Weekly Forecast – OCTOBER 15, 2018

Your Weekly Forecast is based on your Personal Year Number for 2018.

2018 is an 11/2 Year in the world. (2+0+1+8=1+1=2). To calculate your personal number for 2018, simply add 2 to your month and day of birth. (Do NOT include your year of birth in this calculation). 

Example birthday: May 27:

Month = 5

Day = 2+7=9

2018 =1+1= 2

5 + 9 + =1+6=7  (Keep adding until you get a single number). In this example, the Year Number is 7.


NOTE 1:  Week 42 runs from Monday, October 15 to Sunday, October 21. It is a 6 Week – the number of justice, education, health, tradition, institutions, responsibility, family, and community. 6 represents both balance and the outer fringes. 6 represents stability and chaos, problem-making and problem-solving, peace and war, and love and hate. So, we are likely to find ourselves ‘teetering’ between many extremes this week. This is an important BALANCE POINT in the world.

October is a 3 Month, the number of words, images, and all forms of communication. 2018 is an 11 year of shedding light on reality which is opening people’s minds and hearts. And this week, 4 and 2 stress the importance of taking the time to understand complex issues – and paying great attention to the details. Both 4 and 2 excel in connecting the dots to produce a bigger picture. Of course, in the transparency of this  11  3  4  2  vibration, the effort to divert attention from what is so obviously happening is likely to be greater than ever, too. Stay aware and awake.

NOTE 2:  Your weekly forecast repeats as a daily forecast on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17. This repetition occurs when the month and day add up to 9. (1+0+1+7=9). On these ‘double dose’ days, circumstances, memories, and old issues resurface. 9 represents endings and letting go of the past. This is a time of drama, completion, empathy, and deep emotional expression. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2018 is also a 2 Day (1+8+11=2+0=2), adding to the intensity of this 11/2 Year in this 2 Millennium. The 9 aspect produces yet another 11. And the fact that this is the 290th day of the year gives us another 11 on top of that.

Therefore, WEDNESDAY is also an 11:11:11 Day, and these 6 ONES connect us back to the 6 energy that comes from 4 and 2. Something which is related to the balance and imbalance in the world is coming full circle now. This 33/6 energy places even more emphasis on the power of communication, the power of originality, the power of creativity, and the power of justice. It also shows us the consequences of the abuse of power which keeps this old system of imbalance and suffering in place.

Perhaps we will see an indication of what is to come in the 11:11 vibrations of November, in which ALL the Master Numbers will be active. And perhaps it will give us some clues as to what we must learn as we make our way through the 3 Year of 2019, towards the global turning point of 2020.

NOTE 3:  No matter which year you happen to be in personally, the 11/2 global year is affecting us all. Therefore, insight can be gained by reading the 2 forecast as well as your own. The 1, 3, 4, and 6 forecasts are also very powerful this week.


Weekly Forecast / 1 Year

Be aware of an inner conflict, a fight to be right, or a struggle to avoid the truth. Denial of your true feelings could cause you to become overcritical, impatient or unreasonable. There is no point in subduing your feelings or avoiding the viewpoints of others. Release yourself from the pressure of trying to appear perfect. As an evolving being, acceptance of your imperfections IS perfection.

Weekly Forecast / 2 Year

It’s time to get down to business. Stay focused on what is relevant. Do not get distracted. This cycle features the power of communication, being appreciated, and increasing your popularity. Communicate in a way that others can relate to, and remember that even the most accurate information is irrelevant if it is not accurately understood. No matter how long you have known a particular person or group, you are currently in the process of making contact.

Weekly Forecast / 3 Year

It seems that you finally want to confront an issue you’ve been avoiding, and move on with your life. Acceptance of the truth will enable you to see where you stand and to know what your options are. This will create hope and optimism, regardless of circumstances. Take responsibility for yourself and don’t expect others to take your needs as seriously as you need to take them. This is a cycle of freedom, peace, and in many ways, maturity

\Weekly Forecast / 4 Year

Notice how the chaos seems less frustrating when you accept the facts for what they are and deal with them in your own way and at your own pace. Certain things that have bothered you for a long time simply don’t matter now. This cycle reveals what really matters so that you can untangle yourself from anything irrelevant. The change of direction you need can only come from a change of what you focus on. 

Weekly Forecast / 5 Year

You are in the process of changing your mind which can feel like a war between your head and heart. In this instance, follow your heart. Listen to it. Respect it. Love it. Live around the principle of truly caring; but not in a guilt-laden ‘bleeding heart’ way that leaves you too overwhelmed to be effective. Your heart is tired of bleeding! It wants to heal and be strong again so that you really can make a difference in this tired and bleeding world. 

Weekly Forecast / 6 Year

You will be able to communicate effectively, even with people on different wavelengths, if you are able to work through your fear of those who are ‘different’, or your fear of accepting others too easily and then getting hurt. There are definite gaps between you, but there is also common ground on which to build friendlier relations. Put assumption and wishful thinking aside, and remember that this story must be accurately read, and not merely judged by its ‘cover’.


Weekly Forecast / 7 Year

How can you be independent when others are so vital to your goals or wellbeing? Is it really independence you’re worried about, or the fear that you may have to lose, share, or admit something in the process? Something daunting appears to be standing in your way, and its name is pride! Only so much can be accomplished now, and the insight that is trying to reach you cannot do so through those tight knots of resistance. Relax.

Weekly Forecast / 8 Year

The emphasis is on your fears about freedom, security, and your place out there in the big bad world. This anxiety is being triggered by your increasing recognition of reality, and that is a good thing! After all, how can you know what needs to be changed, improved, or completely avoided, if you don’t understand the nature of what you are dealing with? Be aware. Be open. Be real. And remember that awareness of reality (correct understanding) is the best safety net you could possibly have!


Weekly Forecast / 9 Year

Something that has been draining your energy or dulling your senses can end now. By working through your fear, instead of denying its existence or becoming paralyzed by it, you will be able to move into a freer and more comfortable position. This cycle provides information that is relevant to your long-term interests. A new and desirable phase can now begin which will be based on openness rather than secrecy, and the desire for truth rather than denial.


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5 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast – OCTOBER 15, 2018

  1. Cc

    Thank you so much for your words, both of you. It releesed so much in me!
    I can feel like there is a little ball of fire inside my chest that just has started to burn, and it is like all I want to do know is to protect this litle fireball and ceep it safe..
    Maybe it sounds weird, but it is a good feeling.
    Thank you again for taking time to answer me.

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      It does not sound weird at all, Cc. It sounds like you’re right on schedule – finding your personal power in your 8 Year of self-empowerment.

      “awareness of reality is the best safety net you could possibly have!”

      Much love,

  2. Cc

    Thank you again for your work!
    I’m in my 8 year, and I can relate to all the numbers involved..
    But still, this October month I just feel so exausted, and could sleep through the whole month i believe! It’s like all the power is gone and I just can’t deal with life itself anymore. And I have no idea if this is my depression, ore if this is part of something bigger, ore..
    But still I feel kind of calm/ safe inside, it’s the life outside that’s become to much to deal with..
    This road is sooo confusing XD

    1. Tiffany

      From the sounds of it, a lot of people are feeling this way right now. Try not to worry – your energy will come back!

    2. Christine Delorey Post author

      Hello Cc,

      So many people are feeling this way as we evolve from the 1000s to the 2000s and the old systems continue to break down. The weekly forecast for the 8 Year describes your situation well. That part of you that feels calm inside is your strength – your Will. That’s the part of you that’s evolving – and that’s what will help you through this.

      You are also in a 9 Month, Cc, which is a highly emotional and dramatic energy. Take a break, my love. Catch your breath. Feel your inner strength increasing regardless of what’s happening in the outer world. Release the tension by letting what you’re feeling out, safely and privately.

      You are feeling the effects of your own evolution, and they are bound to alternate as you move through this particular phase. 9 is a spiral that takes you to a new level. It can also feel like a rollercoaster at times. As Tiffany wisely said in her comment “try not to worry – your energy will come back”.

      Sending you my love and very best wishes. You are doing better than you think.



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