Weekly Forecast – OCTOBER 22, 2018

Your Weekly Forecast is based on your Personal Year Number for 2018.

2018 is an 11/2 Year in the world. (2+0+1+8=1+1=2). To calculate your personal number for 2018, simply add 2 to your month and day of birth. (Do NOT include your year of birth in this calculation). 

Example birthday: May 27:

Month = 5

Day = 2+7=9

2018 =1+1= 2

5 + 9 + =1+6=7  (Keep adding until you get a single number). In this example, the Year Number is 7.


NOTE 1: See your personal forecast below. No additional article this week as I am studying the 11:11 month of November 2018, and there is a LOT to uncover there.

NOTE 2: On Friday October 26th, your weekly forecast doubles as a daily forecast. This occurs whenever the month and day add up to 9 (1+0+2+6=9). Additionally on this date, the highly sensitive and emotional 299th day of the year can bring feelings to a crescendo. It could feel like the ‘last straw’ – or it could bring a kind of ‘ah, at last’ relief. Or both. 

NOTE 3: No matter which year you happen to be in personally, the world is in the 11/2 Year in 2018. (2+0+1+8=1+1=2).Therefore, much insight can be gained by reading the and forecasts, as well as your own. The 3, 4, and forecasts are also extremely powerful this week.



Weekly Forecast / 1 Year

Power is in the air – different kinds of power – each claiming to be more powerful than the other. If handled correctly, a power drama in your own life can help you change direction towards a more fulfilling path. You are learning about the games people play – and that when power is used without understanding its effects, unnecessary problems arise.

Weekly Forecast / 2 Year

True friends are never plentiful, but we also have acquaintances who could turn out to be true friends. Notice the expectation that exists between certain people who think they are friends but are only acquaintances. Friendship is a form of love, but when it is expected rather than felt, the love becomes stifled. When you realize that you are equals and don’t owe each other anything, genuine friendship can form.

Weekly Forecast / 3 Year

Do not take anything for granted. Look for truth in opposing points of view. Appearances can be deceiving, so independently check the facts and take a more self-reliant stance in general. If you are confronted with facts you would rather not hear, or a reality you would rather not accept, do not create unnecessary problems for yourself by spinning the truth and denying the obvious. There is a fine line between ‘positive thinking’ and denial.

Weekly Forecast / 4 Year

Let your heart soften where it has been hurt and hardened. Don’t be pushed into moving at an unnatural pace. In this cycle, Free Will means being able to operate in a way that feels appropriate to the situation, and slowly enough to notice the details that will help you make sense of it all. By focusing on what really matters at this time, right now, you will gain insight that can improve many areas of your life.

Weekly Forecast / 5 Year

If something seems tedious, boring, or superficial, it is finally time to let go of an old routine, habit, or frame of mind. Your efforts to ‘go forward’ and ‘reverse’ at the same time are causing the ‘drag’ you are feeling. You won’t get very far splashing around in the shallow end of life like that. You KNOW your real fulfillment lies in deeper waters.

Weekly Forecast / 6 Year

Consider the possible reactions of others. There is a time to exert your power and a time when it is best kept under wraps. This is one of those defining moments when you must choose which it will be. You are learning the difference between mere tactics and real strategy, and you can now regain some ‘lost’ Will by calculating the results of a certain move before you make it. This is powerful problem-solving energy.

Weekly Forecast / 7 Year

As you dig deeper for answers, you are seeing things in a new light, and this can increase your power. However, accepting reality could be a test of your self-respect: a test of whether you are willing to receive, with dignity, the gift of wisdom – or – for the sake of pride or convenience, you will choose to remain ‘safely’ in the dark. Be prepared to change your mind about something of which you were once so sure.

Weekly Forecast / 8 Year

Be aware of all your feelings, otherwise guilt will use your denied emotions to make you feel unworthy of your own needs. There is a survival vibration in your life right now as your Will continues to free itself, and you should know that you are not running out of time or space. You do not have to lose something in order to gain something. But in order to open the way forward, you really do have to finish something … and let it go.

Weekly Forecast / 9 Year

Here you are – evolving – in a world that often seems completely crazy! Be honest about how you really feel, even if you yourself feel a little crazy at times! Your feelings are trying to steer you to your right place, but guilt is trying to numb your feelings. Your masculine mind must accept your feminine emotions as its true desire, rather than judge them as weak or ‘negative’. Just imagine the power generated when your mind and emotions willingly and lovingly work together. Inner peace.

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