossroads and decisions must be made. You can either commit to taking an ambitious but patient route, or you can just give up. But do ask yourself why you cannot handle (balance) two or more situations simultaneously. There is so much more to you than only your relationships, or only your work, or only any aspect of your existence. Perhaps, if you were better organized, or less inclined to take things so personally, you would have more time and space in which to work, rest, and even play.

The wellbeing of others must be considered, but you will be unable to take care of their needs if yours are ignored. Yes, others are expecting a lot from you, and you would do well to be sensitive to their circumstances, needs, and feelings, and give them your support. You are actually in a strong position, but you can easily upset things by jumping to conclusions without patiently assessing the long-term implications.

Only by simplifying and being better organized will you know what your priorities need to be at this time. This will enable you to consciously set the foundation – actually start to create – what you want for yourself.

Put everything in its right place, DETAIL-BY-DETAIL. Prioritize. A unified effort will be stronger than any individual effort. The true meaning of co-operation is to operate together. Open your mind to alternatives. It is only your fear of what may be in your mind that is keeping it closed.

Denied fear often draws to us the very situations we are trying to avoid. The acceptance of fear helps us to find ways to bypass or deal with potentially frightening situations. Don’t assume that you already know what others are thinking or feeling. Don’t assume anything.

Your vision is not being destroyed by the presence of others. It is simply expanding so that they can be included in it. This month brings you to the very edges of your limits so that you can push those boundaries away from you with your increased determination, patience, and belief in yourself. As you expand as an individual, so too must your limits of tolerance. You will then realize that you can divide your attention proportionately, and that a particular vision or dream, if you are prepared to adjust it to suit your new reality, is still very much alive.

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Numerology January 2018

Monthly Numerology February – 3 Year

People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are those who get up and look for the circumstances they want. And, if they can’t find them, they make them. ~George Bernard Shaw

Virtually anything can happen in February in the 3 year – a month of diversity, excitement, change, and high expectation. This month, horizons broaden. Love blossoms. Ideas and babies are conceived. New life is formed. Possibilities abound. Adventure is in the air. You may experience the conclusion of one matter so that another can expand. There is likely to be a ‘pregnant’ feeling now; a feeling of expectancy. And, yet, this month can only promise one thing. The unexpected.

Your desire to experience life more fully is expanding and, yes, it is possible for you to have freedom and happiness without guilt’s incessant harassment. Your life will change this month. A whole series of changes may occur – a chain reaction of events. Be confident. Go with it. Remember it was you who wanted change in the first place.

Stay focused and alert. So much is going on around you that you may ignore important details. You could say or do something inappropriate, or become accident prone. Concentrate on what you’re doing, but not to the extent that your peripheral vision is completely cut off. You need to be able to see out of the corners of your eyes and face all the facts.

As your freedom to move and express yourself increases, you must also increase the boundaries of your imagination. The same tired old thinking will get you nowhere. Don’t worry about not knowing how to make something happen. That will come in time. Before you can walk, you must learn to crawl.

Keep your expectations high, but understand that you may end up discarding what you currently ‘think’ you want. And, if you don’t know what you want, that’s OK too. The important thing is to give your imagination its freedom.

You may find that a change in someone else’s life will enable you to initiate an important change of your own which includes a more creative and less fearful way of thinking.

Attention must also be given to a particular mistake you have been making most of your life – a pattern of behavior or lifestyle that has consistently created trouble for you. You are reaching a deeper understanding of how it has effected you (and possibly others) and you must figure out a way to break this mold and let it evolve into the very experience that will help you move forward.

You are experiencing many different feelings at this time. The foundation of your life has shifted and this can create fear, sadness, anger, and all kinds of stress. This month is a constant exercise in emotional release, followed by renewed enthusiasm. Your deepest feelings are being released in waves – gigantic healing waves.

Whatever happens this month is a way forward. Your ability to clearly and effectively communicate your needs, feelings, and ideas, will certainly affect the outcome. If you find yourself in unknown territory, stay alert. You are traveling through life’s corridors of change. Even if a certain change shakes you to the core, accept the fact that it presents you with an opportunity to be free.

Act on your instincts – your true feelings – and travel confidently with this exciting cycle. A word of warning: this month’s vibrations are creative, physical, and sexual in nature. Pregnancy vibrations are at their highest. A physical child may be the form of creativity you want to achieve. If not, forewarned is forearmed.

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Numerology January 2018

Monthly Numerology February – 4 Year

The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition which impels people to unfold their powers. ~Eric Fromm

You may experience a conflict between something close to your heart and your growing need to evolve into a more independent person. The choices you make now can profoundly effect others. Without considering their realities, needs, and feelings, nerves can become frayed and responses are likely to be over-reactive.

The themes of February are common-sense, love, fairness, responsibility, and healing.

The 4 Year lets you know what your limits are, and right now, it does seem that your personal, professional, or domestic limits have been reached. You need to regain your balance and devise a realistic schedule in which all your responsibilities can be taken care of. As you attempt to get better organized, remember that sometimes things have to fall apart before they can fall into place.

The pressure you are experiencing is coming from your impatience to produce an answer without fully understanding the question.

What may seem like a loss, interruption or intrusion may actually be preventing you from moving in the wrong direction, and can improve your overall timing. This may be a chance to focus less on making a living, and more on how you would like to be living.

Life is trying to connect you to someone or something that could be a catalyst for greater order and stability – or to help you walk away from a negative situation. February’s events will make you realize just how strong you actually are by helping you understand the difference between struggle and effort.

An uncomfortable rift can be healed by letting go of an outdated belief as to what a certain relationship should be. Calm down. This month is all about problem-solving, restoring your ability to love without fear of loss, and creating peace within yourself and with those you care for.

Face the problem and be prepared to work on it. Do not overlook vital details. Being totally realistic will lead to the constructive solutions and healing that you, and someone else, evidently need. Be patient. Know the difference between helping and interfering. You don’t have to be right all the time. It’s okay to admit that you don’t have all the answers. In fact, there is likely to be one situation for which there is currently no answer at all. Accept it for what it is and express your feelings about it. Guilt and blame can serve no constructive purpose.

Attend to matters of maintenance or repair in your home and working environments. Tidy up any clutter that is taking up valuable space and blocking new energy from entering your life. Check on the value of unwanted items. Selling them could help to bring more order to your finances. A more creative approach to money must be implemented so that a significant long-term change can take place.

We are living in confusing times in which everyone must learn to solve their own problems according to their unique needs and knowledge, and to join forces with others who have also reached this level of understanding.

Free Will is the magic that is missing from this evolving creation called life. Free Will is the mastery that comes with taking full responsibility for yourself. When we take full responsibility for our own lives, we realize that no one owes us anything – and there’s no one to blame.

The main ingredients of Free Will are (1) loving intention, and (2) the open expression of emotion. This evolutionary combination will enable you to feel and sense your way through life instead of being told by others what can and cannot be done. And, from a state of genuine Free Will, it is so much easier to consider other people’s feelings and needs, too.

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Numerology January 2018

Monthly Numerology February – 5 Year

Whatever your age, your upbringing, or your education, what you are made of is mostly unused potential. ~George Leonard

This month, you will need to eliminate distraction and commit to finding the best way to change a certain situation. Think things out carefully, study, adjust, and plan. Some quiet time alone is needed, along with a new approach and a change of attitude. Observe what you already have, and see its greater potential. Admit to past and present mistakes so that you can learn and benefit from them, and gain the wisdom that comes from being honest with yourself.

New ideas are pushing you in a new direction, but unresolved matters of the past can delay your progress until those old issues are finally (and fully) dealt with. Wishing for a different outcome will not change the reality of that outcome, and although you may plan and visualize the way something will turn out, you then have to face the reality of how it does turn out and be prepared to quickly adapt to the unexpected.

There are some questions for which there are no answers but, now, in February of the 5 Year, there is at least one situation for which the answer is blatantly clear. When you understand this, your feelings of loneliness, doubt, pessimism, and anxiety will melt away. They are simply echoes of the past which are leaving your life. Let them go, and start looking forward again.

Pay attention. Straighten up. Feel your freedom. Feel your imagination stirring from the restrictions placed on it last year. Regain your dignity and sense the potential before you.

One of the problems with 5 is that, without correct understanding of current reality, you can become impulsive and reckless. No matter how unsatisfactory a situation is, don’t make that mistake now. Patient and careful planning is needed and, if you are planning to bring an end to circumstances that are draining your Free Will, do so thoughtfully, and in a way that serves the best interests of all concerned.

You have much to offer, but it may need to be presented in a different or more realistic way. Then you will see that the world has so much to offer you and that you must learn how to manifest what you want in the light of what is happening locally, nationally and globally. It is all connected.

You will be presenting yourself and your ideas to the world in March, so you had better use February to make yourself and your ideas presentable. Get your act together. NOW is the time to prepare and orchestrate, and to arrange something that you have been unable or afraid to do. Arrange it anyway. By the time March rolls around, unexpected things will have happened and you will have worked through your fears and you will be ready.

The numbness you are feeling is the result of all those feelings you’ve been holding in for a year or more. Find a way to let them out – privately if possible. And do be perfectly clear on one thing: there is never a need to hurt yourself or anyone else when expressing yourself.

Remember those times when you gave up on something before you truly experienced it, or stubbornly held on to something that served no purpose. This year is all about learning and gaining experience from previous mistakes, and those are the mistakes that you will not want to repeat this month. No matter how it all feels right now, you really do stand to grow and prosper from the new circumstances that are starting to develop, and which are a lot brighter than you may currently be willing or able to admit.

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Numerology January 2018

Monthly Numerology February – 6 Year

Changing things can be very hard when you know you have to – and very easy when you want to. ~Anon

This month, a change will occur that effects your work and your domestic and personal life. Approach everything in a confident and businesslike manner, and request whatever help or advice you need. Leave nothing to chance. The spotlight is on your finances, home, material belongings, and long term security.

This is an opportunity-filled month when meaning and warmth can be restored to all areas of your life, creating a more balanced and comfortable feeling than you have experienced in a long time. This is a cycle of reward which gives you a return on whatever you have invested into your life. It emphasizes strength and prosperity and is often linked to money, business, and property. A heightened sense of responsibility is likely in financial, legal and career matters.

The 6 Year highlights education, and you are likely to learn new things which can help boost your personal power levels. You may even learn something which can boost the prospects of someone else. But it is not enough to merely learn new facts. The key is to correctly understand the information you receive. Don’t be stubborn. Be prepared to learn new things.

You can make things happen by acting decisively, realistically and responsibly. Do not allow greed to motivate you as this could cause your best laid plans to backfire. If you concentrate only on the potential reward, you will be reducing your focus on what must be done to manifest it.

You need a high self-esteem and strong faith in your abilities. You also need to recognize when a mistake is not a mistake and when a delay or distraction is actually a blessing in disguise. Be alert and aware, and understand the value of what you have which, by the way, is likely to be an opportunity, not a problem.

A practical frame of mind will help you to express yourself with intelligence, confidence and affection. Others will be drawn to your material or financial common sense: even inspired. This is a good time to consider how your actions – and the way you see the world – may affect others.

Maintain a loving balance between them and your outside life. Balance does not require you to stretch yourself uncomfortably between your different responsibilities. On the contrary, balance creates time and space for all that is important to you. By the way, what is important to you right now?

Your priorities are changing! Organize and manage your different activities in the order of their importance, as this will enable them to coexist freely and peacefully. Express yourself clearly. Put your cards on the table! You are in the process of redesigning your life, and there is simply no room for game-playing or keeping up appearances. All that matters are the facts – and your ability to understand and take advantage of them. February is a time to take new steps which will draw you closer to your true desires. This month, you have the power.

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Numerology January 2018

Monthly Numerology February – 7 Year

If you find that someone is holding you back from achieving those things you believe you want, think again. Could it be that they are merely the outer edge of your aspirations and that, on another level entirely, you seek fulfillment of a different kind? ~Sally Brompton

The purpose of February’s powerful vibrations is to wake up part of your mind that is asleep. As you start to question your own beliefs, focus on your true feelings and strive to end something that no longer serves a purpose. But don’t jump to conclusions. Think about this carefully. What needs to end is your reaction to something or someone else – even to society itself.

Your mind is thinking in unfamiliar terms. Issues of the past are reemerging suddenly and mysteriously – triggered by events taking place in the present. Your memories, along with the feelings that were buried with them, must be allowed to flow without further denial because they represent the very things that are now tripping you up or holding you back. The insight you stand to gain from the past can change your whole view of the present in the most positive way. Notice how your current situation is connected to all the things you ever did, and how each of your experiences automatically led to another, and then another, until you finally reached this place called NOW.

Of course, it is impossible to be fully in the present when half of you – your emotional half – is stuck somewhere in the past. You will not be able to look forward if your feelings keep dragging you backwards. Release those buried emotions by feeling them fully and expressing them out of your body.

See your life as one continuing journey – with a past, a present, and a future – rather than an erratic fragmented sequence of unrelated events. The past is part of your unique journey. Regrets are unnecessary because whatever happened to you is only one segment of your voyage into Free Will. Next month you may find yourself plotting an entirely new course. But, in February, things are ending, not beginning. In fact, nothing new can begin until these emotional conclusions take place, and a particular event this month will help you to do so.

Getting your feelings out is the most needed ending of all right now. If you cannot be honest with yourself, who can you be honest with? How can you expect others to believe in you if you do not believe in yourself? These endings may affect others too. A sympathetic and compassionate approach will benefit all. GIVE, simply for the sake of giving, without any expectation of return or thanks. But do be aware of the different forms of giving that exist, including love, generosity, acceptance, time, assistance, and creative output.

Sometimes giving simply means being yourself and encouraging others to be who they are. It can also mean giving way, giving in, or giving up. Only you can determine what you need to give and to whom. But remember that giving always entails letting go of something.

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Numerology January 2018

Monthly Numerology February – 8 Year

What is qualified? I haven’t been qualified to be a mayor. I’m not qualified to be a songwriter. I’m not qualified to be a TV producer. I’m not qualified to be a successful businessman. And so, I don’t know what qualified means. ~Sonny Bono

This is a month of independence, originality, and fresh starts. An important change is developing which will help you to move closer to a better way of life. Avoid impatience and aggression. Stay confident and focused, no matter what is going on. You are exactly where you need to be in order to receive valuable new information or insight. This will replace old beliefs that have been held in place by inexperience or misinformation.

Your feelings, thoughts, and actions represent the planting of seeds which will start to bud in April. Get passionately involved with your own needs and desires and start creating a more suitable environment from which to fulfill them. Your goals will need dedication and time to materialize. Patience and consideration for others will also be needed as you make your changing world more comfortable. If you don’t know exactly how to get the ball rolling, don’t worry. The how to will follow the desire to. The magnetic pull of your desire – your Will – your feelings – your senses – your instincts – are now drawing you to the means of turning desire into reality.

Be prepared to learn new things as the situation changes. Some changes will occur of their own accord. Other changes must be made by you. One small change will lead to another – opening up an entirely new direction for you. We are all afraid of change. When fear arises this month, allow yourself to feel it instead of pretending that you’re not afraid. Acceptance of your feelings will provide the answers you need. You will then be able to proceed intelligently and confidently.

Now is a good time to eliminate addictions and excesses that keep you dependent on someone or something else – or keep you distracted from reality. This is a month to stand alone and seriously assess your needs, capabilities, potentials, and resources.

Start something new. At least, start a new phase of an existing situation. Whatever you start now, even if it is only in your mind at this stage, stands a very good chance of success. Think about this carefully if you have a history of starting things but not following through. This cycle responds positively to originality and creative thinking.

Only by focusing on what you want will you be able to feel and measure your desires and abilities – and determine your own identity, instead of forever being told by others who you are and what you should be doing. Have patience with yourself, other people, and your goals. A sense of loneliness is inevitable this month. You want the love and support of others, but it is you, alone, who must do what is necessary to bring your desires to fruition.

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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Monthly Numerology January 2018
Monthly Numerology February – 9 Year

We can all gain perspective from our thoughts, but it’s important to avoid using logic to replace feelings. ~Rick Levine

A stressful aspect that you just can’t stand any more has, thankfully, run its course. The sooner you admit this to yourself, the sooner a decision can be made and acted upon. Something has to end, and this month’s healing energies provide an opportunity to unburden yourself from something you have been reluctant to confront, even though it has been draining your energy to a large extent.

The more you struggle with the reality of certain situations, the more sensitive you will become and, therefore, more vulnerable to some form of pain. When you stop struggling with the truth, you must then accept that it’s OK to feel ‘relieved’. Only guilt would tell you otherwise.

Take things easy. Get as much rest as you can. Your own interests, plans and goals are being taken care of on some other plain while you focus on an intense relationship matter. This could be a relationship with a person – or something else to which you are connected.

This sensitive cycle promotes peace, patience, diplomacy, partnership, and cooperation.

February is a cycle of intuition, balance, and acceptance. Most of all, it is a cycle of emotional honesty. So, if you are losing patience with a situation, this is a sign of progress, not defeat.

You have allowed certain circumstances to go on for too long because guilt, which thrives on your fear, told you that you had no choice. Now you know this situation cannot continue and that you must find a solution that allows you to keep what you love and move away from – or change – what is hurting you. And, In February, there is likely to be more than one instance of this.

Teamwork and cooperation play important roles. There is a cause for every effect, and it is the cause, from the past, that you must now find and heal. You are traveling through powerful and cleansing vibrations and, if you are honest with yourself, you will experience many different feelings that you previously tried to avoid. They need to come out now. Outward expression is how they heal – provided healing is your true intent.

Remember that your healing process is a personal concern. There is no need to confront others when releasing your feelings, although it may take the words or actions of someone else to bring these feelings to the surface. Give yourself the privacy and the time you need for this process. Your life cannot move forward in a satisfactory way until this matter is resolved.

Proceed calmly and confidently with your daily affairs. Many details need to be taken care of. If you find yourself swaying between having too much patience and none at all, acknowledge what is really happening here – you are being stretched between the extremes of your situation. Being aware of these extremes will help you to find a point of balance from which you can express yourself spontaneously, without hurting yourself or anyone else. Allow others to express themselves freely, too.

The vibrations of February are gentle and caring, and it is YOU that you need to be gentle and caring with. Face your reality, look for the deep-rooted cause, release the feelings involved, and relax with the new understandings that follow.

A more detailed version of your monthly numerology can be found in my book, LIFE CYCLES.

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