Weekly Forecast – OCTOBER 29, 2018

Your Weekly Forecast is based on your Personal Year Number for 2018.

2018 is an 11/2 Year in the world. (2+0+1+8=1+1=2). To calculate your personal number for 2018, simply add 2 to your month and day of birth. (Do NOT include your year of birth in this calculation). 

Example birthday: May 27:

Month = 5

Day = 2+7=9

2018 =1+1= 2

5 + 9 + =1+6=7  (Keep adding until you get a single number). In this example, the Year Number is 7.


NOTE 1: Week 44 runs from Monday, October 29 to Sunday, November 4.  This is the 5th week of a 10-week cycle in which all the Week Numbers begin with 4 – the number of restriction, blockage, obstruction, correction, accuracy,  effort, and breakthrough. This practical energy keeps us focused and eager to learn. It points out our limitations, but also our potential.

44 examines the root of a problem, rather than just the outer symptoms, and teaches us that a problem is bound to recur if we do not know what created it. 44 sorts fact from fiction. The accuracy of details is crucial to obtaining a realistic multi-layered picture of reality. 44 is the master organizer. 

44 symbolizes a point of crisis which affects huge swaths of the population. 44 = the meeting of opposites, which is precisely what is happening all over the world. Not just East meets West and North meets South, but also masculine meets feminine, light meets dark, greed meets fairness, and denial meets reality.

The master number 44 is the most balanced form of 8 – the number of power in the material world.  8 is also the number of the bully, the manipulator; greed, and the abuse of power. 8 helps us to empower ourselves by accurately understanding what we are dealing with. What we are all dealing with right now is the end of a millennial era that cannot accept that its time has been and gone, and is refusing to move into its natural place  – in the past.

We are also dealing with the rare incoming 11:11 energy that comes from the 11th month of an 11 year, the urgency of which we are already feeling.  The violent nature of this evolutionary transformation is building, along with the understanding that meeting violence with violence simply makes more violence . The numeric energies of November 2018 are going to have a major effect on the world, and our own personal lives…   (new article coming soon). 

NOTE 2: No matter which year you happen to be in personally, the world is in the 11/2 Year in 2018. (2+0+1+8=1+1=2). Therefore, much insight can be gained by reading the and forecasts, as well as your own. The and forecasts are also very powerful this week.

Weekly Forecast / 1 Year

When the truth is held back, manipulated, or handled carelessly, progress cannot be made. Express yourself honestly. In this cycle, the truth is hidden under layers of misunderstanding which have been slowly unraveling in the course of your journey. Now, as one such layer lifts, an inspiring piece of the puzzle is revealed.

Weekly Forecast / 2 Year

You will have problems if you are more focused on how others ‘see’ you than on what needs to be done. You have a specific part to play, and others have theirs. Teamwork is essential. By cooperating enthusiastically, not only will you gain the trust of others, but you will also create an impressive level of efficiency. Know what your role consists of, and why your willing and egoless participation is so important at this time.

Weekly Forecast / 3 Year

Be aware of the time you spend struggling with problems while opportunities to prevent or solve them go unnoticed. Look at the details from different angles, understand the dangers of second-guessing, and the importance of right-timing. Be patient. You are now in the right time, place, and frame of mind to help yourself – by being honest with yourself – about yourself.

Weekly Forecast / 4 Year

No matter how indifferent or hostile others seem, this is a test of friendship. Your best approach is one of realism, fairness, attention to detail, and generosity. Don’t engage in rivalry or try to take control. There is no need to compete. Look at someone else’s reality with caring and compassion. We are all struggling in this chaotic world, and this is a chance to ease your own pain, and possibly someone else’s.

Weekly Forecast / 5 Year

Disappointment and rejection are some of our most deeply suppressed forms of pain, but fear of being seen as ‘negative’, vulnerable, or a bad loser, can force us to stay in the ‘safety’ of restrictive circumstances. Only by facing mistakes, differences, or misunderstandings, can real enlightenment occur. You cannot proceed effectively if you do not accept yourself as you are. To do that, you must accept yourself as you were

Weekly Forecast / 6 Year

Something has reached a climax. A new situation is evolving. There are many resources at your disposal, including people, things, and information. The biggest snag could be ego – your own, someone else’s, or a clash of both. Your ego is simply your sense of ‘self’ which, right now, must relax its need to be right – even if it is right. Being right is irrelevant in these circumstances. Working together for a specific result is what matters now.


Weekly Forecast / 7 Year

If your ideas seem exciting and ideal one moment but dull and problematic the next, notice how your freedom and wellbeing are directly connected to other people’s circumstances and points of view. Don’t let your mind race too far ahead or become stuck in the past. Stay centered because the answers you seek can only be found in the seemingly surreal vibrations of present time and current location.

Weekly Forecast / 8 Year

You know you cannot hide from reality. Truth offers the only way forward. First, you must find a balance between the extremes of stubbornness and indifference, and realize the futility of telling people what you think they want to hear rather than how things really are. Emotional honesty is the key to positive change. Something that seemed to be breaking down can now be restored and improved upon.

Weekly Forecast / 9 Year

A shift in your reality is forming and you must meticulously examine the details, even if everything is moving too fast for comfort. Accurate information and correct understanding will help everyone involved to feel more secure. Clear-headedness, diplomacy, and patience are needed. However, not all situations have clear-cut solutions. Sometimes, the most intelligent thing to do is to simply hang on tight – until you land.

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