Use your yearly number to read your Monthly and Weekly Forecast throughout 2017.

2017 is a 1 Year in the world, (2+0+1+7=1+0=1).  YOUR PERSONAL NUMBER FOR 2017 is obtained by adding 1 to your month and day of birth. For example, if you were born on September 29, add 9+2+9 +1 =21.  Keep adding until you reach a single digit. 2+1=3. In this example, the personal year number for 2017 is 3 . In 2017, the Weekly Forecast begins each Sunday.


NOTE 1: WEEK 37 runs from Sunday, September 10 to Saturday, September 16. It is a 10/1 week in a 10/1 month, in a 10/1 year. Week 37 even begins on the 10th of the month. After the endings and dramatic events of Week 36 (a 9 week in the 9th month of September), crescendos are building in many aspects of our lives as the old (9) continues to give way to the new (10/1).

The transition from 9 to 10 takes us to new levels of experience. 9 signifies the end of what used to be, and 10 signifies massive fundamental CHANGE and the beginning of something NEW. 9 is the number of GIVING and HUMANITARIANISM – which affects all human beings – and all of life. 9 also exposes the absence of these vital things. 10/1 brings great progress, while 9 reveals what is holding us back. 

Distractions are occurring everywhere to divert our attention from aspects of the old system that are collapsing. Denial of reality is blatantly obvious in this age of transparency. No one can be sure where – or how – we will land when this process of transformation completes itself. This is why it is so important to understand the significance of our actions – or inaction. In this cause and effect world, what we sow, we reap. That’s karma.

HURRICANE IRMA will impact Florida – the 27th state (9) – on Saturday, September 9… (9/9/9 = 27/9) in Week 36 (9) of  this 1 year and  9999 brings us back to 36.  (I am currently hunkered down in West Palm Beach, FL. Stay safe, everyone).

10/1 brings us to ‘new levels’, which is exactly what this particular hurricane does with its unprecedented size, strength, and capacity for damage – as did Hurricane Harvey that devastated Houston Texas with its 52″ of rain just two weeks ago. Weather conditions of every nature – all over the world – are reaching new realities which correspond to the over-development of the ‘industrial age’ which began more than 250 years ago. This is not just ‘unusual weather’. This is climate change. It’s real. It’s happening. 

NOTE 2: Be sure to read the 1 forecast this week, as well as your own. The 3, 7, and 9 forecasts are also extremely potent.

NOTE 3: Read your MONTHLY FORECAST, too. September 2017 is a potentially life-changing month for all of us. 


1: Respect the slower and humbler pace of this cycle. If you push too hard, you may encounter something that will slow you right down. Consider the feelings of others. Just like you, they must keep their lives moving forward at a time in the human journey when it is often difficult to know which way forward is. Start relating intimately to other people again, and let love play a greater role in your life.

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weekly forecast #2

2: You will be unable to separate fact from fiction if your mind is resisting your feelings. Only by combining intellect and emotion can we ever really “know” something. It may be hard to communicate right now, but at least be honest with yourself as to what you are feeling and thinking. This is a time to take a back seat and quietly and observe. Then, without judgment, allow yourself to be inspired.

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weekly forecast #3

3:  You need to get more organized. You have a labor of love ahead of you, and now is the time to start creating a firm foundation on which to build that new reality. You are ready to take on a more responsible role. As your awareness increases, so will your courage and tenacity, and you will feel more alive than you have felt in a long time. Pace yourself sensibly. Know when to rest.

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weekly forecast #4

4: The power of choice is emphasized, and many details must be considered before you are confident enough to choose what is right for you. Of course, you may choose to do nothing at all if that feels like the wisest approach. This reflective cycle helps you to choose the most intelligent approach to difficult circumstances.

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weekly forecast #5

5: Wherever you feel stuck, you can be sure that guilt (which often disguises itself as fear) is preventing forward movement. You are dealing with the sudden emergence of a “new you”, and must find the courage to let your light shine around those you thought you were never allowed to eclipse. Any discomfort felt in this cycle is the result of your own resistance to the ‘new you’ – your resistance to real and meaningful CHANGE! Be comfortable with who you are by unconditionally accepting who you used to be.

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weekly forecast #6

6: You may want to project your feelings onto someone else, but this cycle offers you the wisdom to look at problems more realistically and acknowledge where you yourself may have contributed to them. It is time to contribute to the solutions instead. Your sense of dignity – and your vitality – will return when you accept the differences between your reality, beliefs, and expectations – and other people’s.

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weekly forecast #7

7: Your imagination is revealing new possibilities, but you must move slowly and attentively in order to observe the ground rules, get a realistic sense of timing, and avoid hidden snags. Lack of focus or preparation can cause unnecessary problems. As new ground is gained, especially on the emotional front, remember to reward yourself, albeit discretely, for all that faith you’ve kept. At the very least, reaffirm your belief in yourself – and feel your sense of dignity rise from within.

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weekly forecast #8

8: You are evolving rapidly, but because it often seems that you have no power at all in this world, it may be difficult to acknowledge your positive growth. If your mind is already made up, this lack of flexibility leaves no room for change or improvement. This is a chance to look at life in a more creative light, release old judgments, and become more open minded and realistically attuned to your own power.

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weekly forecast #9

9: This cycle can lead to a positive change of heart or direction. Cause and effect is the theme, and you must be prepared to give in order to get. An effect you are now experiencing needs to be recognized and healed at its deep-rooted cause in the past. Old circumstances are ending so that your true desires can take root in the present.

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