Your Weekly Forecast is based on your Personal Year Number for 2018.

2018 is an 11/2 Year in the world. (2+0+1+8=1+1=2). To calculate your personal number for 2018, simply add 2 to your month and day of birth. (Do NOT include your year of birth in this calculation). 

Example birthday: May 27:

Month = 5

Day = 2+7=9

2018 =1+1= 2

5 + 9 + =1+6=7  (Keep adding until you get a single number). In this example, the Year Number is 7.


NOTE 1: Week 52 is a 7 Global Week. It runs from December 24 to 30. This is the final week of the whirlwind 11/2 year of 2018, and it is often at the very end of a cycle that we have the most to learn from it. There is now likely to be something new and vital to learn and take with us into 2019.  7 is the learning number. 7 takes us inward – to what  our experiences here on Earth have taught us – our personal wisdom.

Both 11/2 and 7 are highly intuitive energies, causing visible results to “emerge” from what has been going on behind the scenes (11/2) or beneath the surface (7).   7 is the number of secrets and conspiracy – and 11 illuminates what is hidden – producing alternating waves of confident optimism and fearful pessimism.

In addition to all this, December in the 11/2 Year is a karmic 14/5 month which gives us an opportunity to finally learn from a mistake instead of mindlessly repeating it. 14/5 is an unstable energy in which virtually anything can happen. 5 is the number of the sudden and unexpected, and the need for mental agility and material resourcefulness.

This week, unresolved issues resurface, strong emotional vibes shake open our minds, and a deeper awareness emerges. As the feminine energy within us all (emotion) continues to break down the wall of denial, truth seeps through the cracks, and we SEE the outcome of our present dilemma if things carry on in the same way.  5 is the number of FREEDOM and CHANGE which, this week, also shows us the possibilities that constructive change would bring. 

The debilitating role that denial is playing in the world is going to be a major theme of 2019. Denial of the truth is denial of reality. As we are drawn further in to the evolutional stream of time, facing reality – and dealing with it – is the only way forward. 

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 NOTE 2: YOUR YEARLY NUMBER CHANGES IN 2019. There is a link to your NEW YEARLY CYCLE at the end of your weekly forecast. If you are in the 9 year now, you will be in the 1 year in 2019.  If you are in the 1 year now, you will be in the 2 year in 2019. If you are in the 2 Year now, you will be in the 3 Year in 2019, and so on.

NOTE 3: THIS IS THE FINAL WEEK in which the Weekly Forecasts are updated on Mondays. These forecasts are based on the ‘Absolute Week Calendar’ in which each week begins with the day on which the year began. In 2019, January 1 is a TUESDAY. Therefore, throughout 2019, the weekly forecasts will be updated each Tuesday. (I usually post them a day early).



Weekly Forecast / 1 Year

Take the pressure off yourself. Consider all others as equals. Feel your focus shift from all things pertaining to you, to the needs and circumstances of other people. The merging of the masculine 1 and feminine 2 energies is affecting everyone, and it is now reminding you, personally, that you are just 1 person. 1 individual. 1 soul – among SO many others. This cycle can help you to clarify your position, and finally … r-e-l-a-x…

On Tuesday, January 1st, you move from the 1 Year to the 2 Year. READ ABOUT YOUR YEAR AHEAD HERE


Weekly Forecast / 2 Year

You are feeling emotional, but not over-emotional; sensitive, but not over-sensitive. You are able to give without stretching yourself too thin. And, if you have learned anything from recent experiences, you are no longer taking anything too personally. When faith connects with reality – not illusion – it’s power is awesome. Watch out for those illusions though. Life is full of them, and they can be very convincing. Do not be easily fooled.

 On Tuesday, January 1st, you move from the 2 Year to the 3 Year: READ ABOUT YOUR YEAR AHEAD HERE



Weekly Forecast / 3 Year

There is an exciting tone to this cycle, as if you are on some kind of ‘mission’. But remember that your goal is your goal, and your responsibility. Others have their own aspirations, views, and experience of life. Judge no one. Not even yourself. Ongoing conflict is counterproductive. Friendly cooperation and acceptance are needed. You have much to be optimistic about – and a certain idea is no longer ‘before its time’.

On Tuesday, January 1st, you move from the 3 year to the 4 year. READ ABOUT YOUR YEAR AHEAD HERE



Weekly Forecast / 4 Year

No one is immune to the uncertainty of humanity’s evolving journey into Free Will. Concerns about what the new year may bring are realistic and healthy. Accept the fact that the healing of your emotions, spirit, body, and heart, is ongoing – the work of a lifetime. No matter what is happening, raise your expectations and allow a new vision to form.

On Tuesday, January 1st, you move from the 4 Year to the 5 Year. READ ABOUT YOUR YEAR AHEAD HERE



Weekly Forecast / 5 Year

Being open and friendly in a world so lacking in openness and friendliness can feel painful. So, keep certain details to yourself for now. Then you will be able to enjoy the insight that this cycle offers. You have every reason to feel gratified. The mistakes you made along the way no longer matter, but what they taught you can now be used to your advantage.

On Tuesday, January 1st, you move from the 5 Year to the 6 Year. READ ABOUT YOUR YEAR AHEAD HERE



Weekly Forecast / 6 Year

Families and groups are made of individuals. The more you try to control things, the more complex life becomes. Your role is a freeing and healing one, not a controlling one. So, release others from your unrealistic expectations, and yourself from theirs. Know the difference between the feeling of ‘belonging’ and the belief that we ‘belong’ to each other. We do not own love. Love needs to be freely felt, shared, given, and received.  (Free)

 On Tuesday, January 1st, you move from the 6 Year to the 7 Year.  READ ABOUT YOUR YEAR AHEAD HERE



Weekly Forecast / 7 Year

There is still something you’re doing, or intend to do, that is holding you back. It is something you run to every time you want to avoid change or challenge. Admit to a reality that you’ve been denying. Admitting something means letting it IN. Excessive pride is a form of fear that cannot accept the truth. This needs to be acknowledged now. Let the truth IN – along with some truly exciting ideas which can expand your imagination and horizons.

On Tuesday, January 1st, you move from the 7 Year to the 8 Year. READ ABOUT YOUR YEAR AHEAD HERE



Weekly Forecast / 8 Year

Try to balance your own needs with the needs of others. This cycle gives you the time, space, and insight in which to analyze what you’ve got in terms of assets, connections, talent, resources – and situation. What you have achieved so far is only one step in a greater plan. So, while you’re waiting for more understanding to come in, relax, breathe easy, and make yourself at home!

 On Tuesday, January 1st, you move from the 8 Year to the 9 Year. READ ABOUT YOUR YEAR AHEAD HERE



Weekly Forecast / 9 Year

Your present reality is your only doorway to the future, and that sense of urgency you’re feeling is probably a desire to conclude something and finally put it behind you. Only you can know what this entails. What seems unacceptable now may change into something more loving or useful next year, so do not act or speak impulsively. Be honest about your needs and desires, and wish yourself – and others – only the best.




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